New Release! New Design Rolex Submariner Date 126610LN year 2020 | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: November 25, 2020

New Release! New Design Rolex Submariner Date 126610LN year 2020 | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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Introducing the new Rolex watch purchased this time: Submariner 126610LN!

Rolex Submariner Date 126610LN

Model Number: 126610LN

Production Period: Year 2020 to present

Movement: Cal.3235

The new Submariner Date 126610LN, the diving watch series that global watch fans are looking forward to, finally released!

After ten years, Rolex has not only increased the diameter of the watch to 41mm and narrowed the lugs, but also this Submariner Date is equipped with a 3235 movement, which is the same as the previous Submariner watch series. The separation brings a new charm that is different from the past.

The feature of this new watch of 126610LN is the case with a 1mm larger diameter. Although the overall atmosphere is similar to that of the old 116610LN, changes have been made in details, such as adjusting the balance between the Flash-fit (the connecting parts of the lugs and the chain) and the chain, and widening the chain, etc. make the whole watch more beautiful. At the same time, Rolex also equipped the 126610LN with a 3235 movement with a power reserve of up to 70 hours. There is no doubt that this new watch will become more popular in the future.

Since its publication on September 10, 2020, the price of 126610LN on the market has far exceeded its pricing. The domestic price of Submariner Date 126610LN is NTD 303,000, and the market price of this watch seems to be around NTD 500,000. Interestingly, other countries have seen transaction prices of up to NTD 620,000.

However, we believe that domestic prices in Taiwan will not soar so high, and the actual transaction price should be less than NTD 600,000.


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