“Topaz” – November birthstone ! | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: October 5, 2020

“Topaz” – November birthstone ! | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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Topaz Symbolize : Intuition, joy, fraternity, intelligence, prosperity, innocence, hope, sociability, grasp the flow

What kind of jewel is topaz?

The other November birthstone, Topaz, has a beautiful transparent orange-yellow color, which is likened to sherry. It is a representative of yellow gemstones, and probably because of this, jewelry with yellow tint is often given pseudonym “Topaz”.

In addition to yellow, topaz is actually a gem with a wide variety of colors such as white, blue, pink, and brown. Especially transparent topaz shines so beautifully that it can be mistaken for a diamond, the king of jewels, depending on the cut.

What is Blue Topaz?

Inside the topaz, there is a blue-colored “blue topaz” that looks like a clear lake. It’s as beautiful as aquamarine, which is a representative of light blue jewels! However, it is vulnerable to sunlight and fades, so be careful when it does.

What is Imperial Topaz?

Among the yellow-colored topaz, the one with a unique orange tinge is called “Imperial Topaz”. It is said to be a special topaz with a color that is positioned at the highest level and has an elegance that is treated differently from others.

Topaz History

According to one theory, the name “Topaz” is derived from the name of the island where it is produced. However, it turned out that it was not Topaz that was produced on this island, but actually Peridot. In other words, in ancient times, “peridot” was called “topaz”! It’s a little mysterious story that leaves a mystery.

What is the effect and symbol of topaz?

Topaz symbolizes fraternity, hope, innocence, and prosperity. It is a gemstone that connects various edges and leads in a good direction. It is said to help you when you have a goal, a dream you want to achieve, or when you work on a new event. Also, because it represents fraternity, it is also used as a talisman for marriage and fulfillment of romance. It’s a jewel that is said to build good relationships and bring true love and friendship.

What is the recommended way to wear it?

The deep sherry color of topaz makes you feel calm even in the gorgeousness. It is recommended to use it as an item that makes an elegant outfit more chic, such as a necklace or brooch. Blue and white topaz also go well with stylish outfits with a very cool glow. Add accents with rings and earrings!

November birthstone and meaning

Together with the previous citrine , there are two birthstones in November. Both of them have very beautiful yellow colors, so they are jewels suitable for the autumn leaves season! Of course, blue topaz and white topaz are no problem as birthstones for November.

However, the characteristics that are sensitive to sunlight are the same. When storing it, be careful not to expose it to light. Blue topaz is particularly fading, so we recommend using it indoors if possible.


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