Acquisition market and price for NEW Rolex Explorer in 2020 | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: June 28, 2021

Acquisition market and price for NEW Rolex Explorer in 2020 | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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Explorer and Daytona are known as the top models of the Rolex double wall. The simplified style can be matched with various occasions such as business and leisure, and has won the love of a wide range of ages. This time I would like to introduce the price changes of Explorer’s acquisition market in recent years.

※The purchase price listed here is the price in September 2020.

Rolex Explorer 214270 Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 2010~

Among all Rolex models, Ref.214270 is among the best in popularity.

A strong market creates a very high resale value.

The market for Ref.214270 is quite stable. In recent years, the resale price has been maintained at about 80% of the fixed price, which is a very attractive price.

When most well-known watches are resold, the purchase price will drop sharply, but now probably only the resale price of Explorer can stably maintain a high price.

The simple appearance can be used in any scene, and it is also suitable for matching suits. With its excellent performance and relatively affordable price, it is a model with a wide audience among Rolex, so it is unlikely that the price will fall in the future. In 2017, due to the impact of the Trump administration’s foreign exchange fluctuations, the purchase price rose slightly. Although the soaring of Ref.214270 is not as high as Daytona, it has been maintained at a high price.

Minor Changes in 2016

Ref.214270 released in 2010 and was slightly changed in 2016. The basic specifications have not changed, but the latest models have made luminous treatment on the hands 3, 6, and 9, and changed the design of the hands. The hour and minute hands become thicker, and the minute and second hands become longer.

Rolex Explorer 114270 Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 2001~2010

Ref.114270 is the model of Explorer’s previous generation.

There is no date display window; the function is reduced to a minimum, the black single design, no extra decoration. The old model still presents a minimalist look, and the high degree of completion is never tiresome.

The current size of Ref.214270 is 39mm, while the old model is 36mm. People with thinner wrists will choose the old model instead.

The purchase price of Ref.114270 is increasing day by day.

Although there is a lot of circulation in the market and it is not rare, the demand has not decreased for 8 years since the suspension of production, and high demand is the main reason to maintain the price.

In 2018, it rose to nearly double the purchase price in 2013. After that, the market continued to rise, and the purchase price by September 2020 has tripled. Observing its trend, it is a good choice to sell Ref.114270 now.

Rolex Explorer 14270Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 1990 ~ 2001

The five-digit Ref.14270 is the first two generations of Explorer. It adopts the well-known sapphire crystal wind-proof mirror and the hands of the metal frame. The appearance is almost the same as Ref.114270, but it can be purchased at a cheaper price. It has been discontinued for more than 15 years. The market demand for Ref.114270 remains unabated.

Around 2013, the price began to rise slowly, and at the same time, the advance models Ref.114270 and Ref.214270 were boosted by the hot sales, and the market’s love for this model remained high. Affected by the recent vintage trend, the market enthusiastically pursues the “Tritium luminous” watch.

Although Ref.14270 is a watch with stable resale value, it is also a good choice to sell it when the current market is high.

The Scale is Black!? Very Rare「Black Out」

Product numbers E and X are rare watches, commonly known as 「Black Out」.

Generally, the inner side of the scale is white, but this is 「black」. Rolex details such as different conventions will become highly competitive collectibles, and the purchase price is usually higher than that of ordinary models.

Rolex Explorer Ⅱ 216570 Black Model Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 2011~

Although Explorer II with simple design is the most famous in this series, Explorer II, which is full of personality, is also very popular recently. Especially in the current Ref.216570, the re-adopting of the original (Ref.1655) 24-hour pointer design concept has aroused many topics and is deeply favored by business people.

This model launched a white and black two-color series; the black dial is more fashionable and popular.

In 2014, the world’s evaluation of it began to rise, and the purchase price market gradually increased in 2016. At the peak of the Rolex market, the price of Explorer II 216570 increased by nearly 10% in 2018. Explorer is more popular than II, but the resale value of the two is not much different.

In September 2020, the price rose to as much as 30%. Due to the COVID-19 and the general economic downturn, Explorer Ⅱ 216570 still has a high degree of attention.

Rolex Explorer Ⅱ 216570 Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 2011~

With strong presence pointers, orange GMT needles and black scales, Ref.216570 white subverts the traditional impression of Rolex and shows the current sense of fashion. The most unique style in the Explorer series is suitable for people who like to be different.

Compared with other models, the market of Explorer II is more stable, but it has started to change recently.

Around the end of the summer of 2017, the purchase price of 216570 white began to rise. The high price is still maintained in September 2020. There is little difference in the purchase price of the two colors. The special feature is that the popular colors will change according to the seasons.

Rolex Explorer Ⅱ 16570 Black Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 1991 ~2011

Ref.16570 is also a high-end style with a high price.

Compared with the current Ref.216570, the design of Ref.16570 is closer to Explorer. One of the popular reasons is that the style is simple and suitable for business occasions.

This model also launched a white and black two-color series, the black dial is more fashionable and popular.

The purchase price trend of Ref.16570 is similar to the current Ref.216570, which has been increasing year by year since 2014. The price has remained at a high level since 2017, and the market fell slightly in the first half of 2018, and then climbed again in September 2019, showing a V-shaped recovery. Now is the best time to sell when the price continues to be high.

Rolex Explorer Ⅱ 16570 Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 1991 ~2011

The white dial that is difficult to get in Explorer. The simple and consistent design has received many high praises in recent years. In recent years, the purchase price of Rolex has not been significantly different due to the design of the dial. In 2020, the market for black and white dials is exactly the same. It is still at a high price in September 2020. So, this is the best time to let go now.

Explorer Ⅱ 16570 Ivory Dial

The most representative and rare model is Ivory Dial in Rolex Explorer Ⅱ Ref.16570. Although it should depend on the degree of its color change, its color tone is still different from ordinary styles.

This characteristic detail only appeared in the initial Ref. 16570, which is very rare.

Rolex’s rare models usually occur in watches with slight differences on the dial. The Ivory Dial is highly praised by watch lovers because of its unique appearance. The richer the color of Ivory, the higher the price, the better the preservation condition, and the higher the purchase price of a watch with a better faded texture.


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