If the watch is polished too frequently, the case becomes thinner. How should I take care of my watch? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: July 14, 2021

If the watch is polished too frequently, the case becomes thinner. How should I take care of my watch? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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No matter how careful the user cherishes it, a newly purchased timeless watch may damage the watch body or unconsciously leave scratches on the watch when worn in daily life. At this time, as long as it is polished the scratched watch will have a chance to have a new look. However, if the watch is polished too frequently, the case becomes thinner. This time we will give a detailed explanation on the thinning of the case.

1. What is meant by case thinning?

When the watch is worn on a daily basis, it is prone to scratches due to wear and tear. At this time, as long as it is polished, it will be able to look new and regain its brilliance. However, in the polishing, a thin layer of the surface needs to be ground off to polish the case. Therefore, the more polishing times, the thinner the case will be. The thinner case not only looks much cheaper in appearance, but also can’t maintain water resistance. Although depending on the severity of the scratches, the conditions are different. However, it is generally believed that if the watch is polished more than five times, it will no longer have the effect of restoring to the new one. At this time, the only way is to directly replace the watch case. Scratches are proof that the watch has been through ups and downs with the user. We recommend that you consider minor scratches as the natural charm of the watch, and then polish it until it is completely overhauled.

2. Material that not easy to worn-out

Scratches are also the natural of watches. Even if you understand this concept, wearing a brand new watch is still more enjoyable. A watch that has been scratched can only be removed by polishing, but it may be a better way to purchase a watch with a material that is not easy to worn-out from the beginning.

■Titanium Material

Titanium has the characteristics of lightness, sturdiness and no rust. Even users who are allergic to metals can wear it with confidence. When SEIKO designed a diving watch for deep diving, the first material used was titanium. Even in an environment with a depth of 1,062m where the diving research ship is located, this watch can still operate as usual. This achievement confirmed the durability of titanium in harsh environments, and since then titanium has become a commonly used watch case material. Titanium is very strong, and it is not easy to scratch the surface. But titanium also has a disadvantage, that is, if it is severely impacted, it is extremely easy to break.

■Ceramic Material

Ceramics have a unique luster, and ceramics are less prone to scratches than stainless steel. In addition, ceramics are pottery products, so users who are allergic to metals can wear them with peace of mind. And there is no risk of rust. The first to use ceramics to make watches was the Swiss brand “Rado”. Rado uses its own high-tech ceramics to create a series of ceramic watches. Then in 2000, Chanel launched the “J12” watch in one fell swoop, and the name of the ceramic watch has since gained international fame.

■PVD Coating

PVD coating refers to the technology of electroplating on metal. The name of PVD is derived from the acronym of its technical principle “Physical Vapor Deposition”. PVD coating is divided into Titanium Nitride coating, Titanium CarboNitride (TiCN) coating, Aluminum Titanium Nitride coating and so on. The advantage of PVD coating is that after black coloring, it not only makes the appearance of the watch more fashion, but also strengthens the hardness of the watch case. In addition, there is “DLC Coating”. DLC stands for “Diamond-Like Carbon”. This coating technology, as its name suggests, uses an amorphous carbon material with properties similar to diamonds for vapor deposition. The advantage is that the hardness of the watch can be similar to that of diamond, and users who are allergic to metals can wear it with confidence.

However, in the past, there have been cases where officials refused to provide repair services for self-coated watches. Please pay attention. In addition, there are watches made of carbon fiber or tungsten carbide, but the durability of carbon fiber is questionable. Tungsten carbide also has the disadvantage of being too heavy. In addition, even materials that are not easy to worn-out are not foolproof: compared to stainless steel watches, these watches often require more effort to finish polishing once they are damaged.

3. Daily maintenance to avoid watch rust

As time goes by, the watch will gradually lose its original brilliance. The aforementioned “case damage” is not the only reason. There is also a major cause, and that is the biggest enemy for metal products – rust. As its name suggests, stainless steel is an alloy of “steel that will not rust”. It is made by mixing iron with chromium and nickel. After chromium is combined with oxygen in the air, it will form a thin film on the surface of the metal to achieve the effect of preventing the metal from rusting. But even stainless steel with the reputation of “stainless” cannot guarantee that it will never rust. For example, if the watch case is stained with sweat, if it is not cleaned, the protective film on it will be destroyed and the watch case will rust. However, this is not difficult to overcome, as long as you do a little maintenance every day, you can protect your precious watch from rust. And if you are a physique prone to sweating, don’t worry too much; you might as well try the following maintenance methods.

■Wipe with a soft cloth

Use a soft cloth such as glasses cloth to wipe the inside of the watch and the strap to remove the sweat and dirt attached to the watch. Especially the inside of the watch, it is easy to accumulate perspiration when wearing it, please be sure to clean it carefully.

■Use a toothbrush to remove the dirt in the crevices

If there are stubborn stains that are difficult to remove, or the dirt that has accumulated in the gaps between the straps for many years, you can use a soft toothbrush to clean the dirt between the gaps of the strap. More detailed parts can be carefully cleaned with the tip of a cotton swab or toothpick. But be careful, if you use too much force, it will easily leave scratches on the watch. Even if it is a metal watchband, when it is washed with water, water may penetrate through the gaps in the case. Therefore, even if it is a waterproof watch, it is better to avoid washing.

4. Impact on the Acquisition Price

Some people think that only bright and flawless watches can be sold at a high price, so they will first complete overhaul and polish the watches before bringing them to our store. It is true that a beautiful watch can better estimate the high price, but the maintenance cost you spend on the watch is likely to exceed the acquisition price.


No matter how careful a watch is worn daily, it is difficult to protect the watch from damage. Of course, in order to revitalize the watch’s brilliance, you can also polish it while it is completely overhauled, but if you can think of the scratches of the watch as “a medal of time”, maybe you won’t be so concerned about the damage on the watch, right?


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