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Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.
Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.

Selling Rolex Cellini has never been easier with Jewel Cafe!

If you want to sell a Rolex Cellini, leave it to Jewel Cafe!
Currently, the purchase price of Rolex Cellini is rising. Jewel Cafe is one of the industry's largest and No.1 in customer satisfaction with 250 directly-managed stores worldwide, and we have achieved high Rolex Cellini purchase prices by establishing various sales routes by expanding our business widely overseas.

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Rolex Cellini

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We are buying
Rolex Cellini!

We would like to introduce some of the thousands of Rolex watches we purchase every day at our Jewel Cafe outlets. We will carefully appraise all kinds of Rolexes, from brand-new models to old or grimy ones. Even if you are not sure whether your Rolex is purchasable, please feel free to first inquire with us.

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Rolex Cellini

Old and Battered Rolexes

Do you have a Rolex that you think you would never be able to sell?

Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.
Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.
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Rolex Cellini

Why Jewel Cafe

is strong in Rolex Cellini purchases

Professional assessment staff
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in Rolex Cellini purchases〈 1 〉

Professional Appraisal Staff

At Jewel Cafe, our professional staff will carefully appraise your item. Taking into account of latest price data and market prices, we appraise with confidence and strive every day to offer the best price to satisfy our customers.
Overseas expansion and establishment of proprietary sales channels
Why are we strong
in Rolex Cellini purchases〈 2 〉

Unique domestic and international sales channels

Jewel Café has many operating stores oversea. By utilizing our domestic and international network to sell the items, we are able to offer even higher prices for the product we purchase.
Store Performance
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in Rolex Cellini purchases〈 3 〉

Results of 250 directly-managed store worldwide

Jewel Café has more than 250 directly operated stores worldwide and has been used by more than 3 million customers to date. We will continue to strive to keep the faith of our customers.
Various benefits available
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in Rolex Cellini purchases〈 4 〉

Various benefits available

At Jewel Cafe, we offer a variety of special offers that can be used during your visit, our loyal customers are also overjoyed with these benefits. T-point and jewelry cleaning service are very popular among our customers!
Easy and convenient store location
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in Rolex Cellini purchases〈 5 〉

Easy and convenient store location

Jewel Café have stores operating at convenient locations such as large shopping mall and shopping street at station front. We always aim to create a comfortable space which you can casually stop by during your grocery shopping.
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Customer Reviews

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Got to sell my Cellini to them

I received my Rolex from my grandfather. It was different to the Rolex in my impression so I was doubting whether it’s a fake or not, and I found out that its Cellini through internet. Because its not working anymore, so I brought it to repair service and found out that its quite expensive to repair it, after consulting with my family I decided to just let it go. I planned to visit several recycle stores, so I started with Jewel Café which have the best review. I was quite nervous as it was my first time visiting purchase-specialty store, but they explained to me in detail about Cellini and I felt secured for letting them handle it. After consulting with my family again, we decided to sell it to Jewel Café. I will utilize their service again when needed.

I sold my Rolex Cellini

I sold my Cellini that my family gave me when I got my first job. The leather on the belt was falling apart and I wasn't sure if it would be worth any price. When I asked the staff who helped me, she explained to me while actually assessing it hand-on which make feel at ease for selling it. I was also surprised by how knowledgeable the staff is. They also showed me the process of appraisal because I was concerning. I was also impressed that they remain carefully open the back cover to prevent damaging it even during the conversation. The price they offered for my Cellini was great too! Thank you very much!

I got to sell my Cellini with tattered belt

I had a Cellini from my mother as a gift which the belt became tattered because I had been using it for more than 10 years. Since then, it has remained in the closet unused. A few years after that, I took it out again during the cleaning up of my home. Since I have a child, I would like to make some extra money if I could sell it, so I went to Jewel Cafe, which I had used before, to appraise it for me. The staff that assisted be in my previous visit was still there and I was happy that she still remembered me. Thanks to the colorful sticker she gave to my kid, they were able to enjoy during the waiting time. They also tried their best to offered me a good price even though my Cellini was in a poor condition. Thanks a lot for the services Jewel Café!

I sold my late aunt’s Rolex Cellini

I was cleaning out my late aunt’s house and found a watch with a crown mark. My daughter who was together with me have no interest in watch as well, so we both thought its just another watch rather than a Cellini. But my daughter’s husband told us that it’s a Rolex’s Cellini and said that if its real then it can be sold at a high price, so we brought it to our nearest Jewel Café. The staff also told us that its without wrong an actual Cellini. I didn’t expect that it would be a real deal because the belt was worn-out, what surprise me more was that this Cellini was given a price. I was really happy for this unexpected income. Thank you very much.

I brought in my Rolex Cellini

I got to sell my grandfather’s Rolex’s Cellini. I was given it from my grandfather, but because I prefer self-winding type than a manual one, so I kept this manual-winding Cellini in storage. I have used a recycle shop before, but I had never had a watch appraised, and I was worried about how much I would get for it. But the result of appraisal of my Cellini this time turned out to be a price higher than my expectation which really surprised me. They also offered me with drinks and magazines during the waiting so I can relax myself. I am thinking about bringing in my other watches as well.

Sold my Cellini

I sold my Rolex’s Cellini. I've been using Cellini for many years at work, but since I retired last year, I don't get to use it as much as I used to. I had no intention of selling it because I am really attached to my Cellini, but my wife said it felt kind of sorry just keeping the Cellini in the closet, which made me also think about it. After much deliberation, I decided to bring it to Jewel Café for their free appraisal service. I wasn't sure how much it would be worth since it was not a very clean Cellini, but they gave me a good price! They also explained to me properly so I made my mind to sell it to them. I am thinking about buying some present for my wife for helped me made this decision.

Sold my old Cellini with an amazing price

I have an old Rolex Cellini at home and was thinking of having it appraised sometime in the future. But I decided to move recently so I brought a few of my unused items together with this Cellini to my nearest Jewel Café. The staff who appraised my items for me gave me good impression because even though my Cellini was dirty and in a condition of unsure whether its still working, she still appraised it for me without any delay. As a result, he explained in an easy-to-understand manner that it was an old Cellini model with manual winding, that the body was made of 14-karat gold based on the engraving, and although it was working slightly, but the hands were moving unsteadily. But she still gave me a good price because the dial and hands were in good condition compared to its appearance. I will be moving by next month, so the staff also informed me that the place I am moving to also have Jewel Café store. I will be using Jewel Café’s service I the future as well, thank you very much.

I help to sold my grandfather’s Cellini

My grandfather decided to sell his beloved Cellini he found when sorting out his stuff, so I accompanied him to Jewel Cafe where he had been a customer for a long time. The staff was very friendly and conversative with my grandfather, and my grand father seems to enjoy the time too! Taking into the consideration of my grandfather have been using the Cellini for many years, so she also tried her best to give a great price. it’s been quite some time I had seen my grandfather talking so happily, which make me feel delight as well. I really appreciate your service.
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Rolex Cellini

At the store or home delivery!

Ways to sell Rolex Cellini
at a higher price

How to Sell Rolex Cellini at a High Price〈 1 〉

Sell your Rolex as soon as possible if you have decided that you won’t be using it

The price of a Rolex varies depending on the model, but it can also fluctuate depending on the production year and reference number. For example, popular models with a relatively newer year and reference number can fetch a higher market price. Also, since demand tends to vary depending on the model, we recommend that you sell your Rolex as soon as you have decided that you will not be using it.

How to Sell Rolex Cellini at a High Price〈 2 〉

Sell your Rolex with its warranty card and accessories for a higher price

Be sure to keep the warranty card, box, spare parts, and instruction manual that came with your Rolex when you purchased it. Without the warranty card, you may not be able to receive an authorized service or repair. Therefore, the purchase price of a Rolex will vary greatly depending on whether it has a warranty card. In addition, if the watch does not come with spare links, this limits its range of adjustable sizes, which may result in a lower price. That’s why it is advisable to keep all accessories carefully without throwing them away.

How to Sell Rolex Cellini at a High Price〈 3 〉

Remove the dirt from your Rolex and keep it clean to sell it at a higher price

The key to increasing the appraisal value of a Rolex is to clean it as much as possible beforehand. Even a simple cleaning at home, such as wiping the glass surface or removing dirt from the crevices of the strap, can impact the appraisal value. If your Rolex has not been serviced for a long time, it is a good idea to just bring it in as is. Of course, a watch that has been serviced will fetch a higher price, but Rolexes can be expensive to repair and it may take many months. Considering the downsides, it is recommended to bring in the watch without getting it serviced.

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Rolex Cellini Purchases


When is the best time to sell my Rolex Cellini
The purchase price of Rolex Cellini fluctuates daily. Now is the time to sell because the market price of second hand Rolex Cellini has soared several folds. In addition, Jewel Café not only evaluates the purchase price of Rolex Cellini watches, but also takes into account the background of the owner's use, so you can always get a high price for your watch.
Are there any fees or other costs involved in the purchase or valuation of a Rolex Cellini
We do not charge any fees for the appraisal of Rolex Cellini. If you are not satisfied with the appraised value of your Rolex Cellini, you will not be charged for the appraisal as well. At Jewel Café, we are well-known for our speedy in-store purchase, but we also offer home delivery and on-site purchases completely free of charge, so please take advantage of our services!
Are there any tips to increase the chance of purchase of Rolex Cellini?
If you bring multiple other branded items together with Rolex Cellini, we can appraise and purchase them together with higher than usual price. Combinations such as “jewelry and branded bag”, “gold, branded watch and stamp” are all acceptable. We offer a 10-20% discount for assessing a large number of items at once. Please consult our staff for more details.
I want to sell my Rolex Cellini smoothly. Do I need to make an appointment before coming to store?
No appointment required for the appraisal of Rolex Cellini, feel free to visit us anytime! Jewel Café situated in strategic locations such as station front and inside shopping center. You can stop by anytime during your grocery shopping or other activity. Please note that you may be asked to wait if there are overlapping of customer’s visit. For customers who wish to have their Rolex Cellini purchased or appraised smoothly without waiting, it is recommended to make appointment in advance.

Rolex Cellini

Jewel Cafe Purchase Ranking


Cellinis with no accessories

We buy back Cellini watches with no accessories at a high price. At Jewel Cafe, our expert appraisers will carefully evaluate your Rolex Cellini even if it doesn’t have any accessories. Due to the diversity of our distribution channels, our prices are not greatly impacted by the lack of accessories. Therefore, we are able to select the most viable option and offer you the best price possible. Of course, we will also purchase a watch with its accessories at the highest price.


Malfunctioning Cellinis

We receive many Rolex Cellini watches that are not functioning properly, including issues with internal mechanisms, external appearances, movement of the hands, etc. Nevertheless, even broken watches can be repaired and resold as secondhand items, which is why we are still able to purchase them. Please feel free to contact us if you have a malfunctioning Rolex Cellini watch.


Broken Cellinis

Broken Rolex Cellini watches are expensive and time-consuming to repair, which is why many customers bring in their broken watches as is. Even if other stores reject the watch, the domestic and international resale channels that we have cultivated enables us to take it in, and we will endeavor to do so at the highest price. Please feel free to contact us.

Rolex Cellini's trivia
of the week

About the purchase of Cellini watches

The history of Rolex begins in London. It is said that there are currently some 600 Swiss watchmaking companies, many of which were established more than 100 years ago. However, only a handful of these have maintained operations uninterrupted to the present day. One such company is Rolex, whose founder Hans Wilsdorf was born in Bavaria, Germany in 1881. At the tender age of 12, he lost both his parents, dropped out of school, and began working for Cuno Korten, a Swiss watchmaker in La Chaux-de-Fonds. There, he was tasked with the export of English watches, which allowed him to develop his business acumen from a young age. In 1903, he moved to London at the age of 22, and two years later in 1905, he founded Wilsdorf & Davis, the predecessor of Rolex. Five years later, in search of "a creative and easily-pronounceable word", he renamed the company to the Rolex brand which we all know today. In 1910, he entered into a partnership involving watch movements with Aegler, a Swiss company skilled in the manufacture of precision instruments, and obtained the highest level of certification from the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). In 1914, Rolex was awarded the highest recognition from the Kew Observatory. Hans Wilsdorf's next goal was to develop a sturdy case capable of protecting the watch’s movement from dust and moisture, so in 1926, in cooperation with Oyster Watch Co., he developed and patented a case made of hollowed-out metal and a screw-in crown. Thus the Rolex Oyster was born, Rolex’s trademark mechanism that remains to this day. A certain legendary event made the Rolex Oyster famous across the world: in 1927, a stenographer from London by the name of Mercedes Gleitze achieved the amazing feat of swimming across the Strait of Dover in 15 hours and 15 minutes, and she did so while wearing a Rolex Oyster on her wrist. The fact that the Rolex was able to withstand such extreme conditions proved the incredible water resistance of the Oyster case, which in turn prompted the accelerated development of waterproof watches among other manufacturers. The success of the Rolex Oyster made a name for Rolex worldwide for its watchmaking technology, and the company next turned its attention towards developing a self-winding watch. In 1931, Rolex produced the very first wristwatch to feature a 360-degree full-rotation self-winding mechanism, thereby overcoming the biggest issue with automatic winding up to that point, which was the poor efficiency of the winding mechanism. This technology dramatically improved the winding efficiency, further augmenting Rolex's innovative capabilities. The integration of this mechanism of perpetual movement into the prized Rolex Oyster produced the Oyster Perpetual, fondly nicknamed "the Bubbleback" in the antique market today because the rotor for winding the mainspring is positioned over the movement, causing the watch to be unusually thick as the back was rounded like a bubble to accommodate the rotor. In 1945, another revolutionary invention was added to the Oyster Perpetual: the Datejust. As the name suggests, the date display automatically rolls forward each day at midnight, which was a groundbreaking mechanism at the time. These three major inventions — the Oyster case of 1926, the Perpetual mechanism of 1931, and the Datejust mechanism of 1945 — mark the perfection of Rolex's practical watch design.