Starlight Sapphire (Symbolizes destiny) | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: January 29, 2021

Starlight Sapphire (Symbolizes destiny) | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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It is about Starlight Sapphire (Symbolizes destiny).


I know it is what people believe that three rays of starlight sapphire represent destiny, trust, and hope, respectively. It has been loved as amulets since ancient times, and it is also a popular energy stone in modern times.


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People believe that three rays of starlight sapphire represent destiny, trust, and hope, respectively. It has been loved as amulets since ancient times, and it is also a popular energy stone in modern times.

According to legend, the starlight sapphire can elicit the potential talents of the wearer, can the soul when worn on the body, and become an amulet that guides the wearer in the right direction. Not matter in the past or now, starlight sapphire is not only a beautiful gemstone but also a protective amulet that will protect the wearer. It is loved by wearer.

Moreover, the starlight sapphire has different colours such as yellow, green, and orange. You can try to find the colour you like, and it may be interesting to you.

Starlight Sapphire (Grey)

Sapphire itself is the September’s birthstone which comes with meaning of love, honesty, and goodwill. On the other hand, the grey starlight sapphire is the birthstone of 6th February. This gemstone symbolises “lucky and good news of the dawn”. It is also memorable stone for 65th wedding anniversary, also known as the starlight grey sapphire.

As power stones, sapphires and grey sapphires have different effects. Sapphire helps to strengthen the will not to follow the trend and word towards the goal. Grey sapphire can protect the wearer from emotional hostility and evil things. Besides, the grey sapphire also represents loyal love, and it can be said to have the effect to prevent having an affair.

There are many ways to purify gemstones such as water, sunlight, moonlight, images, sand, soil, salt, incense, crystal clusters, sound, essential oils and so on. The origins are Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, United States, Thailand, Tanzania, Australia, Madagascar and so on.

Starlight Sapphire (White)

White sapphire has the reputation of “stone of wisdom” and is the power stone that helps to improve understanding and judgement. The white starlight sapphire also has the same meaning and has the meaning of future, wisdom, and stability.

The ancient Egyptians compared the white sapphire to the eye of Horus. This was one of the totems of ancient Egypt which represents all knowing and all seeing. The Greeks believed that the white sapphire was related to the god of the Sun, Apollo and used it when listening to the oracle. From the above legend, we can see that the white sapphire is truly a stone of wisdom.

By the way, the sapphire shows white colour is because there are less of elements such as iron, chromium, and titanium. If it does not contain excess impurities, it can almost be said to be the prototype of sapphire.

Starlight Sapphire (Pink)

The ore of sapphire “corundum” has several colours. The red type is not sapphire but is classified as ruby. But the lighter red ore belongs to pink sapphire.

The main colour of pink sapphire (Dominant colour) is purple. The colour shades are very diverse, ranging from fuchsia to violet, and the colour span is also very wide. The darker one is called as “Hot pink”.

Generally, sapphire that are close to pure pink and have high chroma are higher value. However, how to differentiate ruby and sapphire according to colour and chroma has not yet been clearly defined. Darker pink sapphires may also be called ruby.

Inclusion’s Charm of Starlight Sapphire

For the gemstones in the world, most of the raw ore containing inclusions has low value, but starlight sapphire is different. For sapphire to appear astral, it must contain needle shaped rutile. Starlight sapphire is a gemstone that will add value with inclusions.

The content ratio of needle shaped rutile is also important to starlight sapphire. The starlight phenomenon added up with the level of transparency is the key to determining the value of sapphire.

Gemstones without inclusions will not show starlight phenomenon but inclusions will affect the transparency. It is difficult to balance the ratio. In addition, apart from starlight phenomenon, the valuable starlight sapphire has a sense of transparency and the needle shaped rutile contained in it shows an exquisite proportion.

Artificial Starlight Sapphire

Since inclusions are an important factor affecting texture, natural starlight sapphire is quite rare, and an extremely perfect starlight sapphire has an extremely high value. Although there are some perfect and affordable starlight sapphires, they are mostly all artificially made.

Since artificial technology can produce starlight phenomena, you must know that beautiful and cheap starlight sapphires that looks perfect at first glance are probably not natural.

The type of sapphire that has special lustre when exposed to light is called starlight effect, constellation effect or star effect. Sapphire will show six star-lights. The sapphire with starlight effect is called starlight sapphire and such sapphire has very high value in gemstones.

The birth of starlight sapphire needs to go through special cut and the sapphire must contain needle shaped mineral. The so-called needle shaped mineral is needle shaped rutile. Because it contains needle shaped rutile, the light refraction angle will show six star-lights. This is not limited to sapphires. Whether or not ruby and other stones will appear starlight, it also depends on whether they contain needle shaped rutile, but it does not mean it will occur. The more rutile contains, the darker opaque colour. While the needle shaped rutile is too small but not enough to form a starlight sapphire.

In summary, starlight sapphire is not a phenomenon that must appear if it contains inclusions, but it must contain needle shaped rutile and the amount must be just right. Therefore, the starlight sapphire is a very precious gemstone.


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