The beautifully shaped leather maintained by Hermès ──Veau Epsom | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: January 29, 2021

The beautifully shaped leather maintained by Hermès ──Veau Epsom | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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I want to keep Hermes’ imaginative and beautiful version as gorgeous as it is new. Veau Epsom is one of the leathers used by Hermès to satisfy the desires of its customers. This time, with moderate tension, good durability, and unique luster texture, we will introduce the most popular “Veau Epsom” embossed leather.

What kind of leather is the “Veau Epsom” that replaces the Courchevel leather?

Veau Epsom leather was added to the Hermès leather lineup as a replacement for Courchevel in 2003. Bull leather is pressed with fine grain (leather grain), neat and tidy, elegant in taste, moderate in tension and solid in texture. It is suitable for collocation with serious formal clothing and is widely preferred.

It’s not easy to collapse and deform, so that the beautiful shape of the bag can be maintained for a long time. Compared to other materials, the texture is lighter, easier to carry, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant and has good water resistance.

It’s easy to handle and has a wide range of products, from bags, wallets to small accessories. The right luster presents a bright color.

Next, we will introduce the colors of Veau Epsom.

Veau Epsom’s undefeatable classic “black”

Although black is a classic model of many materials, Veau Epsom has just the right luster, which makes the black texture cleaner and more capable, which is so wonderful that popularity remains high.

In addition, Étain (tin ware gray) of the dark color of Veau Epsom is an elegant neutral gray that is suitable for all year round, and is also a charming color that has swept the world. The Birkin bag “CANDY” series is also available in lovely pastel colors. In order to have a bright color, the material is none other than Veau Epsom.

There are not only elegant hues, but also girls-style colors. If you want to use a bag to add the finishing touch to your outfit, the variety of choices is really exciting.

Hermès also selects products made from Chèvre goatskin, which is as popular as Veau Epsom.

Elegant Veau Epsom models chosen carefully and recommended.

The strong texture of Veau Epsom allows the beautiful model of Hermes to be maintained for a long time. Needless to say, bags matched to formal occasions are of cause, lightweight and durable, casual bags are also popular. Next, I’m going to introduce representative styles.

The synonym of Hermès bag “Kelly bag”

Hermes’ best-selling Kelly bag classic. The simple version is called art, with both an elegant appearance and features. The Kelly bag content is rich and varied, and Veau Epsom is used to retain the appearance of beauty.

In glossy and polished black, the color is classic and unbeaten, while the light warm color system can reveal a delicate texture. It can be well suited, whether it is combined with casual athletic shoes, high heels, or fashionable apparel. There are several different occasions a Kelly bag can appeal to.

“Evelyn” is comfortable and casual without losing the sense of luxury.

The light and durable Evelyn also uses Veau Epsom, the universal side backpack that I’d like to carry out every day. The “Pinware Ash” that is popular for years has captured the hearts of ladies in Paris. Veau Epsom’s unique luster allows the casual side backpack to exude a sophisticated sense of luxury.

Elegant and luxurious “Kelly Long Wallet”

The Kelly Long Wallet is inspired by Kelly’s bag. The official name is “Kelly Porte Valeurs”. It is a luxurious wallet during the day and a fashionable dinner bag at night. The compatible design of the two is the source of its popularity. Especially “Veau Epsom × Black” reveals a solemn texture, which can be said to be the most perfect most ideal match.

The neat appearance and glamorous leather texture of Veau Epsom can add elegance to formal occasions and, on casual occasions, establish a refined urban look, emphasizing the owner’s charm.

Do you want to pick an item for yourself? Veau Epsom, where you can appreciate the elegance of Hermès craftsmanship anytime, anywhere.


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