How was the gold been mined? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: November 5, 2020

How was the gold been mined? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


How was the gold been mined?


There a few method explain how to gold been mined.


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The following will introduce you the specific methods. If you are interested, please do not leave!

How was the gold been mined? Gold always attracts people’s attention. We not only use gold as a luxury accessory, but also purchase gold as a value-preserving asset. In recent years, people have used gold’s metallic properties and applied it to many industrial products. This time I will introduce the more knowledge of gold. The following will introduce you the specific methods. If you are interested, please do not leave!

The starting point of mining…find out gold veins

We must first find out the “gold veins” that contain gold. According to the location of the sleeping gold veins deep underground, the depth is divided into “easy to mine” and “not easy to mine”.

South Africa is the world’s most famous gold producing country, but South Africa’s “easy-to-mine gold veins” are now exhausted due to large amounts of mining. At present, it is necessary to dig to 3000 meters underground to mine gold ore. At this depth, geothermal heat will affect the mining project, and mining ore alone requires huge costs. Similarly, although many gold veins are buried on the seabed, the cost will be very expensive because mining requires too much work.

Taiwan’s gold veins

The gold and copper mines are mainly produced in the Jinguashi and Jiufen areas. It was once the largest gold mine in East Asia, and it contained 95% of the total gold mines in Taiwan. When the eight iron bridges were erected in 1889, after workers discovered the gold sand in the river, the history of gold mining in Jinguashi and Jiufen also kicked off, until the closure of the mines in 1971 because of insufficient costs.

Japan has gold veins as well

It is generally considered that Japan is a country with “sparse natural resources”, but in the past Japan has mined gold in the famous Sado Kinzan ( Sado gold mine ). In modern times, it is believed that there may have gold in the bottom of the chlorine-rich hot springs. Therefore, if you find a gold mine that can produce gold and prepare mining equipment, even Japan may produce a lot of gold. (For example, there will be the topic of gold mines in Kagoshima and Hokkaido from time to time)

In recent years, countries such as China, Peru, and Indonesia have attracted the attention of countries all over the world because of their relatively shallow mines that can continue to mine.

How to separate gold?

Firstly, gold ore that mined from gold veins is not gold. The so-called gold is scattered in the ore and cannot be identified with the naked eye. Therefore, refining process are required to separate precious metals from a large amount of ore. The method of extracting gold varies according to different countries and regions. There are two specific methods for you.

Method using copper furnace

Large-scale mines mainly uses copper furnaces to extract gold, which can balance safety and economic benefits. Put copper ore and gold ore into the furnace together, and gold, silver, and copper will be integrated under high temperature. Firstly, separate the copper, then the silver is refined through high temperature, and finally the gold can be separated by electrolysis.

Method using mercury

The republic of South Africa mainly uses mercury to extract the gold contained in the ore. After mercury absorbs gold and silver, it becomes “amalgam”. When mercury is added to the crushed ore, the amalgam containing gold can be separated, and gold can be extracted by heating the amalgam. It is undeniable that the use of mercury has the risk of causing environmental pollution and human body pollution. But in this way, gold can be easily separated without the use of large working tools. Therefore, most modern mines with complete equipment use copper furnaces. Only mines that cannot install large-scale work tools can see this method of extraction.

Gold refined from 1 ton of gold ore can only create a ring

The content of gold contained in gold ore is extremely scarce. Extracting gold from gold ore is time-consuming and labor-intensive. One ton of gold ore is mined and the extracted gold is only enough to make a gold ring.


There are many ways to mine gold, and no matter what method the mining process is danger. The amount of gold ore mined is very limited, and the process of refining gold requires multiple processes. No wonder gold prices are always high. But no matter the present or the past, as long as people are still desire gold, humans will continue to mine gold. Therefore, where and how to mine gold are issues that the country should pay close attention to. You might as well pay attention to relevant news next time!


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