[Market rising] Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A market price is rising | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: July 14, 2021

[Market rising] Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A market price is rising | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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Now, the price of Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A is rising at an abnormal rate.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is not only “now”, the market of 5711/1A has been rising continuously for several years.

Of course, the luxury sports watches of the Nautilus series are not only the Patek Philippe brand itself but also have a considerable level of representativeness in the high-end watch industry. There is no doubt that 5711/1A is a classic masterpiece. But even so, the current soaring price situation is still quite unusual.

Although due to the influence of various social situations, “the market is showing signs of flattening out”. But the current selling price of this watch in the market has reached more than twice the price. The purchasing market is also directly proportional to it, with very high quotations frequently appearing.

What caused the price of Patek Philippe’s Nautilus series to rise to this point? And it will stop production in 2021…! ? Next, this article will introduce the reasons for the popularity of 5711/1A and the current market conditions in one shot!

※ The information published in this article is relevant as of January 2021.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-001 Basic Specification

Material: Stainless Steel

Glass Material: Sapphire crystal

Dial: Black and blue

Spec: Transparent back case (see through back)

Waterproof: 12ATM(120M)

Diameter:40mm Thickness: 8.3mm

Movement: Cal.324SC automatic (From 2019, change to Cal.26-330 SC caliber)

It was firstly released in 1976. The Nautilus series was personally designed by the late legendary genius Gerald Genta in the watch industry. It is a luxury sports watch that represents the spirit of the Patek Philippe brand.

In the history of more than 40 years, Patek Philippe has made many well-known watches for the Nautilus series. Even in the series, 5711/1A is also the most popular market item.

It was born in 2006 and is still a popular classic watch model.

The old model Ref.3800/1 has a smaller size, with a diameter of only 37mm; after being updated to 5711/1A, the gauge diameter has expanded to 43mm (length 38mm). It is a model that can use for formal occasions or sports conditions. It is worth noting that this watch uses a transparent back case, allowing us to appreciate the unique brand logo of Patek Philippe, as well as the beautiful gold miniature automatic caliber. In 2010, Patek Philippe made minor changes to the bracelet, and at the same time, changed the Nautilus model of the blue dial from 5711/1A-001 to the current 5711/1A-010.

When it was first released in 2006, there was only a black and blue dial watch to choose from. It was not until 2012 that the white dial watch was officially added to the series’ product lineup. The blue and white two styles coexisted in the product lineup for some time later. But in 2020, the white dial was suddenly removed from the product lineup. Then came 2021 Patek Philippe also announced that the blue model was about to be discontinued.

After the 5711 was discontinued, the three hands in the Nautilus series showed the stainless steel model, leaving only the ladies’ Ref. 7118. Although the rose gold 5711/1R in the model is still on selling and considering the high popularity and long history of the 5711, it shouldn’t be discontinued. As a result, there are rumors in the industry that Patek Philippe will soon launch a successor model, and it is rumored that the model of the new model will be 6711.

As for the truth, we can only wait for Patek Philippe to announce it.

Affected by the new coronavirus, Patek Philippe has postponed the release of the new watch for 2020. It is believed that Patek Philippe will announce the news of subsequent watch at the Watches & Wonders Geneve Exhibition (formerly known as SIHH) in April 2021. Even if the market’s expectations for new models continue to rise, the market prices of 5711/1A white and blue models still show explosive growth as soon as the news of the discontinuation of the production comes out.

As both of them have extremely high popularity, the situation of short supply will only become more serious in the future, and prices may soar.

Is it possible to purchase Nautilus 5711/1A at a fixed price?

The famous blue dial, the current price of a stainless steel watch, is astoundingly high. Even for second-hand goods, depending on the state of the watch itself, the price may be as high as more than twice the price. Although 5711/1A is a “stainless steel” watch, Patek Philippe has the world’s best manufacturing technology. Its watches are masterpieces of craftsmanship that cannot be mass-produced, so they often have very high prices that are unmatched.

It is just that nowadays, whether or not there is pricing seems to become less important. Because in the case of continuous shortage, it is almost impossible to buy this watch in a regular boutique. By the way, starting from February 2020, Patek Philippe followed the example of Rolex and began to restrict the purchase of certain parts of the watch, led by the Nautilus series. This also means that when you purchase Patek Philippe watches in the future, you are unable to purchase the same model repeatedly.

Even so, to get to the step of “purchase”, you still have to wait for a long appointment. To purchase a Patek Philippe watch, it is only natural to wait for several years, and even news that some stores no longer accept any new orders. In addition, 5711/1A has been confirmed to be discontinued, causing the white and blue models to rise in the market at the same time to a very high market. Such a development would have been expected. After all, the market for this watch has soared sharply in the summer of 2019 and March 2020. From another perspective, for those who are willing to sell Nautilus 5711/1A in the future, because the market for Nautilus is still showing an upward trend, this may be an excellent opportunity to obtain unexpected profits.

At present, due to the impact of social conditions such as the new coronavirus epidemic and the appreciation of the Japanese currency, Nautilus’s gains have slightly converged; however, even so, its market conditions remain at an over-priced level. After all, Nautilus 5711/1A is built by the world’s best watch brand. It is a world-class watch with extremely exquisite craftsmanship. In terms of price and resell value, it also has the world’s highest price.

Why is Patek Philippe 5711/1A popular?

Import prices are the so-called market conditions. Because they are deeply affected by market supply and demand conditions, price fluctuations are usually not limited to pricing. Patek Philippe’s watches were expensive because of the scarcity of annual output. Now that the market is very oversupply, the price soaring situation shows signs of intensification.

Why is it so popular?

One of the first reasons is the one just mentioned: the manufacturing quantity is very small.

Although there is no official data, it is said that the number of watches produced by Patek Philippe each year is only about 1,000. This amount of production is not enough to meet the purchasing needs of Japan, China, India, the United States, Europe… and other countries all over the world. On the other hand, although 5711/1A has a thickness of only 8.3mm, it has a high waterproof performance of 12ATM, which makes it highly evaluated in terms of functionality.

The unique and special design style of the Nautilus series is also one of the main factors that have attracted many watch fans. In addition, the high-end luxury watch market is expanding rapidly, both local and overseas, which has prompted the market’s demand for high-end luxury watches to continue unabated. For a certain part, it is also due to environmental factors.

Regardless of the country, people’s desire for Rolex and the desire to buy Patek Philippe are universal. Of course, the future global situation is hard to predict, and there are many uncertain factors, but as long as Patek Philippe’s popularity does not fall, market demand will continue to grow. In the future, when supply is unable to keep up with demand, the price trend of this watch maybe even more violent.


In recent years, Patek Philippe’s pricing is also increasing. More and more people have purchased it for investment purposes. Nautilus 5711/1A even showed an unprecedented increase. Now that it officially discontinued, its market conditions are likely to undergo further dramatic changes. If you are considering selling this watch, it can say that it is about to usher in an excellent selling opportunity.


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