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Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.
Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.

Please visit Jewel Cafe for selling any gold product.

Jewel Cafe buys gold products that other stores may not buy, such as small quantities, industrial products, broken jewelry, ingots, and gold teeth. We also buy 18-karat gold jewelry, gold coins, and other gold products at high prices. The gold market is doing well during the corona virus pandemic. Please visit Jewel Cafe for a free appraisal.

Jewel Cafe
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Compare with other stores!

Jewel Cafe is the higgest when it comes to gold purchase!

  • Putting all K18 jewellery together

    Old or broken ones are also welcomed!
    CompanyA $4,400
    CompanyB $5,400
    CompanyC $4,800
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    K18 jewellery
  • Golden cups, chains, coins, etc.

    Not only golden cups, but also Buddhist altars at amazing prices!
    CompanyA $6,600
    CompanyB $6,000
    CompanyC $7,200
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    Golden cups, chains, coins, etc.
  • Jewellery with diamonds

    If it comes with diamonds or gems,value will be reflected in the price!
    CompanyA $4,800
    CompanyB $4,400
    CompanyC $3,800
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    Jewellery with diamonds
  • Pure gold oval, old jewellery

    Are your oval or old jewellery sleeping at home?
    CompanyA $6,600
    CompanyB $8,000
    CompanyC $5,700
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    Pure gold oval, old jewellery
Jewel Cafe
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  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    18k Gold Jewelries
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    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    18k Gold Jewelries
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    18k Gold Ring Kihei
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    Gold Glass
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    Kihei 18k Gold
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 24k

    24k Gold Scrap
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 20k

    18k Gold / 20k Gold Jewelry
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    18K Gold Jewelry in Bulk
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    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    18k Gold Brooch
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    Kihei Jewelry
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    High Value Purchases

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Jewel Cafe
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Jewel cafe nationwide one appraisal after another!

Gold Purchase Bulletin!

Introducing thousands of gold products that are purchased every day at Jewel Cafes nationwide. for selling gold, we will carefully appraise not only new golds, but also even if its old or dirty. If you are unsure whether it can be sold or not, please feel free to contact us.

Jewel Cafe
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Reasons why Jewel Cafe

are strong in gold purchase

Professional assessment by staff
Reason for Strong Purchase〈 1 〉

Skilled assessment team

Professional appraisers will thoroughly examine your item at Jewel Cafe. We make confident estimates based on the most recent pricing data and market prices, and we endeavour every day to deliver prices that satisfy our consumers.
Overseas expansion and establishment of proprietary sales channels
Reason for Strong Purchase〈 2 〉

Sales routes from domestic to oversea

Jewel Cafe has many sales offices overseas. Purchased products are sold using our domestic and overseas networks, so we can achieve higher purchase prices.
Store Performance
Reason for Strong Purchase〈 3 〉

Direct managing over 250 stores worldwide

Jewel Cafe has more than 250 directly managed stores worldwide, and has been used by more than 3 million customers so far. We will continue to strive to earn the trust of our customers.
Various benefits available
Reason for Strong Purchase〈 4 〉

Various benefits available

At Jewel Cafe, we have prepared various benefits that you can use when you visit us, and we are very pleased with our repeat customers. T point and jewelry cleaning are also very popular.
Easy and convenient store location
Reason for Strong Purchase〈 5 〉

Easy and convenient store location

Jewel Cafe has shops in convenient areas such as large shopping malls and shopping streets in front of the station. We always aim to create a comfortable space where you can feel free to stop by while shopping.
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Customer Reviews

47 Reviews)

Trade-in gold for fast cash and great member’s benefits

Never know that my husband's belt worth any price! That was a wedding gift we got from our friend! Because we need urgent cash we try to sell it out to the Jewel Cafe shop that I know from my cousin. She already becomes a member of Jewel Cafe. I went to Jewel Cafe with my cousin, since it was my first time I sell my item, I don’t know anything about the procedure and my item. The friendly staff has assisted me from the first I walked in until the end of the process! To be honest, I feel very welcomed and comfortable, they even brought me to a cozy place and offer me a free drink and snack while the estimation of my item in the process. The price of my item quite good since the staff said the buckle part is made of gold and it is branded name. I will come here again to sell my other gold! My cousin got $50 for free as a gift from Jewel Cafe! Thank you Jewel Cafe!

This is unexpected place that can accept my old gold pieces

Last week I went to International Plaza with my sister to buy a few things. When we walked around the shopping mall, we saw an interesting bunting in front of one shop. This shop name Jewel Café. The bunting state that this shop can accept old gold and broken parts. So, we are stop by their shop and asked their staff some questions. The staff very nice and helpful. She said, they can accept gold pieces, but she needs to check first whether the gold pieces are real gold or not. So, I’m take out my small gold pieces and gave to her. I’m very shocked when the staff quoted the price for my gold pieces. This because I don’t know where to sell my gold pieces. The price also reasonable and I will come again to sell my other old gold.

Great hospitality, friendly staff & cosy environment

Last week, I go to International Plaza for grocery shopping. On the way to car park, I passed by this Jewel Café store and one of the staff giving out the free tissue. I stopped by and ask about their store concept. The friendly staffs explains to me very well about their store concept that can buy unwanted gold, branded items and branded watches. So, I remember I have one Kihei item that given from my friend last time and I want to sell. The staff asked me to come to their store and bring me to their cosy coffee space while she’s checking the item for me. While waiting, they also serve me with drinks and some snacks. I really love the hospitality and also the environment of the store. The staffs are also friendly and helpful! I happily sell my Kihei items with their help.

Professional appraisal value of my gold tooth

I just make appointment trough a call and the staff ask me to directly come to outlet to value my item. Before that I already sell my Rolex watches at Jewel Café, and I have a good deal. This is my 2nd time come here bring a gold tooth to estimate. I also have an unwanted Branded items and surely will come again. Is a truly kind and efficient service. I am a bit fussy in term of my items, but the staff is very cool and good at focusing and well explanation. Their also concern on what customers need and require. You have a real instinct to understand customers. Good Job. Well done Jewel Café.

Jewel Café offer good price for my palladium ring

I have a wedding ring with diamonds and the metal is a Palladium. I want to sell it because its totally damage and so many scratches. I search in website, and I saw Jewel Café the only one outlet that can buy for the Palladium ring. I come to Jewel Café and I am very satisfied with their customer service from the friendly staff executive. They do estimate my palladium ring very details and for the diamonds size too. I am so happy with the price that they offer, and they pay cash instantly. I get the member benefits and I can redeem it on the future. I will come again to sell my unwanted gold jewelry on the future. Highly recommended because jewel café the only one place that can buy the palladium jewelry.

Jewel Café easy place to sell rare metal of Titanium

I have a rare metal for industrial use it is a Titanium and I feel want to sell it for instant cash. I was searching in website then I saw Jewel Café are recycle store, can buy the rare metals for titanium. It’ s so great and I’m done selling my titanium metals at Jewel Café and I am so satisfied with their price and the service is very highly standard. I am so happy with their professional service that provide drinks and snacks during estimation, and I feel like I sit at the small café. Fast service and fast cash transaction also happy with the lucky draw prize. Highly recommended to sell any rare metals in Jewel Café or unwanted precious metals in the future.

The staff here very friendly and helpful!

Hello Jewel Cafe, Thank you for having me. I already sold my white gold glasses frame at Jewel Cafe and the price I got is worth it, I got instant cash too! The staff here was friendly and helpful. They handle my item with care and they are very soft-spoken. The staff even share knowledge about the different values between white gold and gold since my item was rejected by many pawnshops or any other gold shop because of the white gold item. Jewel Cafe still can accept my item and put a price for that! It’s really helpful for someone who urgently needs instant cash! Very recommended and trusted shop!

Rarely to find the place that can accept amulets

I’m from Thailand and married with Singaporean lady. I have a few charms (Amulet) and want to sell for the cash. Then I found that Jewel Café can buy Amulet. I call then the staff welcome me to visit Jewel Café. All staff very helpful and friendly. At first, I thought they don’t know anything about Amulet but I’m wrong. The staff very expert about the items during the appraisal. They said this is Amulet and it made from gold so they can accept. Some of Amulet made from stone, ceramic and etc but Jewel Café only accept that made from gold only. Thank God! I found the place that can buy my Amulet. Thank you, Jewel Café!
Jewel Cafe
Gold Selling Point

At the store or home delivery!

How to sell gold at a higher price?

How to Sell Gold at a High Price〈 1 〉

If you have precious metals and branded items other than gold, send them all together for assessment.

If you have not only gold but also jewelry or branded items, please let us appraise them together! At Jewel Café, we offer "consolidated appraisal" to increase the purchase amount during the evaluation. The more items you bring, the higher the additional amount we can offer. So please look for any unwanted items and bring them along. We look forward to seeing you with your items.

How to Sell Gold at a High Price〈 2 〉

Keep an eye on the precious metals market price.

The market prices of precious metals, including gold, fluctuate daily. Recently, the gold and platinum prices have risen significantly, which means it is currently a great opportunity to sell gold at high prices.

How to Sell Gold at a High Price〈 3 〉

Sell your gold at a specialty store like Jewel Cafe

I recommend selling your items at specialized shops that focus on buying, including precious metals. Some jewelry stores or certain voucher shops may offer buyback prices that are not directly linked to market prices, which can result in price discrepancies compared to dedicated buying stores. Staff members at buying specialist stores like Jewel Café have extensive product knowledge and can provide accurate assessments, ensuring that you receive a more precise amount for your items. Moreover, at a buying specialist store, you can sell your items with peace of mind, even if you have detailed questions such as "Is it really a precious metal?" or "What is the purity?" as they can address your concerns.

How to Sell Gold at a High Price〈 4 〉

Sell at a higher price by cleaning and removing the stains of the gold.

Precious metals are generally valued based on their weight, so the condition of the item, such as scratches, dents, or rust, often does not significantly affect the purchase price. However, if the gold being purchased is clean and properly free of dirt, it makes it easier for the appraiser to assess and reduces the time required for cleaning and preparation before selling the item. For these reasons, it is easier to buy gold in a clean state than in a dirty state. While there is no need to polish it to a shine, simply cleaning noticeable dirt can make a difference in the overall impression and potentially impact the appraisal value.

How to Sell Gold at a High Price〈 5 〉

Include certificates and warranty cards for higher selling prices of gold accessories.

While Jewel Café conducts strict material analysis, having accompanying certificates or cards that authenticate the material can facilitate a more reliable and efficient appraisal process. In the case of jewelry, having a warranty certificate also serves as proof of the brand, which can contribute to an increased appraisal value.

Types of
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Gold accessories



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Gold Purchases


When could we sell gold at the highest price?
Gold market price differs every single day. It is about 7 times higher than it was 20 years ago, so now is a recommended timing. In addition, at Jewel Cafe, not only the price of gold, but also the modelling as jewellery and the presence or absence of gems are taken into consideration, so you can always sell at a higher price.
Are there any charges included in purchasing or appraising gold?
It is completely free of charge to assess gold. Also, if you are not satisfied with the quoted amount, you will not be charged. Speedy store-based purchases are popular at Jewel Café, so please feel free to visit!
I want to sell gold and precious metals smoothly. Do I need to reserve?
No reservation is required. Please feel free to come! Jewel Cafe is in a good location and has good access, such as in front of a station or in a shopping centre. Please feel free to drop by when you go shopping. You may have to wait if your visits overlap. Customers who wish to purchase and assess gold smoothly are advised to make a reservation in advance.
Will the purchase price fall for K18 golden necklace with a broken chain?
We accept gold and jewellery in any condition, such as broken gold chains, jewelled rings, and jewellery with engraved names, at a price close to the market price! Even if you bring in only a single item, we will carefully assess it and purchase it at a high price, so please do not give up!
How much is the gold price today?
Please Click here for today's gold market. In addition, the gold purchase price (per 1g) was about 5,700 yen (~$67.53) in October 2019, but recently there are many days when it exceeds about 7,000 yen (~$82.93). Now that you can buy and sell at high price, you have a chance to sell gold at a high price too.
Are there any tips to get you to sell gold as high as possible?
If you bring 'multiple gold and jewellery items together', we will quote it at a higher price than the regular price and purchase it at a higher price. Combinations such as 'jewellery and branded bags' or 'gold and brand watches' are all acceptable!
How is the gold price determined?
It is mainly determined by the balance between the supply and demand of gold. In addition, it is greatly affected by the world affairs, markets, and economy, but in the case of the Japanese gold market, it is also affected by the dollar-yen exchange rate. We recommend that you purchase or sell at the timing when the market price soars or plummets. For details, please visit the gold purchase market page.
Can I sell my old jewellery without a certificate?
Even if you do not have a certificate, there is no problem because our professional staff of Jewel Cafe will carefully assess the material and purity. However, the purchase price may increase if you bring your certificate / guarantee cards. Please bring it with you if you have it.
What are the recent changes in the gold market?
Click here for the latest gold market movements. Recently, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the demand for gold, which is said to be a safe asset, has increased, and the gold market is on a rising trend. For example, the gold purchase price (per gram) was about 5,700 yen (~$67.53) in October 2019, but it was about 7,100 yen (~$82.93) in October 2020. Now that you can buy and sell at high prices, you have a chance to sell gold at a higher price too.
Is it okay if the precious metal is unsealed or purchased overseas?
No problem. Precious metal products without any stamping will be appraised by the appearance, specific gravity, and touchstone.

Gold, White Gold, K Gold

Jewel Cafe Purchase Ranking


Kihei Necklace

Old design Kihei Necklace or Bracelet is a flat design. There are 3 types of the Kihei design which is 2 surface Kihei, 6 surface Kihei and 8 surface Kihei. Kihei necklace or bracelet is loved by lots of people. Some of the people will investment on Kihei items. When the gold price is increasing, most of the customers will bring it to sell.


Gold Coins

We can purchase international gold coins such as Canada Maple Leaf Gold Coin, Australia Kangaroo Gold Coin, China Panda Gold Coin. We can accept any limited Gold coins, or customized as a pendant. We also can accept any gold coins from different countries which is unacceptable by others shop


Old Design Jewelry

Do you have a lot of old design rings, necklace and it had been kept for a long time and don’t know what to do with them? It’s waste to throw it away and just waste of space for keeping it. You can sell it to get immediate cash and buy new jewelry. We also can accept any broken, single or diamond detached jewelry.

Gold trivia
of the week

Mechanism and reason for soaring gold prices

					In recent years, the gold market has risen significantly as you can see from the gold market price graph on this page.

					There are many reasons why the market has been rising in recent years, but the main reasons can be summarized into five.

					Uncertainty in the World Situation ~ Russia-Ukraine Conflict
					• Inflation anxiety
					• Globally low interest rates
					• Stock prices are unstable
					Rise of China, India, etc.

					I will explain why the gold market has soared in recent years in an easy-to-understand manner.

					Anxiety in the World Situation ~ Russia-Ukraine Conflict

					The war between Russia and Ukraine, which began in February 2022, is a major cause of rising gold prices. This is because gold prices tend to rise when geopolitical risk increases.

					In the past, when the world situation became unstable, such as the time of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that occurred in 2001, the price of gold tends to rise.

					There are various reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that when the world situation becomes unstable, there is a growing tendency to believe only in real assets. Especially for gold, it has been established that it can be bought and sold at the same price worldwide, making it the most reliable asset among real assets. Compared to crude oil, its price movements are more stable, and many people probably buy gold in search of peace of mind when the world situation becomes uncertain.

					Once again, speculation that the world will be divided by a war between Russia and Ukraine is driving gold prices higher.

					In addition, this time, Russia, which is one of the world's largest resource-rich countries, is the party concerned, and the prediction that the world's energy situation will become unstable has further heightened anxiety and is a factor in the sharp rise in gold prices. It is.

					fear of inflation

					Inflation is happening all over the world, especially in the United States. In the United States, historically, inflation has progressed rapidly, and everyone knows that the Fed, the central bank of the United States, is desperately trying to suppress inflation by raising policy interest rates sharply. I guess. However, inflation in the United States does not know where to stop, it is progressing at a tremendous speed, and it is a form of anxiety in the future.

					Japan is no exception. Looking at the Corporate Goods Price Index and the Consumer Price Index, we can see that inflation has progressed to an unprecedented level.

					I am sure many of you reading this article are feeling the rise in prices that has not been seen in decades.

					The price of daily necessities has risen, and it is becoming impossible to buy things with the amount of money you used to buy. In other words, the value of currencies such as the dollar and the yen is falling.

					In this way, when inflation occurs, the value of currencies such as the dollar and the yen will fall, but the value of gold tends to rise. Because the future is uncertain. Many investors turn to real assets such as gold when the future becomes uncertain. It's similar to the anxiety about the world situation I mentioned earlier, but gold is a strong asset in times of emergency.

					Countries are desperately trying to keep inflation under control, but it's not going anywhere.

					In addition, considering that Japan has not raised its policy interest rate at all, it is hard to believe that Japan is currently seriously tackling inflation. If further inflation occurs in Japan in the future, there is a possibility that the price of gold will rise further.

					low interest rates worldwide

					Even though the United States has finally started raising interest rates, interest rates are still low worldwide compared to before the corona shock.

					With low interest rates around the world, the price of gold tends to rise. This is because there is not much interest in investing in bonds, etc. If interest rates are high, more investors will invest in bonds, etc., but low-interest bonds are less attractive to invest in. In other words, money gathers in assets other than bonds.

					Stocks are the first thing that comes to mind. However, as you can see from the sharp drop in US high-tech stocks, stocks are currently in a rather unstable situation. In such a situation, few people can afford to invest in stocks with peace of mind. Therefore, although it is a process of elimination, gold tends to be chosen as an investment target.

					Compared to stocks, you can't aim for big profits with gold, but it tends to have stable price movements, so many investors feel comfortable investing in gold.

					High liquidity is also one of the reasons for its popularity.

					It is quite possible that the policy interest rate will rise mainly in the United States in the future, but as long as the current low interest rate continues, the price of gold will continue to rise for a while.

					unstable stock price

					Instability in stock prices around the world, especially in the United States, is also a major cause of rising gold prices. If you can get enough profit from stocks and bonds, there is no need to bother investing in gold. However, if you can't make a profit in stocks, etc., you still tend to gather money in gold as a stable asset.

					In particular, U.S. stocks, especially high-tech stocks, continue to be quite unstable.

					Rise of China and India

					The rise of countries such as China and India also appears to be one of the factors driving gold's rise.

					For a long time, developed countries such as the G7 have played a central role in the global economy. However, since the beginning of the 2000s, the structure of the global economy has changed dramatically. In terms of GDP, Japan has been overtaken by China, and it is highly likely that China will overtake the United States and become the world's largest economy in the next few decades. Emerging countries generally tend to want to hold real assets such as gold for economic and diplomatic stability.

					In addition to China and India, there are many countries, especially in Southeast Asia, that are expected to experience significant economic growth in the future, so there is a possibility that gold prices will rise further.

					Benefits of investing in gold

					There are many benefits to investing in gold, but the main benefits of investing in gold can be summed up in four.

					・Resistant to stock price declines
					・Universal value standards
					- Resistant to inflation
					・It must be a real asset

					I will explain the benefits of each gold investment in an easy-to-understand manner.

					Resistant to falling stock prices

					Since gold tends to move differently from other investment assets and currencies such as stocks and bonds, it can be expected to reduce the risk of price fluctuations for all assets by combining it with various assets to achieve diversified investment effects. Known as "emergency gold," gold has become a haven for funds in times of heightened uncertainty in financial markets and geopolitical risks, and its price tends to rise.

					When interest rates are high, gold with no interest or dividends is at a disadvantage, but when interest rates are low, gold's relative attractiveness increases. Falling global interest rates in recent years have increased the attractiveness of gold, which is believed to have led to higher gold prices.

					The gold price has entered 2022 and has updated its all-time high, and the yen-denominated gold price is rising rapidly. In 2020, it took about 40 years to update the high price.

					While it is difficult to predict future gold prices, the past rally and the current market environment have something in common in terms of periods of increased issuance of through-lending. It seems that it is becoming more attractive.

					On the other hand, gold, whose price movements are different from those of stocks and bonds, is increasing its presence as an investment target indispensable for asset management from the perspective of diversified investment. Reasons for this include the declining value of the key currency, the U.S. dollar, and the continuing supply-demand imbalance caused by global central banks buying gold at the fastest pace in 50 years. prize.

					There are various factors that cause fluctuations in the gold price, but past trends in gold prices are thought to be closely related to rising geopolitical risks and changes in the international currency system (gold standard system and managed currency system).

					The trend in gold prices since 1920 can be roughly divided into three rising periods.

					You can see why gold is strong against stock price declines, so please refer to it.

					After the Great Depression of 1929 (withdrawal from the gold standard)
					The gold standard system is a system that holds the same amount of gold as the currency issued by the central bank and guarantees the exchange of gold and currency, and the amount of currency issued is limited. At the time of the Great Depression caused by the Wall Street stock market crash in 1929, countries that were slow to leave the gold standard system were unable to implement prompt monetary policies because of their gold reserves.

					As a result, each country left the gold standard system one after another and adopted so-called impoverishment measures, such as raising import tariffs and promoting block economies in order to boost the economy. During the period from the Great Depression to World War II, the amount of currency issued by each country increased due to the withdrawal from the gold standard system, and the gold price rose.

					1970s after 1971 (Nixon shock and rising geopolitical risks in the Middle East)
					Since the latter half of the 1960s, the United States' gold reserves have been declining sharply against the backdrop of deficits in the balance of payments due to the prolonged Vietnam War and other factors. In 1971, the United States unilaterally suspended the exchange of gold and the US dollar. (Nixon shock) The Nixon shock is the transition of the United States to a controlled currency system that allows the issuance of currency at its own discretion, without the premise of gold, in order to increase the degree of freedom in its own economic activities. As a result, the foreign exchange market shifted to a floating exchange rate system.

					Gold prices soared due to the unstable situation in the Middle East leading up to the two oil crises and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

					〈Since 2000 (increase in geopolitical risk, rise of emerging countries, introduction of quantitative monetary easing policy)〉
					Increased geopolitical risk triggered by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, as well as rising demand for gold due to economic growth in emerging countries such as China and India, have contributed to the rise in gold prices. is cited as the background of

					Furthermore, since the economic recession after the Lehman Shock, the central banks of developed countries have introduced quantitative monetary policies, and the expansion of asset balances through the purchase of government bonds is one of the factors behind the price rise. In this way, gold has repeatedly shown its presence as an asset that rises when stock prices fall.

					Global standard of values

					The gold standard is now over. Since the days of the gold standard, the value of gold has not changed. Gold is still held as a reserve asset in central banks around the world. The reason why central banks around the world hold gold is that the possibility that the value of banknotes issued by each country will become zero is never zero.

					In the unlikely event that the value of the country's currency or the currency of another country becomes zero, the value of gold will not become zero, so many countries have gold for risk hedging.

					resistant to inflation

					Gold is considered an inflation resistant asset.As explained earlier, gold is a limited and scarce asset, so it always has a certain value. As the value of gold increases, the price tends to rise. Inflation resistance is also a big advantage of gold.

					being a real asset

					Gold is said to have value due to (1) its rarity as a finite asset and (2) its characteristics as a real asset.

					In addition, one of the reasons why the value is not lost is that the quality does not deteriorate.

					・Total amount of gold produced so far (approximately 4 Olympic swimming pools)
					・Annual production: 3,300 tons
					・Estimated burial volume: approx. 50,000 tons (minable period: approx. 15 years)

					② Characteristics of real assets
					Since there is no credit risk of the issuer unique to financial assets, the issuer's bankruptcy will not cause the value to become zero like stocks and bonds.

					Disadvantages of investing in gold

					While there are many advantages to investing in gold, there are also disadvantages to investing in gold.
					There are two main disadvantages to gold investment.

					・Affected by exchange rates
					・No dividend

					I will explain the disadvantages of each gold investment in an easy-to-understand manner.

					affected by exchange rates

					Gold is an asset that has value in itself, but it is affected by exchange rates. It is particularly susceptible to the US dollar, which is the key currency, and has an inverse correlation with the US dollar. In other words, when the US dollar rises, the gold price tends to fall, and conversely, when the US dollar weakens, the gold price tends to rise. However, please note that the dollar and gold have been strong recently.