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Date published: December 7, 2020

Heliodor/ Golden beryl | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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Golden beryl, also known as yellow beryl, is used to refer to the yellow gems in beryl. It is also a popular energy stone, which is especially helpful in enhancing the hope of life, joy and wealth. The following will introduce in detail the origin, value, characteristics of this gemstone, and its meaning as a power stone.

Properties of Gems

Name Heliodor/Golden beryl
Japanese Name 綠柱石
Color Yellow series、Green Series
Family (species, varieties) Beryl・Emerald・Aquamarine・Morganite・Goshenite・Red beryl / Bixbite・Pezzottaite
Moh’s Hardness 7.5
Luster Glass Luster
Chemical Composition Be3 Al2 Si6 O18
Crystal Series Hexagonal Crystal Series

The meaning of Gems

Hope, glorious day


Hopeful, brilliant day

Country & Place of Origin

• Brazil: Minas Gerais
• Russia : Ural
• Namabia : Erongo
• Tajik : The whole territory
• Madagascar: The whole territory
• Nigeria: The whole territory
• Ukraine: The whole territory
• Sri Lanka: The whole territory
• Zimbabwe: The whole territory

Origin of the Name

The golden beryl is golden in color like the brilliance of the sun, so the name combines the Greek word “Helios” and the gift “Doros”, which means “gift from the sun”.

Features and characteristics

Golden beryl is the name of the gem used to refer to the yellow gemstones in beryl. It is also called “yellow beryl” because of its color, and it is also called “golden beryl” because it looks golden. Like aquamarine, it is mainly produced from pegmatite deposits, presenting beautiful hexagonal columnar crystals. When discovered, it is usually a large block of ore, but rarely reaches the grade of gemstones.

“Gem grade” refers to the fact that an ore is judged as “possible to become a gem” when it is still in the rough stage. Merchants selling natural ore beads sometimes refer to ore that is inferior in quality to gems as “jewel grade”. “Gem grade” refers to the former.

Alias for golden beryl

There is a school in the industry that “Heliodor”, “Golden beryl” and “Yellow beryl” are strictly speaking three different gems. Golden beryl is yellow-green and Golden Beryl is golden yellow while Yellow Beryl is yellow.

However, in the identification, there is no benchmark to distinguish these three kinds of gemstones, which may be one of the reasons for the difficulty of promotion. Another theory believes that the cause of the color is “golden beryl” and “yellow beryl”, and the cause of the color contains uranium oxide is called “golden beryl”, but because there are many ores that cannot be clarified distinction, so this argument is not popular.

The world’s largest finished golden beryl

Among the finished products, the largest golden beryl in the world is displayed in the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The color is a veritable golden yellow and weighs 2,054 carats (approximately 410 grams).

Maintenance method

Generally, wipe the dirt gently with a soft cloth. If the dirt cannot be removed, you can clean it under running water.

Although it can withstand steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, if the gem itself is cracked, it may cause breakage, so be careful. Crack is the term for gemstones, which refers to the cracks generated inside the gemstone, which may be caused by impact after crystal formation, or due to temperature changes.

In addition, it has now been determined that the golden beryl will fade if exposed to strong sunlight or other light sources for a long time, so it is recommended to store it in a place without sunlight.


The golden beryl will show a beautiful luster after being cut. Almost all the golden beryls on the market are faceted cut. Facet cut is a cutting method in which multiple facets are cut to show the brilliance of gems to the extreme. In addition, occasionally, “a bright band of light resembling a cat’s eye”, golden beryl with a cat’s eye effect (Chatoyancy), is sometimes excavated.

The Value of Each Color

The large and transparent golden beryl has extremely high value. In terms of color, golden yellow is the most expensive, dark yellow is second, yellow-green is inferior, light yellow or slightly brownish yellow, and internal Golden beryl, which contains substances and is low in transparency, is relatively more in circulation on the market and the price is relatively affordable. Therefore, almost all the golden beryls cut into balls and used as energy stones are of this color.

Can be turned into aquamarine after treatment

Golden beryl is the same as the pink morganite, which is also beryl. After heat treatment, it will turn into a blue aquamarine. Therefore, the golden beryl is sometimes on the market under the name of the well-known and popular aquamarine. After being circulated and heated, it is almost impossible to distinguish the two with current technology.

Golden beryl as an energy stone

Fortune, exorcism, hope, joy of life

It is said that it can eliminate anxiety and disheartened feelings, and is a stone of hope that guides people towards a happy life. It can also dispel evil spirits in oneself and around, and help people move forward. In addition, it can also increase wealth. But long-term wearing will cause energy loss, it is generally recommended to use clean water to purify the energy stone regularly.


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