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Store-Based Acquisition

We have more than 250 outlets in Japan. Singapore is our latest country that we have expanded to, conveniently located in shopping malls! Feel free to drop by while shopping and approach our friendly staff.

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Jewel Café professional team will provide the most ideal evaluation of your items

We can accept any Gold, White Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Broken items/ Single items, Old Design Jewelry, or any lower gold grade jewelry such as K18, K14, K9 and etc. We can purchase even 0.1g items. Free estimation and no extra charges. If you have any enquiries and you are unsure if your items can be accepted by us or not, please bring them to the nearest outlet for free estimation.

Purchasing Process

Our professional female staff will provide the service with speed assessment in a minimum of 10 minutes from your visit to payment.
We recommend Store-Based Purchase for speedy estimation and professional consultation.

  • Visit

    Search for the nearest outlet at store location. Please bring along your identity card, driving license, passport or other verification documents.

  • Appraisal

    Providing free estimation services, approximately 15 minutes. We appraise by hydrometer machine imported from Japan. Free beverages are provided during waiting for estimation.

  • Result Released and Pay Cash

    We clearly explain the appraisal result and confirm the purchasing price with you. If the price is agreeable, we will pay you cash immediately.

  • Member Privileges

    You will become our member after transaction succeed. You can enjoy the extra bonus, no expiry date, invite friends to get extra cash bonus!


Customer's Feedback

“Cashback for those hard times”

Since the lockdown, my family has been struggling a bit. So, when my wife decided to sell some of her jewellery, we found Jewel Cafe while searching online. The staff was very nice and hospitable. They gave a clear explanation about my items and gave me the best price. I was glad they could help get the best price for our items since I understand some of it was just K14 white gold. We were also very happy with their member benefits. Their benefits offer a lot of cashback for their members. They even buy branded watches and handbags. A good place to trade in your items for instant cash.


“Thank you for choosing Jewel Café!”

We understand your predicament and we are glad that we can help in whatever way we can. As you might understand, K14 white gold does not contain a lot of pure gold in its purity. However, Jewel Café can still buy your jewellery regardless of whether it is white or yellow gold. We can also buy earrings that are missing a pair or other broken jewellery. You can use our member benefits for low purity items or when the gold price has dropped. You can also use it for branded items such as bags and watches.

“I sold my old white gold earring with melee diamond with jewel cafe”

Last week I made a phone call asking about diamond acquisition at Jewel Cafe. They provided me with complete information that I needed. So I visit Jewel Cafe and show them my old white gold earring with a few melee diamonds on it. This earring is a gift from my husband and I decided to sell it to buy new jewelry. The staff is so friendly and helpful. While waiting for the earring estimation, they offered to clean my ring for free.They also showed me how to check real diamonds using a diamond detector device. It is really interesting and new knowledge for me. Can't wait to visit Jewel Cafe next time and try again my luck on the lucky draw. Today I only got a face towel and I'm aiming for $25 next time. Well done Jewel Cafe! See you all soon.


“Jewel Cafe can accept new or old used diamonds, we also love to share our knowledge with customers”

Dear Ms Lisa, we still remember you from your last visit. You are such a friendly and cheerful person. We are so lucky to have a kind customer like you. Really made our day! We didn't mind sharing something with our customer. Also, we can always accept old or new items since we are Japan's No.1 recycle store. Yes Ms Lisa, you still have a chance to win the first prize for our lucky draw! So, please visit us again to do so. We are looking forward to serving you next time!

“Knowledgeable and friendly”

Some time ago, I was given this watch as collateral for loaning someone some money. I was recommended Jewel Cafe by a colleague. She had mentioned that they can help check the authenticity. I called them and asked if they could check. They mentioned that I should bring my watch in for assessment. They guided me to the nearest branch and explained their process. So I came by Jewel Café just to see if the watch was even genuine since I never heard of this brand. Upon checking, I was surprised by the results. Not only was the watch genuine but they had also offered me quite a good price. After some consideration, I decided to sell the watch. The staff at the shop was very knowledgeable and shared more about the watch. I even got to play their lucky draw. Good service by the staff.


“It was a pleasure to serve you sir”

We will do our best to ensure your matters are simplified. Jewel Cafe Singapore is expanding it stores throughout the entire nation. If you are unsure which store to go to, please feel free to contact us and we will help to guide you to our nearest store. All Jewel Cafe staff have been well trained. A. Longe & Sohne is a German brand watch. It is a luxury brand however, most watch fans will look for Swiss brand watches such as Rolex, Omega etc. However we can still purchase any brands listed on our website for instant cash. We also can purchase other items such old or broken gold jewellery, branded bags. We hope our service was to your liking and we look forward to seeing you again.

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