Why you should change your battery at the watch specialty shop? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: January 13, 2021

Why you should change your battery at the watch specialty shop? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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When the watch is not moving and needs to change the battery, it is especially important to pick what kind of shop change it. If you care less about the matter of changing the battery, you might regret it in the future. Normally, you can this kind of service at the shopping mall or departmental store near your place, but it is recommended to find a proper watch shop to change.

Below we will introduce in detail why you should seek help from a professional watch repair shop and not simply any departmental store.

At Watch Section at Departmental Store

There are some departmental stores in small areas that provide battery changing service. Typically, this kind of relaxing living departmental store is more popular compare to the professional watch repair shop. The advantage of a departmental store is the battery can easily change at a cheap price. However, a few things must be careful at the departmental store.

Due to the watch technician at most stores do not have much experience, therefore their level of skill is uncertain. Some stores might use unskilled staff to change according to the manual book and this may cause the watch damage or even worse broken. Lack of skill, of course, unable to guarantee perfect service, therefore it is risky to bring a luxury watch to change the battery at departmental store. Also, high-end luxury watches sometimes has specially made back case tool and the normally departmental store is hard to handle it.

If you want to repair watches which is inexpensive, then a departmental store with cheap and fast service is a good selection; but when it comes to expensive and luxury watches, maybe you should think twice.

Original factory repair is reliable but expensive and time-consuming

If you want to repair or change the battery, going back to the original factory is the best. This is because the maker will have all the interior parts and their services are most reliable. Again, the maker factory will have the most skillful technicians all the time and they know their product well. Therefore, sending it back to the original factory is the best choice.

But there are also demerits with the original factory which are expensive and time-consuming.When changing the battery inside a departmental store, you can do it with a few Ringgit Malaysia but when sending it back to the maker’s factory, it might cost a few thousand Ringgit Malaysia. Besides, sending to the original factory might take 2 weeks for short or 1 month for a longer time. During that time, you are unable to use your watch.

The reason for the time consuming is because although the watch is sent for battery changing but the factory side will perform a lot of inspection and this maintenance cost is extremely expensive. For example, the factory will not only inspect the electric pressure, electric flow, crown check, but also demagnetize, wipe off the vapor and even put oil on the waterproof gasket, Plus, this maintenance comes with a warranty period, therefore the price is normally high. Getting a full-service package is a merit point when changing the battery but it is a demerit point for the people who simply want the battery changed.

Besides, the maker’s factory is receiving large quantity watches to repair every day, you will need to queue in line after sending out your watch. After repair, it needs a few days to do an inspection. No matter what, at least a minimum of 2 weeks will be required if sending back to the original factory. Higher costs and longer time are required only to change a battery. This a kind of pressure for many people.

The reason we proposed watch specialty shop

Until now, we introduced the difference between the departmental store and the original factory. After this, we will introduce a watch specialty shop which able to provide both good points.

A different shop might have slightly different. But if it is a specialty repair shop, basically their technicians have comparable skills with the original factory’s technicians. When changing a battery in a watch specialty shop, it may only cost a few hundred Ringgit Malaysia and much affordable than sending to the factory. Apart from that, the difference between the watch specialty shop and sending it to the original factory is you do not have to wait for few weeks to get back the watch. Normally, you can bring back the watch on the spot after waiting for a while in the shop.

Watch specialty shops is not only to rely on their skills. They also provide a warranty period. Therefore, many will entrust their luxury watch for them to repair. Next time if you are only thinking of changing the battery, we do not suggest departmental store or sending to original factory, why not give this watch specialty shop a try!

Send back maker’s factory for water-resistant

There is a type of watch which comes with water-resistant. This type of watch has higher specs and to maintain water-resistant function, you must be incredibly careful when selecting the service location. This water-resistant can sustain 5 ATM or 10 ATM. This watch requires special equipment to test the water-resistant after opening the back case. Therefore, we would suggest you send the original factory or watch specialty shop with the best condition of service.

Besides, no mistake is allowed for the watch to move normally underwater. Therefore, high skills are needed even only for battery changing. If you are changing the battery for a water-resistant watch, we suggest you look for a watch specialty shop or original factory. It will be safer.

How to pick a professional watch specialty shop

We will introduce to you how to choose a suitable specialty shop for changing the battery.

In various watch specialty shops, the most important is the skilled technician.

An experienced technician will show on his technique. With one accurate decision, you can know this shop has a skilled technician.

Another key point is the shop using the original parts or not.

If the watch is repaired with other parts, later the watch is no longer able to send to the original factory for servicing. Therefore, when looking for a shop that can do repairing for a long time, the shop should use original parts.

If you can find a shop which can provide a suitable service and cost, then it will be best for you.


Some people describe that picking a watch specialty shop is like picking a hospital.

When family and friends are sick, people are looking for help at a professional hospital.

When want to repair a luxury watch, people can only entrust it to a high professional specialty shop. From changing a battery, you will know the technician skill and we advise you to look for a suitable shop with the patient. If you are lucky to find a reliable shop, give it a try.


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