Among counterfeit luxury goods, handbags are the most common imitation products on the market. | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: October 12, 2020

Among counterfeit luxury goods, handbags are the most common imitation products on the market. | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


Among counterfeit luxury goods, what are the most common imitation products on the market?


It is handbags! You will find that the appearance and quality of the handbags will become more distinct from the genuine products over time.


What are the differences of stamping?


Brand stamping can appear in different parts such as metal accessories and leather. Please read article below.

Luxury handbags use organic materials (such as leather). If you buy counterfeit handbags, you will find that the appearance and quality of the handbags will become more distinct from the genuine products over time. Some of the general characteristics of counterfeit handbags as following:

Even counterfeit handbags are classified

Internationally renowned and expensive luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel are targets for imitation. Most counterfeit branded handbags are manufactured in factories in developing countries. The sewing and quality are uneven. If you are used to using branded handbags, you will easily find many ridiculous points. However, now there are many super-high imitation goods with perfect sewing and extremely high degree of imitation on the market. Even if brands continue to update anti-counterfeiting technologies, counterfeit groups are closely following them. Since it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish between genuine and fake, the best way is to seek professional evaluation.

How to distinguish the counterfeit handbags and its characteristics

The texture of leather, nylon and canvas

If it is a counterfeit handbag, the quality is obviously rough. With the passage of time, the difference in appearance and quality from the original product will become more and more obvious. The following are the characteristics that are easier to distinguish

The leather is not smooth and thin to the touch, has a plastic smell and has no small pores. Because of the insufficient weave density, the canvas has rough lines and rough texture. The nylon fabric smells pungent and smells like chemicals.

Hardware and metal accessories such as zippers and screws

The metal accessories of counterfeit handbags are also easy to see through, especially the zipper. The zipper used by Louis Vuitton has a fixed standard, so you can distinguish counterfeit handbags by the difference. If you are familiar with the genuine product, this information is very useful for distinguishing the authenticity. However, even if you are not familiar with it, you can identify counterfeit handbags through the uneven metal plating, the thickness of the letters in the logo, and the spacing. In addition, the metal snap buttons of handbags are also common identification points.

Quality of Stitches

Sewing craftsmanship is the criterion for judging counterfeit handbags, and it is easy to distinguish them even without specialized knowledge. If the handbag is genuine, the handbag should be sewn firmly and neatly, and the thread should not be loose or uneven in strength. On the contrary, the lanes of counterfeit handbags are too long, and there are various problems such as protruding thread ends, inconsistent lanes and fray. Compared with others, sewing craftsmanship is an identification point that can be easily identified by famous brand fans.

The differences of stamping

Brand stamping can appear in different parts such as metal accessories and leather. It is also an identification point for identifying the most fakes. Even if you are not a professional, you can see the fakes at a glance after seeing dozens of genuine products. Of course the stamping is different for each brand and has its own standards. But fake products usually have problems such as shallowness, different letters positions, and different intervals.

Comprehensive features of counterfeit handbags

Although a brief introduction to the features of counterfeit handbags that non professionals can easily notice. However, when recycling branded handbags, it is judged by the comprehensiveness, not just by looking at one part. After all, in order to reduce the cost of materials and labor and obtain more profits, counterfeit handbags will not use better materials and processes than the genuine ones, so the quality is relatively poor. Unless you are encountering a more advanced super high imitation, if the handbag looks “a bit cheap”, “the sewing thread is not closed”, “looks a bit bad”, etc. you think “it is unusual, it seems a little different …” The situation should be suspicious.

Lastly, you may not be able to tell the difference unless you hand it to a professional for identification in some cases.

The key points listed above are the identification points that are easier for the public to distinguish between authenticity and counterfeit. However, the counterfeiting technology of counterfeit groups has also kept pace with the times and is constantly updated, making it difficult for ordinary people to distinguish. But for handbags with higher quality and more complex craftsmanship, anyone who has seen the genuine product can notice the difference.

The experience of touching the genuine products

This time I take this opportunity to tell everyone how to deal with counterfeit handbags and their characteristics. Unless you encounter the latest version of ultra-high imitation handbags, counterfeit handbags will seem to be “cheaper” due to the cost, and there will be common points that can be seen through. It is no exaggeration to say that counterfeit handbags have more flaws than counterfeit watches.

It is safer to pass the handbags to professional appraiser for appraisal. Apart from professional knowledge, the biggest difference is that the professional appraisers have been exposed to a large number of genuine goods and are familiar with the difference between them to judge the authenticity. Perhaps it sounds difficult to increase the chance of touching genuine products. It is helpful to read more brands magazines, and to see genuine products of your favorite brands in reputable second-hand stores. Branded handbags often cost a lot of money. The “wisdom eyes” cultivated by more exposure to genuine products not only protect yourself from deception, but also better understand the advantages of genuine products.


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