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It's perfect for those who prefer planning ahead of time or
to be on time. Exclusive appraisal experience with one-on-one service!
Please call any store or schedule an appointment online.

Please be assured! With our professional identification!

No matter what kind of goods could be purchased, even just 0.1g can be purchased, gold, platinum products,
diamonds, damaged or old-style jewellery, no matter what sort of goods can indeed be purchased!
Free appraisal, no handling fees, absolute free in-store assessment!
Do you have concerns about "I'm not familiar with the material" and "Is this also relevant?" Simply take the
item to your local store first!

Store appointment purchase process

Simply use your computer or mobile phone to apply!
Perfect for those who want to prepare ahead and arrive on time!

  • Online,
    telephone application

    Please fill in the appointment application form, or call any store during service hours to make an appointment with the service staff.
    ※Online reservations cannot be made on the day. Please call each store to inquire about a convenient time slot, or visit directly to the store for appraisal.

  • Visit the store
    to verify the product on the appointed day

    Free appraisal service is provided, which takes about 15 minutes.
    Using equipment imported from Japan, using scientific principles to detect. Delicious refreshments are served during appraisal.
    Upon your visit, please be sure to bring your "ID card or driver's license and other identification documents"

  • State the identification results
    and deliver cash

    Clearly stating the appraisal results, confirm the purchase price with you, and instant cash when you agree to sell.

  • Membership benefits

    Become a JEWEL CAFE member immediately after the transaction is completed, enjoy a super value cash increase discount, no expiration date, you are welcome to visit us anytime to use it again!


Why JEWEL CAFE's Acquisition
Appraisal is Popular
Reason for popularity

Reason for popularity

High return rate

Buy back at a high price, Staff service, abundant items, comfortable environment. As a result, it has created a high return rate, and JEWEL CAFE is loved by the majority of customers.
Reason for popularity

Gracious service

The well-received free jewelry cleaning service, member-only premium discounts, and store beverage service are all free services provided by thanking you for your visit.
Reason for popularity

Professional appraisal

JEWEL CAFE's professional appraisal staff provide you with careful appraisal services. Every day we strive to absorb the latest second-hand acquisition information and market conditions to provide customers with satisfactory prices.
Reason for popularity

Possess multinational bases and establish exclusive sales channels

JEWEL CAFE also has several business locations overseas. The purchased commodities have multiple distribution channels both domestically and overseas, so higher purchase prices can be achieved.
Reason for popularity

Opening more shops in Singapore gives you peace of mind

JEWEL CAFE has more than 250 stores Woldwide, we are expanding our stores in Singapore which are located near the MRT station with convenient transportation. We are proud of being loved by many customers and the overwhelming purchase performance. In the future, we will continue to work hard to gain the trust of each customer.

Customer experience sharing

"I went to many stores and finally decided to sell it here!"

Since I wanted to sell the gold jewelry, pearls, rubies and other rings that I inherited from my mother at an ideal price, I went to various resell shops in the city.
Jewel Cafe is the last one I went to. The appraisal price is higher than other shops, and the service was also the best.
It is very comfortable to enjoy service in a spacious store. I will come again if I have the chance!


"We are very confident in gold and precious metal acquisitions!"

Jewel cafe, a gold and precious metal purchase specialty store, has created a store that customers can visit with confidence in order to meet the more needs of customers, and always maintains a service spirit to receive customers.
I hope to bring every guest a happy time "very happy" We are very attentive in the acquisition of gold, the commissioner will carefully identify and propose a reasonable amount for you, so it has also won praise from customers.
In addition to gold jewelry, colored gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are identified as valuable jewelry.
Regarding pearls, second-hand products tend to drop in value because they tend to deteriorate, but brand-name products are more likely to be reused in the second-hand market, so you can expect opportunities to buy them at high prices.

Appraisal is completely free!
You are welcome to book an appointment!