How to distinguish genuine and fake LOUIS VUITTON? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: October 5, 2020

How to distinguish genuine and fake LOUIS VUITTON? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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When it comes to luxury brand handbags that everyone likes, that is “LOUIS VUITTON”! LV is particularly popular and has outstanding sales among many brands in Japan. However, high sales and popularity mean that many imitations (ie counterfeit goods) are prone to appear on the market, so the most common query in the store is about the authenticity of LV. This time, I will focus on the features that often appear in Louis Vuitton imitations and can be easily noticed by customers who are not familiar with LV.

LOUIS VUITTON has all kind of fakes

High-end luxury brands with international reputation, such as LV, are imitation targets. Most counterfeit goods are manufactured in factories in developing countries. If they are counterfeit goods, even high-quality imitations that are more expensive and highly simulated are poor quality, and you can find out with a little observation. There are differences between counterfeit goods and genuine goods. Although there are many counterfeit goods on the market, they can be distinguished by accumulating certain experience and relevant knowledge.

The important thing is the place of purchase

Take LV as an example. As there are many sales channels for counterfeit goods, it’s a matter to take note where to buy it. If you buy at a specialty store, of course, there is no problem, but if you buy items at an overseas specialty store that are priced lower than the specialty store, you will lose money and you will bear the risk of counterfeiting. There are even “high imitation shops” that specialize in selling counterfeit goods in oversea. If you buy them at such businesses, they must be counterfeit goods. Purchase channels other than specialty stores are accompanied by the risk of buying counterfeit goods.

A feature often found in LV copy products, 5 points to distinguish fakes

Serial Number

As long as you have professional knowledge, the production number is an easy identification part. All Louis Vuitton handbags and purses will be embossed, which can be identified by the printed serial number. (However, even small accessories and key rings may not have a serial number even if they are genuine) Firstly, there is only one way to determine whether the serial number itself is correct.

Basically, the serial number is composed of two letters of the country of manufacture + four numbers representing the year and month of manufacture. Although the arrangement rules for 4-digit numbers changed from 2006 to 2007, you can rest assured that the production number can still refer to the place of origin and date.

In addition, the quality of the engraving itself also reflects the difference between true and false. Fake products have features such as uneven stamping and hot stamping, shallow edge positions, uneven character depth, and different fonts.

Round metal screw with logo

We often see golden round screws with the word LOUIS VUITTON on leather goods. If you want to distinguish between true and false, you can look at two points: ① Whether the screw is crushed and has a stereoscopic effect ② The letters of the logo are clear and not crushed. If it is a fake, it will give people a rigid and flat feeling like buttons on clothes, and the logo letters may be too shallow to be recognized immediately.

Louis Vuitton brand stamping

Next, we will introduce the characteristics of the brand logo that will be counterfeited. First of all, if it is a lower-level counterfeit, the brand logo engraving and embossing will be rough, and the edges of the letters will be jagged or faded. In addition, you should pay special attention to the two “O” of the brand stamping. If it is a genuine product, the “O” character is close to a perfect circle (○), but if it is a fake product, it will be closer to a letter-like lanky font.

Understand the shape of snap button

Although some products do not have snap buttons, if there are snap buttons such as snaps (assuming it is a card holder), it can also be used as an identification point. If it is genuine, when you look at the snap button accessory (raised accessory) from the side, “the tip looks like a triangular three-dimensional shape”. If it is a fake, the protruding part of the snap button fitting looks like a circle when viewed from the side. Look at the pit of the snap button on the other side. The two long sticks in the middle of the genuine snap button will be perpendicular to the logo, but if it is a fake, the two long sticks will be horizontal to the direction of the logo.

Zipper Hardware

For items with zippers, metal zipper buckles are also an important identification point.

Fake goods appear most often /n “The coating of metal fittings is not uniform, and the color and gloss are not uniform.” /n “The thickness of the left and right sides of the “V” is the same (the right side of the original V is slightly thinner)” /n “There are dents around the brand logo” /n And so on.

In addition to these five key points of identification, there are more than 20 key points of identification in the “Different Areas of Counterfeit Goods”. Each counterfeit has its own flaws, and some key points of identification are indispensable. However, these five points are regarded as the most important points, “It is easy for non professional or amateurs to find the difference.”

Of course, this distinction is based on “standards in words”, which involves the level of imitation. It is difficult for people with inexperience to understand “how genuine are genuine and how fake are fake”. Professional appraisers in the store will see the difference, including the five points mentioned here.

Lastly, you may not be able to tell the difference unless you hand it to a professional for identification in some cases.

Louis Vuitton is a brand with many key points of identification. It is easy to distinguish if it is a relatively crude and inferior counterfeit product. However, the technology of unscrupulous merchants to make counterfeit products is constantly improving, and it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish ultra-high counterfeit products. Many customers feel embarrassed and discouraged to appraise others with their bags, but if you have doubts about your bags, we suggest you seek assistance from experienced professionals.

The experience of touching the genuine products

This time we introduced the characteristics of LV counterfeit goods, but not only LV, but also products of other brands continue to appear updated versions of highly counterfeit goods. Counterfeit goods are manufactured at low cost, so it is unreasonable and it can be said that counterfeit goods must have some common points.

It is safer to hand the handbags to professional appraiser for appraisal. Apart from professional knowledge, the biggest difference is that professional appraisers have been exposed to a large number of genuine goods and are familiar with the difference between them to determine the authenticity. If you have fewer chances to get in touch with genuine products, you might as well read more LV products in magazines, which is also helpful.

In addition, you can also go to reputable second-hand stores to see other products to learn more about the charm of LV. LV handbags often cost a lot of money. The “wisdom eyes” cultivated by more exposure to genuine products not only protect yourself from deception, but also better understand the advantages of genuine products.


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