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Purpose of event

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we noticed that not many are offering to donate used clothes as compared to other types of donations. We realized this issue and wanted to do our part to help. We hope that our donation has at least helped the orphanage with their basic needs.

What have been done during the event

On November 2020, we had shared the initiative to do a CSR event. We began to plan and brainstormed some ideas on what kind of event we can do during this pandemic. After we had agreed to do a donation event, we began to research orphanages in the KL area. We had looked into the location, number of children and type of donations the orphanages are taking. In the same month, we have finalized on the orphanage we have chosen and share the news to all our staff members.

What have been done during the event

We started the old clothes collection within the company. Not forgetting to follow the appropriate SOP, all of our donations have been cleaned and sanitized before being sent to the orphanage. Mid November, we contacted the orphanage caretaker to inform of our arrival with the donations. The following day, we had visited the “Rumah Kasih Harmoni” orphanage. SOP complied, they have met with people in the orphanage and handed over the donations.

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Closure note

We would love to thank everyone for their cooperation in ensuring this event succeeded. We will conclude this CSR event for year 2020. We are delight with the outcome for this event. We aim to continue this event in the future and hope that we are able to assist needy with the motto “from community to community”.