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You can sell it right now at Jewel Cafe! Free assessment and consultation
You can sell it right now at Jewel Cafe! Free assessment and consultation

Welcome to Jewel Cafe - Your Destination for Unmatched Customer Service Satisfaction!
Indulge in Familiar Purchases at Our Conveniently Accessible Locations
With over 250 Stores Worldwide, Experience a Warm Welcome from Our Dedicated Female Staff

Discover unparalleled customer service at Jewel Cafe, the premier shopping destination with 250 accessible stores worldwide.
Our friendly female staff ensures a warm welcome and a cozy café-like atmosphere. With over 3 million satisfied visitors, our commitment to exceptional service and thorough evaluations has garnered a loyal customer base.
Enjoy free evaluations at any outlet, regardless of item condition. Experience the Jewel Cafe difference and indulge in a unique shopping experience today.


We Buy These at High Prices! Strengthening Our Purchasing Power with Premium Products.

High-priced purchase of branded products


We can also purchase products that have scratches or stains on them.

Jewel Cafe has a system in place that allows you to sell items that haven't been acquired by other companies. Please take advantage of the free assessment.

Branded bag

  • Thread in the corner
  • The inside is sticky
  • Exhausted
  • Engravements
  • Sunburn
  • Blemish

Brand watch

  • Without straps
  • Glass breakage
  • Doesn’t work
  • Belt tattered
  • Stain on the dial
  • Conspicuous scratches

Brand jewelry

  • Stone is removed
  • Cut off
  • One side pierce
  • Engravements
  • Dull
  • Old fashioned


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3 Reasons to Choose
Jewel Cafe


More than 250 Jewel Cafe stores throughout Japan


Just pack and send! Home delivery purchase


Easy business trip purchase at home



250 stores, the largest in the industry.
Convenient location where you can easily visit,
sense of security centered on female staff.

Jewel Cafe, the super-sized purchasing specialist, boasts 250 directly managed stores across Japan! With an impressive track record of purchases, we have earned the trust and loyalty of numerous customers. Conveniently situated in prominent shopping centers and near station fronts, we bring ease and accessibility to your selling experience.


Expanding stores overseas,
with our own product route.
Realize expensive purchase.

Jewel Cafe, with its extensive distribution networks in Japan and overseas, offers remarkably high-priced purchases, ensuring that you maximize the value of your products. Our dedicated team will guide you through the process, providing you with the maximum price that reflects the latest market trends.


Full customer service,
Industry-leading confidence!

As a token of our appreciation for your visit, we provide a range of complimentary services at Jewel Cafe. Enjoy the immensely popular free jewelry cleaning service, additional coupons for repeat visits, and indulge in our complimentary drink service while in-store. Keep an eye out for our exciting campaigns, where you may even receive a free gift as a special bonus.

Besides! Here are the benefits of Jewel Cafe as chosen by the consumer!

  • feature1

    In the shopping complex,
    it is safe to bring children

    Unlike most pawn shops, it’s a bright store in a large shopping mall, so I didn't have to worry about bringing my kids in. It's safe to say that the majority of the employees are female. Naturally, I was pleased with the buying price, and I received a definite offer.

  • feature2

    I got a Rolex with
    broken glass bought

    There was an example of buying a "broken Rolex" on the homepage, so I was surprised to see that it was really bought if I was assessed with half confidence! I couldn't even roll a very old royal fern. I am satisfied with the benefits of visiting the store.

  • feature3

    I was in a hurry, but I sold it
    immediately in less than 20 minutes

    I was informed it would take 2 to 3 days at another store since it needed to be examined by another division, so I inquired at the nearby Jewel Cafe. It was immediately assessed on the spot, and payment took around 20 minutes. It came in handy because I was in a rush.

  • feature4

    Please bring your certificate
    with you if you have one

    I had a slightly larger diamond assessed. At first, I thought, "Is it cheaper than I expected ...", but "I was told that if I had a certificate, I could make it more expensive, and I searched for it and came back to the store. I am very satisfied with the price! I should have been selling it cheaper, but the staff taught me politely.

Comparing with other companies


for「ROLEX Daytona 116528」Purchase Price

Purchase Price


It's so different compared to other companies!!

  • Watch specialty store A store


  • Pawn shop B store


  • Brand purchase C store


※New purchase price of Jewel Cafe as of September 2021



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