What are the unexpectedly unknown pitfalls in using luxury watches that you should know? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: May 19, 2020

What are the unexpectedly unknown pitfalls in using luxury watches that you should know? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


What are the unexpectedly unknown pitfalls in using luxury watches that you should know?


Be careful of storage location! There are many problems when it comes to a state called "magnetic band".


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What is the pitfall to use luxury watches?
Unexpectedly unknown pitfalls in using luxury watches.

During buying luxury watches such as Rolex, Omega etc., most of the case, the staff will explain the method of using the watch. However, with the feeling of elation during buying, there are cases where did not hear the explanation carefully and even listening, the memory became unclear after time passes. For luxury watches, the watch might be broken even with slight mistake and it may require high repairing cost to follow up. In order to avoid the trouble, it is necessary to be aware of basic “Things should not do” daily. This time, here are few “Intend to know” points about how to handle.

1.Be careful of storage location! There are many problems when it comes to a state called “magnetic band”.

“Do not make impact and merge in water.” is a common knowledge in watches, and that is what most people may attention to but unexpectedly unknown is the state called “magnetic band”. Magnetic band is the phenomenon that affects the watch’s accuracy with the influence of external magnetic field from another item. For example, magnets are used in products with memory function such as smartphones and computers. Furthermore, smartphone case, bags, home appliances emit magnetic field from unexpected places. (Also, it is said that the speakers of electronic devices need to be especially careful.) Therefore, placing a watch near it often cause abnormal accuracy.

There is only one thing that can do, “In anyway, do not put the watch near or on the computer and only put for a while if necessary.” As a guideline, it is important to keep at lease 5cm apart even if you place on the it. Whatever electrical appliances there are small parts of magnetic field. Keep in mind that unexpected electrical household items such as telephones, TV, hairdryers and razors have magnetic field even though they are weak.

Also, “Whether it is already magnetically charged or not?” is quite a concern! It can’t be seen by eyes, so it is something that needs to confirm. The easiest way to determine is to bring the watch closer and hold it over it. It is fine if the needle is not moving. But if the needle moves a lot or rotating, there is a big possibility to have magnetic band. There is high possibility that “unseen error or defect” has already occurs, therefore it is recommended to send for repair at watch shop. (If it is mild, then it will be recovered in a short period of time.)

2.Even is “Waterproof watch”, be careful with water problem.

When talking about watch defect and repair, there are always issues because of “water problems”. Actually, “waterproof” does not mean “resistant to hot water”. Let us think that water and hot water is totally different things. Hot water brings heat and watch is vulnerable to heat. Also, what is scarier that heat is water vapor, which can cause serious problems by causing dew condensation inside when it is soaked in hot water. “This watch is waterproof” so it may be a problem to wear it to bath or shower and must be careful about it.

Also, even it you soak it in normal water instead of hot water, the water will immediately enter if you forget the basic steps such as tightening the crown after adjusting and tightening the escape valve. In a saying “Waterproof function is to deal with irregular problem.”. It I important to prevent from getting into water as much as possible in daily life.

3.It is dangerous if do not strictly follow the prohibition time of calendar operation.

For mechanical watches, there is a time zone called prohibition time zone for calendar operation. During the 8 hours from 8 pm to 4 am, the gears in the movement are in a state of changing the date display. If you turn the crown in this time zone, it may lead to major breakdown. 8 hours is one third of a day, and it is surprisingly long, so many customers say that they will forget about it and turn it. (The time zone may differ depending on the maker and may be shortened, so please refer to the instruction manual. Basically is 8 hours.)

Structurally speaking, the surface for the number of the date are written in a donut shaped plate and equally spaced. There is another gear called “date wheel” that plays the role in moving it. The date is changed when these two engaged. The protruding parts of the “date wheel” engaged the inner date disc at midnight, the date is moved. The claw is attached to a gear that makes one turn in 24 hours for the “date wheel”, so it takes time to approach the claws on the date disc and slowly moving away after the date changed. “Prohibition time zone” is about this time zone. The date is changing at this period. Since the date place is moved by using another third gear called “fast forward wheel”, the two gears “date wheel” and “fast forward wheel” simultaneously interfere with the date plate and cause problem. In the worst case, the claws will break, and it will take a long time and expensive price to repair it. So, it is better to avoid changing the date during the prohibited time zone.

※ Recently, models with Breitling Cal.01 and Rolex Cal. 3255 have also been released and it is “Models that can change the date anytime.” It might be good to aware of such functions during buying and change to such items should be a good idea!

4.When adjusting the watch, turn anti-clockwise.

When adjusting the time, there are times when “I want to go back in time.”, and for cheap watches, there are often cases that you think “even if turn a little backwards…”. However, not only in luxury watches, when turning the clock reversely (anticlockwise), it may cause deterioration or chipping parts. Especially for luxury watches, it is not recommended because of the high risk that “reverse rotation will be worn out quickly” and “become uncontrollable”. Try to avoid it. ※ However, there is no problem with the watch that changes the date by turning the hour needle.

How is it? There are of course many other “unseen” taboos such as not giving impact and not to knock strongly. This time, the taboos which focus on is “things that tend to do it even if knows it” and “unexpectedly unknown”. For luxury watches, even with small problem, it will lead to a lot of time and financial cost. Please be aware of this so that the watch can be used for a long time!


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