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Date published: January 29, 2021

Selling price of Rolex Submariner 116613LN / 116613LB | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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Compared with stainless steel sports watches, the market price of Rolesor gold steel models (a combination of Oyster steel and gold) is relatively stable, with little fluctuation. Do you know that the market price of a watch is soaring now? It is the 116613LN and 116613LB of the Submariner series, the Rolesor gold-steel models that are a combination of Oyster steel and gold.

This watch was born in 2009. Due to its long history, the number of production is definitely not a few. Therefore, despite the long-lasting popularity of this watch, there has never been a price spike. But now its market price is growing strongly, and the rate of increase is even considered to be comparable to the stainless steel Submariner watch. The new Submariner series released by Rolex on September 1, 2020 should be the main cause of this situation. The old models will be completely replaced by new model.

This means that as long as Rolex’s existing inventory is sold, Submariner 116613LN and 116613LB will face discontinuation.

What is the current market trend of 116613LN and 116613LB?

Will market prices continue to rise in the future? When is the best time to sell Rolex Submariner 116613LN or 116613LB? We will introduce you to the latest market trends of Submariner 116613LN and 116613LB in this article!

Basic Specifications of Rolex Submariner 116613

Case Size : Diameter 40mm x Thickness 13mm

Material : Gold Steel ( Oyster Steel and 18k gold )

Movement : 3135 self winding mechanical perpetual core

Power reserve : Approximately 48 hours

Water Resistant : Water Resistant to 300 meters

Production period : Year 2009 to present


In the 116613 series, 116613LN is a standard model with a black Bezel bezel and a black dial. The 116613LB is a refreshing blue Bezel bezel with a blue dial. The Rolex Submariner diving watch itself is a classic series that has continued to sell well since 1953. The combination of gold and Oyster steel styles started with the 16803 model published in 1980 and added to the lineup of the Submariner series. Subsequently, Rolex released the 16613 watch in 1989, and its restart is the 116613 series.

Since this series of watches has been on the Rolex production line since its release in 2009, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, this watch is not particularly rare compared to the Daytona and GMT-Master series. Even so, it is still a relatively high-end watch in the Submariner series. And it can bring you a completely different dive watch appearance and luxurious and exquisite texture from Daytona. In addition, for collectors who “want to have a unique sub-aqua watch”, it is a very popular watch, which has created its enduring popularity.

The latest market conditions of ROLEX Submariner 116613LN and 116613LB

With the aforementioned history, the price of the Submariner Rolesor series has risen to the peak in an unstoppable trend from February to March 2020. Whether it is the black 116613LN or the blue 116613LB, it is the same situation.

In the past, because of the price increase of Rolex sports watch straps, other Rolex watches have been raised, but from the perspective of price, it is not to the extent that it can be called a high-priced model. It is generally believed that the price of 116613 remains stable. But now, the price of this watch has risen as never before. Although the price increase rate of 116613LN is relatively moderate, it is now beginning to catch up with the price increase rate of 116613LB.

Sales price trend of Rolex Submariner 116613LB

By the way, at the time before and after the Basel World Watch and Jewelry Fair in 2019 last year, the price of 116613LB also rose slowly. This is a unique phenomenon of Rolex, which will be explained later. Even so, its price dropped again from June to September of the same year. “Has the high price of Rolex finally eased down?” There was such a rumor at that time. In October, the previous downward trend was changed and prices rose again. At the end of 2019, many popular styles became high-priced models again. Although the price increase of the Submariner series is relatively slow, the timing of the increase is slightly later than that of the Rolex Daytona and GMT-Master II series, but it still rose sharply in early 2020. Whether it is the black 116613LN or the blue 116613LB, the parallel input market prices of new products have reached a new high by February 2020.

Although the price keeps hovering up and down, in the past, this model has not rushed to the high-priced market. But why the price has hit a new high dramatically in the past two years? We are unable to determine the main reasons, but can only suggest a few possibilities. The most likely reason is the upcoming Basel World Watch and Jewelry Expo. This is the Rolex peculiar phenomenon mentioned earlier.

When the annual fair is held, the market for certain Rolex watches will rise sharply. The Basel World Watch and Jewellery Expo is the largest annual event in the global watch industry. Well-known brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Hublot will gather in Basel, Switzerland, and publish the brand’s new annual works (It will be affected by the COVID-19 in 2020. It caused Rolex to postpone the release of new model in 2020). At the same time as the new model comes out, the watches of the year will be discontinued. This is a phenomenon unique to Rolex watches, and the trading market for discontinued styles will begin to rise. The market no longer supplies new products, making the rarity of discontinued models increase year by year.

The two submariner gold steel models introduced today are also one of Rolex models that will be discontinued in 2020. From this we can infer that, affected by this factor, the value of the 116613 series is increasing substantially.

Although the Sea-Dweller series, which is also the Rolesor gold steel model, released the new model 126603, the light of the black model 116613LN was slightly hidden. However, due to the above-mentioned reasons, its market price rose for a while before the Basel World Exposition, and then fell again with the postponement of the conference. After entering July, Rolex suddenly announced the news of “new release on September 1,” and the industry became active as a result. Before that, some people think that there may be no new works in 2020, so collectors everywhere are looking forward to September.

Rolex launched a new generation of Submariner and Submariner Date models as scheduled on September 1. Although Rolex still has inventory to supply the market, the existing 116610, 116613 and 114060 models may be discontinued as they run out. As mentioned repeatedly before: “The market for discontinued styles will rise.” The purchasing power of the market is therefore concentrated on all the old Submariner watches.

The market price of Rolesor gold steel models is relatively stable compared with the stainless steel watches, and it is unlikely to produce fierce fluctuations. But today, this industry common sense seems to be being overthrown. Perhaps, 116613LN and 116613LB may surpass the submariner steel watch (SS) and become the focus of continuous market attention.

Best time to sell Rolex Submariner 116613LN/ 116613LB

When is the best time to sell? It is impossible to determine when the best time to sell because market prices will continue to fluctuate. But there is no doubt that we are ushering in a critical moment of selling.

This is because the 116613 series had a historical record that the price of new products was less than the average a few years ago. In other words, buyers who bought 116613 at that time and were considering it’s the best time to sell. If you are unable to buy at a fixed price due to insufficient liquidity, but still buy and use it at a relatively low price, if you want to change a watch, selling it now is enough to get you a good fund.

For shops that specialize in buying watches, the Submariner series is a style that absolutely must own. Especially now that Rolex has announced the new 2020 model, the old model is about to be replaced by the new model. It is not difficult to imagine that in the future, due to the decrease in market circulation, it will be difficult for stores to secure inventory. This watch will become a favorite that the store is actively buying.

Even if the above is not considered, because the watch is a precision instrument, we recommend that you sell it as soon as possible when it is not in use. Let’s catch this wave of sales!

Lastly, if you have a Sumariner 116613LN or 116613LB with a new warranty card revised in 2020, the possibility of it becoming a rarer is even higher!


We explained to readers the latest market situation of Rolex Submariner 116613LN and 116613LB, as well as the situation of soaring prices in this article. At the same time, for readers who currently own this watch, advice on the timing of the sale is provided!

As described in this article, the Submariner series has not only become the main axis of Rolex’s new 2020 release, but also one of the watches that we must continue to pay attention to market dynamics.

In order to achieve the goal of sell at the highest price, please join me in keeping an eye on its future market trends!


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