The NEW edition of 2020 Rolex Sky-Dweller series acquisition market | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: June 30, 2021

The NEW edition of 2020 Rolex Sky-Dweller series acquisition market | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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Sky-Dweller is a sports watch “tailored for people who travel around the world”, with a stylish and elegant exterior design.

The 24-hour scale on the off-centered of the dial can display the time in the second time zone. It is equipped with an annual calendar device and has sophisticated functions. These are the main reasons for increasing popularity of the Sky-Dweller series year by year.

Next, I will introduce Sky-Dweller’s acquisition market and price trends in recent years.

※The information published in this article is the acquisition market of relevant watches as at October 2020

Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934 Black Acquisition Market

Production period: 2017 to present

The Sky-Dweller series is a rather complicated one of Rolex’s sports watches, so it has attracted much attention.

The Ref.326934 model released in 2017, with a classic design of black surface and stainless steel, is highly anticipated by the market. Like most Rolex sports watches, it is difficult to buy at a fixed price in regular specialty stores, so the price in the second-hand market has been maintained at a fairly high level. Generally, the selling price of famous brand watches is much lower than the purchase price, but the market acquisition of this watch in 2020 is tens of thousands higher than the price.

Although the popularity of Sky-Dweller is not as high as that of classic watches such as Daytona or Submariner, it is quite popular among watch fans who love complication, which also keeps its purchase price at an over-priced level. Since the black dial is very suitable for suits, it is estimated that the current high market demand of Sky-Dweller 326934 will continue.

Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934 White Acquisition Market

Production period: 2017 to present

Unlike the black surface, the mellow white Sky-Dweller 326934 gives a soft impression.

With consistent appearance and charming design, it is favored by the market.

The actual selling price of 326934 White is relatively low compared to the black and blue styles. It is the easiest style to buy among the styles of this model. At the same time, its market purchase price is quite stable.

In recent years, the overall market has not changed much. Until the last few months, Rolex’s overall market has begun to soar, and 326934 White has also reached a high price level under this wave of gains.

On the other hand, although White’s market price is a bit lower than Black’s, its actual selling price is also cheaper, so its own resale value is actually the same. Compared with other versions of the same model, the price of White is less affected by the COVID-19, and it is believed that it will still be able to maintain a relatively stable high-end price in the future.

Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934 Blue Acquisition Market

Production period: 2017 to present

Blue is the most popular special model among the 326934 models.

The bright blue dial color brings a fresh and cool atmosphere, decorated with high-grade radial line processing, which perfectly fits the stainless steel. This watch is highly praised not only by Japan, but also by markets in other countries. Therefore, the transaction price is also higher than black and white.

Unlike black and white, where the price is stable, although the speed is very slow, the market price of Blue is obviously rising gradually. Although its market once declined due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia, it is now bullish again, and it can be said that it is ushering in a golden period of sales.

Rolex Sky-Dweller 326933 Black Acquisition Market

Production period: 2017 to present

326933 is a half-gold Sky-Dweller series watch released by Rolex in 2017. The combination of shiny black dial and yellow gold steel gives a luxurious impression.

This model is available in three colors: black, white and champagne. Black is the most popular among them in the market.

Although this watch is a half-gold model that combines gold and stainless steel, the actual selling price is similar to that of the stainless steel model. Because the price is quite cost-effective, the market’s attention to this watch is gradually increasing.

At the time of publication, although this watch was sold at the same time as the partner of the stainless steel model, the buying momentum was quite low. Especially after entering 2020, due to the impact of the COVID-19, prices have even dropped by unexpectedly low prices.

Fortunately, prices began to rise after the summer, and the current prices have gradually recovered. Although its market conditions may continue to rise in the future, the semi-gold models usually do not rise as much as the stainless steel models. I believe it would be a wise choice to sell them now.

Rolex Sky-Dweller 326933 White Acquisition Market

Production period: 2017 to present

White gives a noble and elegant impression. For those who want a Rolex sports watch, but also want to retain a part of the gorgeous feeling, 326933 white is the most suitable watch.

It is connected with the black model to support the popularity of this model. It is one of the masterpieces of the series. Watch fans who don’t like to wear the same model as many people tend to choose this watch.

There is almost no difference for the 326933 black and white in market conditions. Since the launch, the market price has been slowly falling. However, like other Rolex watches, it has once again ushered in an upward trend after the summer. The price of this watch has a very low possibility of substantial growth in the future, so now is the best time to sell at a high price.

Rolex Sky-Dweller 326933 Champagne Acquisition Market

Production period: 2017 to present

Among the Sky-Dweller series, the noble and gorgeous style is this 326933 champagne color. The gold-steel fluted bezel, matched with the sparkling champagne dial, is both noble and gorgeous. The combination of champagne and gold steel is the most luxurious model among the models, and the purchase price has been maintained at a very high level.

On the whole, compared with black and white, the champagne dial not only gives a more high-profile appearance, but also the purchase price is slightly higher than the other two colors. Although its price cannot reach the level of over-pricing, it has the advantage of price stability and is very easy to sell at high prices.

If Rolex releases new series in the future, the price of this watch may have drastic changes. Therefore, it may be a more advantageous choice for sellers to sell at a stable and high price now.


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