Acquisition market for 2020 Rolex Submariner Series. Must know before selling your Rolex!! | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: February 8, 2021

Acquisition market for 2020 Rolex Submariner Series. Must know before selling your Rolex!! | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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In advanced mechanical watches, the diving watch of the Submariner series is very representative and is also one of the most famous watches among many Rolex watches. The Submariner series diving watch has undergone many revisions and innovations since its birth in 1953, and has been very popular with watch fans along the way.

We will introduce the famous Submariner series watches in this article, as well as individual market conditions.

※The information published in this article is the market price of the relevant watch as of September 2020.

Rolex Submariner 116610LN acquisition market

Production period: 2010 to present

The Submariner 116610LN and Explorer I series reflect each other, and it is a very popular sports watch among the Rolex brand. The sporty appearance and the simple black design are quite popular among Japanese.

In addition to the stunning appearance that makes it difficult to turn away, with its good waterproof feature of up to 300 meters, 116610LN is also very attractive as a diving watch. The consumer does not need to worry at all about waterproofing, and can be worn and used on any occasion as desired. From the standard aluminum bezel of the old 11660, the 60-minute scale unidirectional rotating outer ring fitted with 116610LN has now been upgraded to a ceramic bezel, which not only significantly improves the durability but also makes the appearance more advanced.

The purchasing price of Submariner 116610LN has gotten higher and higher in recent years, and the rise is very alarming. Although the demand has once fallen due to new crown pneumonia and the release of new works from the Submariner series, the price is expected to rise again in September 2020. In a really high market at present, it can be argued that it’s the best time to sell.

In contrast, while some individuals predict that after the exposure of the new 126610LN, the demand for 116610LN may decrease, the new design is different from the past, increasing the case size (from 40mm to 41mm).

Consequently, it is unlikely that the market demand for 116610LN will vanish and a higher transaction price will appear.

Overwhelming value of resale

Submariner watches are rich in styles, many of which have their own backers, such as the “green water ghost” with an emerald green bezel or the “blue water ghost” with a blue dial. The one with the highest resale value, however, is the black 116610LN classic calendar. Fans from all over the world love this watch, and it thus has a super high resale value. In other words, not only is it of undisputed perfect quality, it will support you even though you readjust the watch, because it’s a very durable classic watch.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV acquisition market

Period of production: 2010 to present

116610LV uses emerald green, one of the flags of the company, reflecting Rolex. Its basic specs are almost the same as 116610LN (the black version), but the selling price is better than 116610LN, just the color is different. While all Rolex watches have kept their high eye-popping rates, 116610LV is the highest of them. The market price and the purchasing price are also growing dramatically. Furthermore, like 116610LN, the latest green water ghost 116610LV uses a black dial, which is very distinct in appearance from the green dial 116610LV, but it has been expected that 116610LV will decline in price due to the arrival of new works, but it can stay in the future. A constant supply of demand from the market. It is generally believed, though, that this cycle of gains could fade eventually over time, so now is probably the best time if you want to sell at the highest price possible.

Difficult to obtain so prices soared

Why is the cost of 116610LV soaring to this point? Of course, one of the causes is the lack of supply, but the primary explanation is the ‘explosive purchasing’ of customers. Overseas, especially in China, it is very popular and it has many passionate supporters. The appeal of the green water ghost is obvious due to the lack of supply, which makes the extreme shortage of products a matter of concern. The sales price of 116610LV rose in a tiny period of time when the scarcity of products on the market began to escalate, and the selling price rose rapidly.

Rolex Submariner 114060 Acquisition market

Period of production: 2012 to present

In the collection, Submariner 114060 is a fairly simplistic watch. It has no lens for cyclops. The basic dial makes it popular with watch enthusiasts who like simple watches.

It’s also a very popular model for consumers who want to purchase the water ghost family watch at the lowest possible price, also because it is cheaper than the calendar model. With a reasonably high resale value, the latest acquisition industry pattern of 114060 is close to that of the calendar model.

Like most current models, since 2016, the stock price has been increasing. Its share price has hit a historic high as of June 2020. The new crown pneumonia caused its price to drop for a while between March and May 2020, but its market price grew sharply after September with the introduction of the new Submariner series, perfectly achieving the so-called ‘V-reply.’

Rolex Submariner 16610 acquisition market

Period of production: 1989–2010

Submariner 16610 is a Submariner series calendar model which was eventually replaced by 116610. The old and new versions both have a 40 mm case size, are fitted with a 3135 self-winding movement, and have up to 300 meters of waterproof function. Since the basic features are basically the same, the difference for individuals who are not familiar with Rolex watches are almost invisible.

But if you look closely at these two watches, you can note that 16610 in the overall “hands, lugs, crown guards, dotted hour markers” style is slimmer than 116610LN, and the overall impression is very neat.

As 16610 has been selling well for 20 years, there would be minor variations, which is also the characteristic of this watch, between individuals created in various years. For starters, the lugs have been updated from the version after the F prefix to have no holes (the individual lugs before the F prefix have holes), and the inner circle lettering has been introduced since 2007.

The selling price of 16610 also increased as the overall demand for Rolex rose. This rally has not ended, even in 2018. The wave of rising prices for this watch eventually persisted, and its acquisition market broke the history of the previous one by September 2020. Also, under the latest crown pneumonia release, the demand for 16610 is not disturbed at all and still retains a relatively high level.

Minor differences do not affect evaluation

The 16610 was manufactured and sold from 1989 to 2010. At each point, there are slight differences in the versions due to the long production period.

・The difference of luminous paint (transition from Tritium luminous dial to Luminova luminous dial)
・Is there any inner ring lettering
・Is there any crown logo watermark
・Differences in buckle   etc.

There may be a unique individual if these models are sold for a long period, but there are no such individuals on the market. The selling price will not vary that much, even with the above-mentioned differences, and will possibly only be slightly higher than the newer models in recent years.

Watches that may increase in value in the future

Since the current selling price of 16610 is approximately in line with the age of the consumer, the following models will have the potential to add value in the future.

Three models are here:

[Single folding clasp with Tritium luminous paint]

The first is the single folding clasp model of the Tritium luminous dial. It is possible to reach this specification as long as the production time is earlier than 1988. There will be valuable potential for enhancement in the future as long as it follows this specification. Therefore, if you have a watch that fits this specification, when you sell it, you must research it carefully.

[The dial labelled as Tritium, but is Luminova in fact]

There is a version of 16610 that uses Luminova luminous paint, but the dial is marked as Tritium luminous paint. This difference related to luminous paint may also increase the value of the individual.


The new watch is labelled below 6 o’clock with “SWISS MADE” but in the past there have been versions with just the term “SWISS” These individuals “ONLY SWISS” are very rare. This version is only used after ‘T SWISS’ in the transition era, and the development period can be traced to very early and only for a short year.

Rolex Submariner 16610LV acquisition market

Period of production: 1989–2010

The previous Green Water Ghost 16610LV generation still has a high level of popularity so far. Not only the bezel, but also the emerald green dial is the latest six-digit standard 116610LV, but a black dial is used for the previous generation 16610LV. There are also a number of unusual models, in addition to the critical marketing theme and more exclusive than other styles.

Even after it stopped production, this enabled it to retain a reasonably high reputation and brought about rising price patterns. Its scarcity also allows it to continue to produce greater market demand due to regular shortages.

The difference in price it produces is what more shocking. The purchase price in 2013 was also lower than half of the 2020 purchase price. The price of this watch has more than doubled in just five years. Seeing this, I assume readers can still feel how popular the demand is with 16610LV.

Furthermore, the demand for 16610V has already started to soar with the announcement of new releases for the Submariner series in 2020. Don’t skip this excellent sale opportunity for readers who want sell them at a high price.

Rare model among 16610LV Flat 4

Among the 16610LV, there are two well-known rare models: “Flat 4” and “Wide Spacing SWISS MADE”. With one of the features, or the version with both, the purchase price is much higher than the general style, readers must not miss it.

【Flat 4】

Flat 4 is the first “Y”, “F” prefix number table created, which can only appear with this function. It’s worth mentioning the “40” on the bezel. Much as the literal sense of the name “Flat 4” the top of the word “4” is distinct from the pointing end of the general model, and the top line is longer, which is flat 4.

[SWISS MADE Wide-kerning]

The “wide kerning SWISS MADE” is another rare feature of the 16610LV. In the early-manufactured models, this feature is very general. This applies to the situation in which the “SWISS MADE” printed at 6 o’clock at the bottom of the dial is marginally wider than the standard edition.

Rolex Submariner 14060M acquisition market

Period of production: 2000to2012

The 14060M is a Submariner series non-calendar design of the previous decade. “The general features are nearly similar to the new ones, but the overall “hands, lugs, crown shoulders, dotted hour markers” design is smaller than 114060. In the new date section and the old date section, there are also the same adjustments. The 14060M style is slimmer compared to the current 114060, and it can be claimed to be the easiest and most elegant of all the Submariner family watches.

The market price of 14060M has also grown as the market for Rolex is soaring. It’s worth broke a record high in the past in the summer of 2018, and the selling price on the market set a new record again at this time in September 2020.

Since in the 14060M series there is no such super eye-catching watch as the Green Water Ghost, the better the individual, the higher the price, as a matter of fact. With a balanced and elegant appearance, the non-date versions sustain a reasonably stable market in the trading market.

Rolex Submariner 5513 acquisition market

Explosive development has been seen in recent years by the industry acquisition of Submariner 5513. Classified as an antique Rolex, this 5513-water ghost has a very high ranking among watch enthusiasts and is a well-recognized watch on the market.

The 5513-water ghost is one of the greatest, also among the older Rolex. Its average selling price in 2015 was just less than 100,000, and it rose more than fivefold by 2020. In just five years, retail rates have risen five times, and the rate of growth is staggering.

It is generally difficult to predict the exact selling price before seeing the real product, because the price of this watch would be totally different compared to the actual product. In any case, this watch’s present selling price has also hit a rather high level. I assume that the high price of 5513 will persist with the soaring price of Submariner series watches.

Submariner 5513 A particularly high-value watch

In the history of the Rolex Submariner series, 5513 is the longest-selling model and has been selling for nearly 30 years. It was born for the first time in 1962, and later discontinued until 1989. It has undergone many changes and evolutions during this period, and multiple variations have been developed. The purchasing price varies considerably according to the condition of the watch itself, since it is an antique watch; but generally, the earlier the year of manufacturing, the rarer the individual, so the higher the purchase price.

【Acrylic Mirror】

This acrylic mirror dial, which is a rare “shining mirror-like luster” dial, would only have vintage versions made before 1967. Not only does it have a special stunning luster, it has a golden trademark and lettering as well. The 5513 fitted with this dial is pricier than the 5513 overall. If the condition is maintained well enough, it would be very beautiful for the selling price.

【Matte Dial Meter First】

A matte dial with a matte texture is used in the 5513-version produced after 1967. There are three forms of the matte dial: the original, mid-term, and late-stage. The maximum value is the primary edition. The initial matte dial feature is that the word “SUBMARINER” is engraved on the bottom line at 6 o’clock. The purchase of this variant of the 5513 is based on actual conditions. Prices can differ tremendously. Furthermore, on the market, the 5513 with the original matte dial would still be labeled Meter First, so be alert.


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