Common way to distinguish genuine and fake Hermès | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: October 12, 2020

Common way to distinguish genuine and fake Hermès | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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In Japan, Hermès is one of the recognized high-end brands with low sales and high prices, and second-hand goods are not easy to obtain. Especially for Kelly and Birkin bags are typical examples. The price of each item ranges from 1 million yen to 5 million yen. This is not uncommon, so in case the purchase is counterfeit goods, it will be a huge surprise. We will focus on the Hermès handbags this time. We will introduce you the trends and functions that often appear in counterfeit products so that even non professional can easily pay attention.

Hermès counterfeit products are high quality

The quality of the counterfeit products of Hermès is much higher than that of Louis Vuitton, while the distribution of Louis Vuitton is the largest because of the low distribution of Hermès and high profits.

If there are a large number of distribution channels, such as Louis Vuitton, then there will be a considerable number of counterfeit markets, so even if the so-called “rough manufacturing” is used, certain profits can be obtained. As far as Hermès is concerned, there are many people who desire to have it, but the number of original items is small, so the number of fakes that can be purchased is limited, and because the price is high, the authenticity must be strictly checked because it is a super copy Product. In addition, in the case of Hermès, if it is Kelly or Birkin, you must wait for one to two years to purchase, so we may introduce the corresponding fake level.

The points that inexperienced people can check are limited

Even for products of the same brand, Hermès is very different from Louis Vuitton and other mass-distributed products. Those who do not have much experience in handling brands can see the real points are very limited. Since it is inevitable that counterfeiters can manufacture it at a high cost, it is difficult to distinguish the counterfeiters without checking the details, so should be conducted in reliable and reputable stores. As for Hermès, there are actually many important details, I will tell you the details that are relatively easy.

A feature often found in Hermès counterfeit products, 4 points to distinguish fake

Pay attention on the stamping

All leather bags are between the clasp and the opening


Even if professionals evaluate this engraved part, there are many places that need to be checked first, and in the case of poor quality, there are often discrepancies. If it is a genuine product, it can definitely be seen clearly, but if it is a fake, the letters may be interrupted by sewing, and the letters may be unclear or thin.

Quality of leather material

Usually, the surface material of the bag shows the difference between genuine and fake products. It is necessary not only to pass the visual inspection, but also to pass the touch inspection. If it is genuine, the carving is relatively deep, but the hand feels very soft. But in the case of fakes, the carving is somewhat shallow and the texture is similar, and it may leave a little stiff feeling. Anyway, these are some minor differences. The important is the judgment compared with the genuine product, rather than just looking at one of the main points to judge the truth.

Take leather as an example. For example, after buying second-hand Hermès for several years, the difference between genuine and counterfeit products is greater than that of brand new products. This difference is more likely to occur on the inner surface than on the surface, so the stitches and the stickiness of the leather are likely to occur. Especially if the leather is sticky, it is usually fake product. Due to the aging of the leather, fakes will bulge on the sides and harden the surface, which is worth considering.

Year engraved

For Kelly or Birkin, since it is engraved on the back of the belt, the authenticity can be verified by proofreading. If the marking is very shallow, it is probably a fake. The engraving is mainly composed of letters or symbols + letters, and there are also engravings by craftsmen.

Pay attention on the dust bag

During the identification process, another thing to note is the dust bag, which is an accessory. If it is genuine, it is white or beige. If it is old, it is orange, but if it is a fake, the pattern may be shaded and it is gray. As for the fiber, the genuine product is made of 100% cotton, but in the case of many fakes, polyester is used. Even if the material is not much different, the horse, carriage and human logo in the dust bag are the parts where it is easier to find the difference between the genuine product and the imitation product.

Other than these four points, there are many countless points. The points here may be different. Since each fake has its own characteristics, it can’t be recorded all, but these four points are called as relatively easy for amateurs to find the difference. It is absolutely necessary to pay attention to nuances, because it is so complicated that it is different from other brands. If you really want to check it yourself, instead of just looking at it, you can refer to many genuine web images and make a judgment.

Lastly, you may not be able to tell the difference unless you hand it to a professional for identification in some cases.

Hermes is a brand with many fakes. Counterfeit products have been imitated at a high cost. It can be said that there are many inexperienced people who will not understand

The experience of touching the genuine products

For example, counterfeit products will not be found in specialty stores or reputable stores. Of course, it is safe to hand it over to a professional appraiser such as a recycling shop. It sounds difficult to touch the genuine products. For example, I bought a branded product magazine, which listed genuine Hermes products, and checked the images of the genuine products every month. In addition, many people can use their eyes and hands to touch more when looking at various items in the recycling shops of famous brand products, which can increase the chance of knowledge of the authenticity.


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