Online watch acquisition service. First step: understanding the advantages and disadvantages | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: November 19, 2020

Online watch acquisition service. First step: understanding the advantages and disadvantages | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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When using watches purchasing services, the most convenient way is to use online valuation services. As long as you provide the required information once, you can choose the store that is most beneficial to you from the many acquisition companies. Having said that, the valuation service also has its disadvantages. In order to make good use of this service under the most favourable conditions, please keep the following points in mind. If you are struggling with “I want to ask a store to buy a watch, but I don’t know where to start”, please refer to it.


One of the tricks to increase the selling price as much as possible when looking for a shop to buy a watch is to “investigate in advance.”

・The market acquisition price of the model to be sold

・Comparison of quotes from multiple companies

・Choose a business that knows better about the model you want to sell

The above points are the top priority. However, just because it is so important, investigations will probably take a lot of time. And it is necessary to investigate “plural stores”, not just “one store”.

In the online appraisal service, if the required information is passed on to the appraiser, the quotation from each industry can be received. Because it does not require a cumbersome appraisal process to find a good acquisition store, so it is widely praised.

Free service is also the key secret to its popularity

For valuation service, only a few cases will charge additional handling fees. If there are no extra charges, of course more and more people will think “Why not use it?”

Easily overlooked shortcomings

Having said that, online valuation services and valuation comparison websites are not without their shortcomings. If you look at the benefits purely, it is easy to overlook the existence of this shortcoming. Before using this service, please confirm the following information.

Some brands cannot use valuation services

If it is a popular brand such as Rolex or Omega, of course, it does not matter, but relatively infrequent brands sometimes cannot use the valuation service, this is because there are fewer manufacturers who “want” watches of this brand. In addition, even if it is not “completely impossible” to use the valuation service, sometimes it is possible that “only a few operators” can perform the valuation.

It takes time and effort to provide the required information, even sending the watch, but unable to obtain useful information. This situation is often heard.

Valuation is sometimes very time-consuming

Although it is an online valuation, the valuation methods of the industry are also different. Some industry operators can reply to the valuation results within 2 to 3 days at the earliest, but it is not surprising that it takes 1 to 2 weeks if they encounter a special item. If you “want to complete the transaction before the specified date”, you must pay more attention. The most important thing when entrusting valuation is to “choose who”. The use of watch acquisition and valuation services can be good or bad. For this reason, if you are determined to commission, the key point is to “choose who”, but you must also first confirm whether there is a business that is willing to buy the watch you want to sell.

In addition, when the valuation is accepted, commissions may be paid if there is assistance from other businesses. There are also many situations where the amount of revenue increased in the name of “handling fee”, so be sure to check beforehand.

Many people refer to comparison websites or related articles when choosing a company. But the most important thing is to “personally” confirm the characteristics and details of the parties, not to swallow the date and make hasty decisions. If you want to “use smart”, it is also very important to prepare in advance “if you can’t get satisfactory results”.

In addition, please confirm the shipping and handling fees to be paid in advance if the transaction fails.

As long you keep in mind the major features introduced this time, you can use the valuation service to understand the “market purchase price” and the “actual purchase amount”. You may wish to use it in your own way.


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