What is the factor of the purchase price for “Rolex” king of branded watches is divided? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: May 19, 2020

What is the factor of the purchase price for “Rolex” king of branded watches is divided? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


What is the factor of the purchase price for “Rolex” king of branded watches is divided?


First and foremost is the damage, with or without damage and the level of damage.


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When purchasing a branded watch, the one that had most customers is Rolex. There is no doubt that it is the branded watch with the most demand (people who want it) and the largest circulation of goods but there is a big difference in the purchase price depending on the condition. This time, we would like to talk about some points on assessment such as “Where does the price come from?” for Rolex (apart from the authenticity judgement).

First and foremost is the damage, with or without damage and the level of damage.

The first point is the overall usability, but since it is almost whole metal product, we tend to consider it as “usability = a little damage”. First, we can see how many damages there are from the bracelet to the body.

There are various levels of damages. There is no problem if they happened naturally due to daily use and small enough. However, the value will be greatly affected when it reaches the level such as dent made by hitting hard objects. In addition, it is the windshield (the transparent part that covers the dial) that we do not notice about the damage part, especially the part that hits at the edge. It will be a minus point if there are damage here.

Besides, it is not about damage, but the level of wearing for the bracelet is also a visible and easy to judge assessment point. If you use it for a long time, so-called “breakage” (loosen) will happen and the gap between the bracelet will expand. The difference is that it will not stand even if we lay it sideways. This will affect its value.

Check points for small parts

Since Rolex watches are precision machines, the condition and movement of small parts will be considered at the time of assessment.

○Is the movement of the side crown and push button smooth? Depending on the model, we will check if they can operate properly and whether there is any incompatibility, jamming or wobbling. Especially, the crown part where the condition changes easily because it is operated daily.

○Bezel checking. It is the part around the dial. In the case of a model with a rotating bezel, try to turn it in order to check whether it is rotating properly or not.

○Measure the accuracy with designated gadget. Depending on the condition, we may check the accuracy of the inside movement with a designated gadget. The assessment will also consider whether and when it was overhauled. (In some cases, even if you says it verbally, we cannot take into consideration without a certificate.)

What should I do to get higher price?

Since the damage and condition of parts is inevitably due to daily use, there are some things that cannot be restored before having them purchased (such as erasing scratches). What can you do in such situation?

One is to keep the accessories securely and try to look for the if they are missing. If you have the box and warranty, that alone will affect the assessment price. Otherwise, the assessment price may be reduced in order to consider the risk of buying imitation products. As the word “Rolex owner” means, it is important to be prepared to treat the accessories as part of the product when you firstly buy it.

Also, if you have overhauled, the certificate and details should have been issued, so we would like to be put together as well. It may be different to show that we are investing so that it will not lose its value. (It is not recommended to overhaul before selling because it cost some money.)

Next, it is better to remove the dirt etc. as well (to the extent that the main body is not damaged). It is easy to wipe with cloth wipe and you can use a toothbrush to remove the dust and dirt from the bracelet, also changing the impression.

After that, if you go to the second-hand store after being aware of the above assessment points and knowing the condition of your watch, it will be easier to have better conversation about why this assessment is made. Please take the opportunity to review your own Rolex watch!


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