Jade VS Idocrase/ Vesuvianite? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: January 29, 2021

Jade VS Idocrase/ Vesuvianite? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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Idocrase is the jewel name of Vesuvianite, which is usually green like matcha. It belongs to silicate mineral and is a very popular energy stone.

Idocrase is the jewel name of Vesuvianite, which is usually green like matcha. It belongs to silicate mineral and is a very popular energy stone. Idocrase will have various colors based on the composition of inclusions, but the mined variants are extremely rare, so it is an ore that collectors love to collect.

The following will introduce in detail the origin, value, appearance characteristics and meaning of the energy stone of this ore.

Properties of Gems

Name Idocrase/Vesuvianite/Vesuvienne
Japanese Name ベスブ石(besubu)/td>
Color Green, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Red, Purple, White
Family (species, varieties) 含錳符山石/Mangan vesuvianite、墨綠符山石/Wiluite、含氟符山石/Fluor vesuvianite
Moh’s Hardness 6-7
Polish Lustre Glass Luster, Resin Luster, Grease Luster
Chemical Composition Ca19(Fe,Mn)(Al,Mg,Fe)8Al4
Crystallography Tetragonal crystal system

Meaning of Gemstone

Love and truth


Two people are closely linked by true love

Country & Place of Origin

• Norway : Telemark
• France : Hautes-Pyrenees, Corsica/ Corse
• Canada : Quebec
• United States : California
• Japan : Hokkaido, Ibaraki, Saitama, Kanagawa, Nagano, Gifu, Oita, Miyazaki
• Brazil : The whole territory
• Mexico : The whole territory
• Sri Lanka : The whole territory
• Switzerland : The whole territory
• Russia : The whole territory
• Kenya : The whole territory
• Italy : The whole territory
• India : The whole territory
• Madagascar : The whole territory
• Australia : The whole territory
• South Africa : The whole territory

Features and characteristics

The gem name of the mineral Vesuvianite is Idocrase. Idocrase has a variety of colors depending on the composition of the content, and belongs to silicate minerals. The representative mineral of Idocrase symbiosis is Garnet, and the two often appear at the same time.

The appearance of the mined Idocrase is mostly short columnar, granular or massive. When Idocrase is massive, it is difficult to distinguish Idrocrase and garnet from the appearance.

Idocrase is also produced in Japan. Idocrase, cordierite and marble are registered as a designated natural monument by Kanagawa Prefecture.

Origin of the name

Idocrase was first discovered at vesuvius volcano (English: Vesuvius, Italian: Vesuvio) in Italy in 1975, so the official name of idocrase is vesuvianite.

The English name of Idocrase comes from the Greek meaning of “appearance” (eidos) and “mixed” (krasis).

This is because Idocrase is often mistaken for other gems such as zircon and peridot.

Various aliases of Fushan stone

Although there are various variants of Idocrase, these variants are almost not circulated in the market, so people collectively named it as the most famous Idocrase.


The Idocrase is also crowned with two false names (※1), namely “California jade” and “Californite”. This is because California is the main producing area of Idocrase. A major feature of Idocrase is the soft green on the outside and the smooth touch of nephrite.

For a time, Idocrase was used as a substitute for jade.


Idocrase with yellow to yellow-green appearance is called Xanthite.


Idocrase contains copper in a few cases. This kind of Idocrase with a blue tint due to the composition of copper is also called Cyprine. Those with a blue color like the ocean have the best quality.
Cyprine is mostly produced in Telemark, Norway, but gem-grade Cyprine is extremely rare.

Idocrase & Viluite

Viluite is produced in the Vlyuyi River Basin in Siberia, Russia. It was once regarded as a variant of Idocrase, but Viluite is rich in boron, so it is currently considered that the two are different minerals.

Precautions for preservation

Idocrase is a sensitive mineral. Although it can be cleaned directly with running water, it is recommended to avoid using an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Please use a soft towel to dry the surface water immediately after cleaning.

In addition, please do not expose Idocrase to sunlight (ultraviolet rays) for a long time, so as to avoid fading. It is recommended to place Idocrase in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


Idocrase is a very popular energy stone. Most Idocrase on the market are dark green (matcha color) that is opaque to translucent.
Because Idocrase is mostly opaque, it is often using egg noodle cutting and made into round beads.

More valuable Idocrase

Idocrase is colorless and transparent, without scratches on the surface, less inclusions and high transparency, such as Xanthine, Cyprine, Mangan vesuvianite and rich in chromium to present the beautiful emerald green Idocrase, etc. It can be traded at high prices because of its scarcity.

However, these types of Idocrase are mostly mined directly into the gem collectors, so they rarely circulate in the market.

As a Energy Stone

Healing, calming mind, lively and vigorous, truthfulness, etiquette, promise, cleanliness, standardization, and stability

Idocrase has a powerful healing effect and is an energy stone that can eliminate negative emotions and calm the mind.

It is generally believed that Idocrase as a lively energy-filled ore. It can help the holder make the best choice and move forward actively.

※1 “false name”: refers to the wrong name, deliberately using gems with similar appearance and higher value as another name, in order to confuse consumers. But sometimes it is also used as a generic term to indicate that it is comparable to high-priced gems. (Example: Herkimer Crystal = Shining Diamond)

※2 “Egg noodle cutting”: It is a technique to polish gemstones into a hemispherical shape. It is mainly used for opaque gemstones, or to highlight the cat’s eye effect and other more excellent visual effects.


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