Do you know the secret mystery of watch buckles? You may get to know the label of Rolex year | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: February 15, 2021

Do you know the secret mystery of watch buckles? You may get to know the label of Rolex year | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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Many people know that from the serial number you can see the manufacturing year of a Rolex watch, but what you do not know is that on the band there is a similar symbol, called “clasp code.” I am going to take everybody to hear about the ” clasp code ” this time.

What is the clasp code?

In addition to the production serial number etched on the watch head of the Rolex watches, according to the year of manufacturing, another code of numbers will be engraved on the strap. The clasp code of the strap, unlike the serial number on the header, is not so precisely identified and paired. It can also be used as a guideline, even though it is not fully compatible with the year shown on the header.

The clasp code of the strap is found on the buckle’s “right of the logo”

Above the stamp of “STTELINOX”, English words and numbers “F3″ are engraved. This is the ” clasp code “. By the way, STTELINOX’s “INOX” is Inoxydable from French, meaning “not oxidized”, which means stainless steel. Most of the ordinary watches are marked with “stainless steel”, but Rolex deliberately chose to mark with STTELINOX, which is unique.

The timepiece used in the picture

The serial number of this watch is ‘A prefix,’ and is known to have been manufactured in 1999, and the serial number on the strap is ‘A prefix,’ which is also the serial number produced in 1999. The same year applies to the two serial numbers.

The strap replaced, the label will change as well

However, it should be noted that if the strap is replaced, the serial number will be different from the original strap.

If it is replaced at an original Rolex factory, an “S” will be added to the strap serial number to indicate that it has been replaced, so when you see the mark of S, you know that the year represented by the watch head and the serial number on the strap will be inconsistent.

Of course, the strap could not be changed at the original factory, but the probability that the strap has been replaced can be considered even though there is no ‘S’ symbol. Moreover, whether it is the serial number of the watch band or the production serial number, these decisions do not formally constitute public Rolex records, so they can only be used as guides.

Before 1976, the strap serial number only had numbers

Only in 1976 did the addition of English characters to the serial number begin, so Rolex, created before 1976, would not have English letters in the serial number of the watch band. The year can also be conveniently judged if the serial number has only “numbers” and no English letters. T he serial number of the watch band before 1976 is characterized by an additional number engraved above the 2-digit number. The way to judge the production year is very easy. The last two digits of the year are represented by the serial number. For starters, the serial number of the watch band is “66”, which indicates that this watch was manufactured in 1966.

The timepiece used in the picture

ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Date Ref.1501

The shape of this antique watch’s outer ring is like an airplane’s engine-turned bezel, which is memorable. The crown emblem on the large 6 mm crown and the rivet bracelet protruding on both sides of the strap in the early days are both special styles.

The older the strap, the more valuable it is

If your Rolex is still an original strap, it’s very valuable. You can assume that this watch is actually a vintage watch when you note that the serial number on the bracelet only has numbers. However, due to the wear and tear of the strap, most watches also change the original strap, so if the head of the watch and the brace have the same serial number and year, it is very rare. The serial numbers of the brace and the header can vary by many years for earlier watches, though. This needs to be known too.


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