Rolex Submariner Black Water Ghost 116610LN and Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Water Ghost 116610LV | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: February 15, 2021

Rolex Submariner Black Water Ghost 116610LN and Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Water Ghost 116610LV | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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Rolex can always create a whirlwind of topics in the watch industry.

Every year on the eve of the release of Rolex’s new model, there will always be commotion and restlessness between the entire industries and even watch fans due to factors such as advance forecasts and market fluctuations. 2020 is not only a year of intertwined social situation; 1st of September is a special day in the watch industry! Because this day is the day when Rolex will publish new model!

Before the day of publish, Rolex released a new product trailer on the official website, and many people predicted that: Is the focus of this revision on the Submariner series-as expected, this is a guess! (Although some images have flowed out on the market, they cannot be asserted until they are published…)

The focus of the revision, as expected, is the Submariner series, including calendar and non-calendar models will be launched. In this way, we are almost certain that the watch will become a rare model. And that model is the model with a new warranty card for 2020!

This article will analyze the trend of the new watch models of the Rolex Submariner series for readers, while observing the future rarity and the trend of the market.

Rolex Submariner 116610LN / 116610LV will be discontinued?

The Submariner series was published in 2010 and has been mass-produced for 10 years. It is the most representative diving watch of Rolex. Although this watch is not long-lived, it has two major variations, namely the black water ghost and the green water ghost/ hulk, nicknamed by the watch fans. Because of its high popularity, the number of this watch in the market is relatively large, and it has maintained a fairly stable market value.

Product Specification

Production Period: 2010 ~
Case Size: Diameter 40mm x Thickness 13mm
Movement: 3135 Automatic movement
Power Reserve: 48 hours
Luminous: Chromolight
Water Resistant: 300 meter

The price tends to be stable, and it is a sporty Rolex model that has remained highly popular. Due to the overall high market price in recent years, 116610’s market has also been growing since 2012. (Except for the impact of the appreciation of the Japanese currency in early 2016, the price fell once) In addition, in 2019, many Rolex watches have set a new record of the highest price in history. Of course, this watch has not fallen behind, catching up with the soaring market. Especially the Submariner series calendar green water ghost 116610LV, the rising momentum is even more powerful.

116610LV is an advanced diving watch with a green bezel and a green dial. This green is the brand color of Rolex and represents the brand value of Rolex. The predecessor of this watch, Ref.16610LV, also has the same green bezel. Ref.16619LV is the first green bezel commemorative model released by Rolex at the 50th anniversary of the Submariner series in 2003. However, there were already many rumors about the completion of the research and development of the green water ghost at that time, which was the 116610LV that was published shortly thereafter.

In appearance, 116610LV not only retread the dial to green, but also used green Cerachrom ceramics to make the bezel, showing its unique luxury. Riding on the momentum of this price increase, I believe that this watch will continue to rise in price after entering 2020. It may even surpass the historical high before 2019. And the reason is because of the sudden discontinuation rumors.

Rolex has had many enduring long-selling watches for a long time. In terms of brand design, it is basically based on the continuation of the original design of the first representative model, not only to polish the signature of the specific watch again, but also to upgrade the function and texture. This can be said to be the brand characteristics of Rolex. When the watch is upgraded, the model will also change (some are only partial changes), so after the revision, the market for discontinued and out of print old models will rise accordingly. This is a unique phenomenon of Rolex in the watch industry. Of course, such a phenomenon may not happen, but rumors will always lead to phenomena such as market observation of discontinued watches and concentration of purchases of watches that may be discontinued. This is also indelible fact.

At present, Submariner 116610LV has already appeared similar phenomenon, I believe it will be 116610LN next. The rumors of discontinued production appeared in this series at the beginning, because 2020 coincides with the tenth anniversary of the sale of the current models in the series. In the past, the Submariner series were revised in time, mostly ten years apart. In addition, although Rolex has been committed to updating its watches to the 32 series movement in recent years, it has not updated the movement for the calendar three-hand watch.Therefore, many people speculate whether Rolex will take the 116610 series first…!

As mentioned earlier, Rolex released a new trailer on the official website six days before the release of the new work, that is, on August 26th, as a pre-heat for the upcoming new release. Of course, the information on the new watch is still completely confidential and not fully disclosed. But after watching this video, it is almost 100% confirmed that the new watch is the Submariner series, right? Although it is also possible that the Sea Dweller series or the Deepsea series may be unexpected, but because both have been changed in 2017 and 2018 respectively, it is speculated that Rolex should not be the two series in 2020 when the time is so close.

As everyone knows, Rolex’s brother brand Tudor released its new work for 2020 on 1st of July ahead of schedule, which is the new color of the Black Bay 58 series-navy blue. Tudor’s current main line is completely different from Rolex, but its relationship with Rolex is still quite close. In 2018, the two brands also released GMT models with red and blue bezels (watch fans nicknamed “Pepsi Circle”). Therefore, many people think that the possibility of Rolex and Tudor launching a new generation of Submariner series in the same year is quite high.

Rolex has announced the latest Submariner watch! [Updated on 1st September 2020]

The new watch released on 1st of September is indeed the new diving watch of the Submariner series! The models in the photo are 126610LV and 126610LN. At first glance, there is little change, but the diameter of the case has been changed from 40mm to 41mm, which is a full 1mm larger!

Since the 1950s, the case size of Submariner has been maintained at 40mm, and most of the sporty Rolex watches were originally 40mm watches. Although we don’t know the significance of Rolex’s 1mm enlargement of the case, this move is destined to make a decisive difference between the old and new models. The important thing is that the lugs of the new watch have become more slender, making the whole watch look more elegant. Although the size of the entire watch has increased, this new watch is reminiscent of the classic old watch of the past 5-digit model.

The new 126610LV of the Green Water Ghost this time, the dial design has also returned to the black dial of the 16610LV era, it is definitely a watch that must not be missed! The current Green Water Ghost 116610LV used to be nicknamed “Hulk” (American Marvel hero), but now it is back as the big frog Komi (the character of Sesame Street doll). At the same time, the movement is also equipped with the latest 3235 automatic winding movement. We don’t know when 116610 will be discontinued in the future, of course it will be out of print, but so far, Rolex has not released any word on it. Therefore, the old and new models may be sold at the same time, but the time will not be too long. In other words, 116610LV / 116610LN will stop supply one day.

The latest Submariner no date 124060 Oyster Perpetual Submariner

Of course, the Submariner 114060 without date is also revised at the same time.

Rolex Submariner 124060 is not only the focus of Rolex’s new model, but also the protagonist in the trailer. In addition to increasing the case to 41mm, it is also the first non-calendar three-hand watch equipped with a new generation of caliber 3230 automatic winding movement. Like the calendar model, it is uncertain whether it will be discontinued immediately. As mentioned earlier, even if the old and new models are sold at the same time, the time will not be too long.

In addition, although I haven’t seen the actual product of the new version, the revised Submariner series seems to be quite different from the old model. This is really uncontrollable. If the new model is similar to the previously mentioned Deepsea or the Yacht-Master released last year, and there is no significant change in appearance, then the market conditions of the new and old models will not differ too much. On the other hand, this revision has not only changed the size, but also changed the dial color of the green model. Therefore, the market demand for new and old models is likely to increase substantially at the same time.

Upgrade to rare model

Submariner calendar type 116610LV / 116610LN with new warranty card

In the content of the previous section, we mentioned the “new/old market conditions”. Because the new product has not yet been released, it is impossible to make any predictions (Although it used to go on sale soon after it was published). However, you can still cite some old watches that are sure to become rare and that the market will definitely raise. That is the watch with the new warranty card.

Rolex’s warranty card will change with the times. The first is a paper warranty. Now the most common warranty card on the market is a plastic warranty card. Because the card form of insurance card is very popular, so the market of the new and old Daytona 116520 was different. However, Rolex’s renewal of the warranty card in 2020 completely reversed the market situation.

At the beginning of 2020, rumors of new insurance cards began to appear on overseas social networks. After the purchase of goods in Japan around May, the attention was greatly increased. In addition, starting from July, as long as you spend at the Rolex boutique, a brand new warranty card will be attached, and this warranty card has gradually begun to circulate in the market.

But not everyone likes the new warranty card.

Indeed, the new warranty card is more fashionable than in the past, and the information is made electronically, so there is no need to fill in the troublesome application form to apply for the warranty card. When you buy a new watch, you can get a warranty card immediately. However, the buyer (and area code, dealer shop name) fields that were only available on the old warranty card have been cancelled, and only the serial number, model and date of purchase information are retained. For some watch fans, it seems to have lost the fun of buying at the boutique. This is indeed the voice of some watch fans. However, due to the overwhelmingly small number of new warranty cards and old cards issued by the government, watches with new warranty cards are still extremely rare.

Due to the rare relationship, in Daytona’s case, the price of the watch with the new warranty card will be higher than the normal model. Of course, the rarity of the new insurance card will gradually decrease as the issuance increases. Although this rarity will affect the market to some extent, the high price caused by the new warranty card cannot be maintained for too long, unless it is a watch that has been discontinued.

After the new warranty card was issued, the sales time of the discontinued watches was less than one year (Rolex is good at confidentiality, and we have no way of knowing the exact date when the new warranty card was put on the market). Among the domestic boutiques, the sales time for discontinued watches with new warranty cards should only be 1 to 2 months. Again, we don’t know when Submariner 116610LV / 116610LN / 114060 will be discontinued. However, I believe that day should not be far away. If the situation is in line with expectations, the discontinued model with the new warranty card will become a rare item in the mouth of watch fans and will continue to be passed on.

We will explain the current market trend of this type of Submariner watch as following content.

Rolex Submariner 116610LN/116610LV 2020 market trend survey

Next, introduce the current market situation of the new products of the Submariner series. After Rolex published the new models, the market demand of 116610LN and 116610LV increased. However, Rolex Submariner ‘HULK’ calendar model is the most noteworthy. From the eve of the new work,

From the eve of the publication of the new model, the parallel input price of 116610LV’s new product has been so high and hard to get. Even if it is a second watch, as long as the quality is good, the market price is not inferior. The rate of price increase can definitely be called “surge.”

Next, we will introduce the market situation of Submariner 114060 without calendar.

The era when 114060 were called a “Rolex watch that can be purchased at a low price” has passed. Starting in 2019, prices that exceed pricing have become the norm. In addition, after May 2020, due to the reduced production of Rolex (in response to the COVID-19 countries declared an emergency and implemented lockdown, many watch manufacturers had to temporarily close their factories. According to an analyst’s observation, Rolex’s annual output has evaporated by at least 12%), and the market for this watch has also risen in a breath. Currently, 116610LN is very popular in the market whether it is new or second-hand. That’s right, decreased production is a big factor in the recent rise in the market for Rolex watches. The shortage situation is getting worse, but the market is still out of stock.

At this moment, Rolex still has a way to publicly announce the new Submariner series and announce the upcoming launch? Such a situation is likely to triple the market quotations of the old models (rumors that the quotations are already rushing upwards). As mentioned earlier, if the gap between the new and old models is not huge, the situation may not evolve in this way. However, one thing is certain. That is, for sellers who now own Submariner series watches, they are ushering in a wave of excellent sales opportunities.

Whether it is the 116610 series or 114060, this is the highest market price now.

For example, if someone buys 116610LV at a fixed price around 2019, he will definitely be able to sell it for a satisfactory amount in the second-hand market. Of course, the purchase price will vary according to the condition of the watch itself and whether the accessories are kept intact. But overall, this is an unprecedented sales opportunity for sellers. Don’t miss this chance of sales! ! !


Since Rolex has released new models, the well-known 116610LN/116610LV and 114060 will be discontinued in the past. This article explains in detail the models with the new warranty card.

In addition, in the Rolex catalog, there are rumors of discontinuation of several watches.

For example, Rolex Explorer II series. In addition, because of the new release of the Submariner Date calendar diving watch, the market trends of the gold steel models 116613LB and 116613LN, and the pure gold models are also eye-catching. Rolex’s next release date is January 2021. Any latest information, this website will continue to update for you!


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