6 famous watch brands that have the best time to sell. Do not miss the price hike! | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: July 15, 2021

6 famous watch brands that have the best time to sell. Do not miss the price hike! | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore





“When is the best time to sell watches at high prices?”

This is the question of many people.

Of course, the actual price still depends on the brand of the watch you own and the condition of the actual product itself, so it is impossible to generalize. But you can pay attention of the price that the watch brand you own as a reference for when is the best time to sell. The market needs to be actually reflected through market prices. Although it takes a relatively long time, generally speaking, as long as the price of a popular brand increases, the purchase price will also increase. Conversely, if the pricing is lowered, the purchase price will also fall. This is the basic outline of the market mechanism. Which brand has recently increased the price of its watches? It is really difficult for ordinary consumers to get this kind of information. Because there will never be a manufacturer that will advertise that it is going to increase prices.

Therefore, this article selects the six major watch brands that have bravely raised their prices in recent years and are about to usher in excellent sales opportunities! Don’t miss it!

※The information published in this article is the pricing/market acquisition as at May 2020. At present, some watches have announced price adjustment news.

※”Timing of sale” refers to the current market trend, and does not represent a commitment to high-priced acquisitions. In addition, the quotation will vary depending on the condition of the watch itself, whether the accessories are kept intact, etc. For detailed information, please visit us for inquiries.

Why is an increase in pricing a signal of the arrival of sale?

Why does the acquisition price increase as long as the brand raises the price? This is related to the market price, which is selling price. As long as the place of purchase is not a brand counter, the purchase price is not easily limited by the pricing. This is because stores that enter in parallel usually price watches based on the purchase price and current market conditions. It is true that the market’s supply and demand situation is a major factor that affects the price market, but the increase in pricing is also another factor that drives the market to rise. Because pricing also affects the store’s purchase cost. The purchase price will be driven by the market, and the market will be used as a benchmark for judgment. Therefore, when the price increase drives the market to be attractive, the purchase price will also tend to rise. Therefore, price increase is the best time to sell watches.

In recent years, the watch industry has been in the upsurge of price increases. The reason is rumored to be attributable to the soaring cost of raw materials and labor, as well as exchange rate fluctuations fueling the flames, coupled with the boom in luxury watches in the market in recent years; it should have also played a part of its influence. As far as the status quo is concerned, even if the price is raised, there will still be consumers willing to buy watches, so manufacturers are eager to increase prices.

On the other hand, for those who are considering selling their watches, this is a big wave! Because the price hike and the expansion of the high-end luxury watch market complement each other, the purchase price of watches has soared to unprecedented highs. Many watch specialty stores will try their best to ensure that the supply of popular watches is sufficient, which makes the purchase price even higher. Of course, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, not all watches benefit from the above phenomenon. And even if the pricing is increased, it will not necessarily affect the purchase price immediately. However, for those who keep the watches in the drawer or who are considering buying other watches, price increase should be an opportunity to take action.

5 famous watch brands that have raised their prices in recent years

So, the next question is: Which brands have increased their prices? In addition to introducing these brands, this article will also introduce the brand’s market acquisition trends in recent years!


At present, Rolex is the most popular brand that frequently refreshes price records in the market. In the seller’s market of high-end watches, Rolex’s acquisition rate has always been the industry’s top. Especially after 2016, the rise of Rolex watches is even more alarming, and the acquisition market can be said to have come to an unprecedented high price.

Headed by Daytona and GMT-Master II, including Explorer, Submariner, Sea-Dweller and Yacht-Master series, the market of almost all Rolex sports watches is in a state of soaring. Even some of the stainless steel models in the discontinued models have written records of ultra-high price acquisitions. Nowadays, Rolex, which is the hottest in the watch acquisition industry, has actually raised it twice within a year, once in 2019 and the other in early 2020. After the second wave of increases, Rolex watches can be said to be attractive.

Take Daytona 116500LN as an example, the current market price has risen a lot compared to when it was first listed in 2016. In addition, although the growth rate of Sea-Dweller Deepsea 126660 is relatively flat, after being listed in 2018, it has also experienced a second increase. So, what is the current acquisition trend of Rolex in the market? Is it the time to sell Rolex now?

The answer is definitely YES!

And because Rolex’s pricing is the same as it doesn’t, it’s no exaggeration to say that Rolex is “always on sale.” After entering 2020, due to changes in social conditions, Rolex’s market has begun to fluctuate, but even so, the market for most sports watches is still not bad. In fact, before Rolex released its 2020 new work (although it has been postponed), the market has risen further. Because the watch is a precision instrument, in principle, the value will start to decline over time. Therefore, if you have any Rolex, given that the current price and the market are both rising, you may wish to evaluate whether you should seize the opportunity to sell it?


The dream brand in everyone’s mind: OMEGA.

In the brand’s product catalog, the Speedmaster professional series watches, nicknamed “Super Watch” and “Moon Watch” by watch fans, are OMEGA’s flagship products. I believe there are many people who aim this watch the first famous watch in life. In fact, the Speedmaster series announced pricing adjustments in January and May 2019.

After all, 2018 happens to be the 25th anniversary of the birth of the Speedmaster series. OMEGA also takes this opportunity to welcome this memorable year with a new look. Both the inside and outside of the watch, the specifications have been improved. Although it is impossible to say whether it will increase in price because of this, OMEGA has indeed raised the price. The part of the specification changes, in addition, a lot of work has been done to the appearance of the dial design and the size of the case. OMEGA also updated the movement to the most advanced Cal.8800 movement in the brand. This movement is not only equipped with the Co-Axial coaxial escapement device, but also passed the Master Chronometer certification. Perhaps it is precisely because of the substantial increase in specifications that OMEGA has increased the price even for classic watches made of all stainless steel.

In this way, OMEGA started to increase prices from popular models. Although the speed is slow, it is indeed in progress. So, what is the current acquisition trend of OMEGA in the market? Is it the time to sell for OMEGA now?

In short, now is indeed a good time to sell OMEGA. Moreover, OMEGA’s position in the seller’s market is immediately behind Rolex and Patek Philippe, and it can be said to be a famous watch brand that is extremely popular in the market. And because of the recent trend of buying luxury watches, the overall global demand for OMEGA has gradually increased. In comparison, the increase in pricing seems trivial. For us, OMEGA, like Rolex, is one of the brands actively acquired.

OMEGA watches have many derivative models, and the market price of some limited models even far exceeds the price. But even so, not all watches have an opportunity to sell. Due to the active development of OMEGA, in the rich product lineup, as long as the watches are positioned as “must-have” or “long-selling models”, they will be loved by the market.

So in this wave of price increases Speedmaster professional series watches can be said to be more suitable. In addition, there is the Seamaster 300 in the Seamaster series. Even if the price increase is slower than the Speedmaster, the market is steadily rising.

Aqua Terra and Planet Ocean are two of the more popular styles in the Seamaster series. It is not difficult to sell them at a high price. Although the Seamaster 300 is not the most popular watch, the market is also in the high price range. The most important thing is that the market for discontinued watches has the potential to soar in one breath.

The Seamster 300 is currently on sale at the same time as the latest model, but if the previous watch is suddenly announced to be discontinued in the future, the market price may rise further. In any case, OMEGA is a representative brand that is welcoming the opportunity to sell; there is absolutely no doubt about this.


Swiss Richemont Group, SWATCH Group and LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) are among the three giants in the watch industry. Several watch brands in the group are also embarking on price increases. First of all, I want to introduce the IWC.

IWC is a Swiss watch brand, but Schaffhausen (Schaffhausen), where its headquarters is located closer to Germany and is known for its ability to create simple and design watches.

IWC has a long history and has bred many well-known watches, but if you ask about the most representative flagship watches of IWC, the first watch most people think of is Pilot Watch. Some of the models in the Pilot Watch series are the same as Rolex, which was adjusted for the second time in 2019 and January 2020. This has caused the overall price of the series to rise by about 5% in the past two years.

Although IWC will continue to introduce new models, it will not temporarily discontinue the current models on the market currently. After 2018, IWC abandoned the ETA movement and replaced it with the SELLITA movement. Apart from that, there were no other changes in the specifications.

Also because the specifications have not been significantly improved, IWC really seems to have increased only the price. However, in recent years, judging from the acquisition market, is it time to sell IWC now?

Not only the watch industry, but many industries continue to increase prices on the grounds of rising raw material prices.

Perhaps IWC also had to face the problem of rising production costs, so it made up its mind to raise prices.

So, judging from the acquisition market, is it time to sell IWC now?

IWC and OMEGA are both very popular brands. In recent years, the market has attracted more and more attention. Therefore, the recent purchase price has continued to maintain a high level.

Of particular note is the Portuguese series. Especially IW371445 and IW371446, which were increased in 2018, are commonly known as white dial gold needles and white dial blue needles. These two styles are among the top watches of the brand, and they are also watches that many watch specialty stores have been actively acquiring.

Their market has always been stable, but the price increase in 2018 has accelerated the timing of the sale.

At present, IWC has completely refurbished the watch. In addition to updating the movement to a self-developed movement, it has also changed its appearance to a transparent back cover, which is the new version of the Portofino chronograph. However, many IWC watch fans still love the old version of the watch.

On the other hand, Pilot Watch is proud of its stable market, and it comes at an excellent time to sell. The longer-selling watches in the series, such as the Mark 18 Pilot’s Watch and the La Petit Prince “Little Prince” Special Edition, have a tendency to shift to higher prices.

Since stable purchase prices are one of IWC’s brand characteristics, it is not easy for its watches to fall in price. In terms of daily wear, IWC is very reliable in terms of durability and stability in addition to its super high quality, so even older models can be worn for a long time.

This can be said to be the biggest advantage of IWC. Even old watches that are relatively old and have traces of use are still actively purchased by watch fans (the price will change according to the actual product condition).


As we mentioned earlier, “the value of the watch itself will not decline” is also one of the elements of high-priced acquisitions; if this is the case, Panerai is a major brand that has to be paid attention to.

Panerai first started with the production of military watches. Because it is good at creating high-quality watches with excellent functions and able to withstand extreme environments, it is quite famous. In 1997, it was acquired by Richemont Group and became a member of its luxury watch brand (before the acquisition, it belonged to the Vendome Group).

Panerai raised its pricing once in 2018 and October 2019. For all its products, the unified increase is about 4 to 5%.

In fact, Panerai once lowered the price of all items in 2015.

2015 was a year when the yen appreciated sharply. In that year, not only Panerai, but even brands such as Cartier and IWC lowered their prices.

The price cut led to a sharp drop in Panerai’s market demand, which further caused the market to fall like an avalanche.

Surprisingly, the “big and thick” craze that Panerai has brought about has not only cooled down, but has even begun to become a sales resistance, causing Panerai to fall into a dilemma in the rapid decline of the market in Japan.

However, because Panerai has always been very popular overseas, the functionality and reliability of the watch are also deeply trusted, so the value and evaluation of the watch itself have been highly affirmed, and the popularity of Panerai has been revitalized. The market acquisitions have gradually risen after the popularity stabilized.

Since Panerai has always adopted a “quantitative production” production model, the annual output is quite limited.

Popular watches will soon be out of stock as soon as they go on the market, causing many stores that specialize in buying watches to actively purchase to ensure the supply. Coupled with the stabilization of popularity, rising pricing and other factors, Panerai’s market has shown rapid growth between 2018 and 2019. Therefore, now is the best time to sell Panerai.

In addition, Panerai’s acquisition market will vary considerably depending on the watch models, so be sure to pay attention to this. At present, Panerai’s two major production lines are the Luminor and Radiomir series, which have a variety of derivative styles. The market for some models has no signs of rising at present. Therefore, the model must be actually confirmed in order to effectively estimate the price. Our shop provides free valuation services, even if no transaction after valuation, no handling fee will be charged. Therefore, if you want to sell but don’t want to sell at a low price, please feel free to visit or inquire at any time.

TAG Heuer

Since March 2018, the prices of all TAG Heuer products, except smart watches, have increased by about 3 to 5%. Including Carrera, Formula 1 (F1), Link (Lincoln), Aquaracer (competitive diving) and other well-known series watches, all products are the adjustment objects of this wave of price increases. For a long time, the most attractive brand feature of TAG Heuer is the super high C/P value, so even if the price is increased, this impression is still deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

When the market of many high-end luxury watch brands has risen one after another, only TAG Heuer can maintain a high C/P price even if it launches new models. This is the uniqueness of TAG Heuer. It can be said to be the crystallization of an enterprise’s persistent efforts. In fact, TAG Heuer actively adopts “mass production” and “automation” and other old brand watch manufacturers to keep away from the production methods, in order to provide customers with high-quality watches at an approachable price.

Over the past few years, TAG Heuer’s market has been centered on the ultra-popular Carrera series, and has gradually shown an upward trend. Especially the rising prices of Heuer 01 CAR2A1Z.FT6044 and Heuer 01 must surprise many people. In addition, Monaco series and Carrera series Calibre 5, the purchase price of these two models has also gradually increased.

On the other hand, TAG Heuer’s market trend has always given the impression of stability for several years, and therefore, the overall increase in 2018 is difficult to drive the market to rise in one breathe.

In fact, perhaps it is because the C/P value of TAG Heuer is like an urban legend in the watch world, even if it is adjusted up, it has not attracted much attention. Therefore, TAG Heuer’s current high acquisition market is likely to have nothing to do with price increases, but inseparable from the deep popularity of the brand itself.

TAG Heuer originally expected to increase again in March 2020, but due to social conditions, the increase plan has been postponed to June.

Brands that may increase their prices in the future

Although the news of the price increase has not been publicly announced, but there is a rumors spreading of a certain brand in the market that “is it going to increase the price?”. When things are still in the rumor stage, for those who plan to sell watches, this is the time to prick their ears.

Because after the rumors appear, more consumers want to buy before the price increase and the market will rise as a result. As a result, the market may be much higher than the price after the price increase. This is one of the key points that must be paid attention to during the transition period.

And this brand that needs close attention is: Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is the absolute king of the luxury watch world.

Patek Philippe watches should not be regarded as daily necessities, but as handicrafts. The top-notch market is also praising its kingly temperament. Owning a Patek Philippe is like owning an “asset.” Therefore, the target of high-priced acquisitions in the market is not limited to the current popular styles.

In the past, watches such as Grand Complications, the king of complex functions, or a generation of classic Calatrava, have written extremely high acquisition records in the market, not only the price is outstanding, but also has the advantage of maintaining value.

Therefore, even if the price is raised, it will basically not have much impact on the current market. However, due to the expansion of the high-end watch market in recent years, even Rolex, which was originally purchased at a relatively high price, has repeatedly set new highs.

Among Patek Philippe’s watches, the most obvious price increase is the stainless steel Nautilus 5711/1A. If you were fortunate enough to buy Nautilus at a price close to the fixed price a few years ago, and sell this watch today, the super high profits will be in your pocket instantly!

In fact, Nautilus 5711/1A has increased its pricing in 2018, an increase of about 20%.

Of course, this is unlikely to be the only reason for the market soaring, but since the market of this watch has soared in 2018, it can’t be said that it is completely irrelevant.

Between 2019 and 2020, the news that Patek Philippe is about to increase prices has been circulating among watch fans.

Especially the previous Patek Philippe successively discontinued production of representative classic watches, such as Calatrava series Ref.5296G and Nautilus series Ref.5726/1A, the frequent actions are really quite fascinating.

Because this is likely to be a precursor to the launch of new models in the series while increasing prices.

Of course, everything is still at the stage of imagination, but such rumors have contributed to the market’s attention to Patek Philippe, which is also an undeniable fact. The purchase price of Patek Philippe still has room to rise by 120,000 points in the future. If you own a Patek Philippe watch and are considering selling it, maybe now is the best time to make up your mind.


In recent years, due to rising prices, the purchase price of certain watches has gradually increased. This article selects 6 brands that usher in good selling opportunities, and introduces them in detail in the article.

Of course, there should be many brands that are expected to rise in the future but have not yet been reflected in the market.

Because from the price increase to the real impact on the acquisition market; the transition period may be as long as more than half a year. Therefore, the market is likely to usher in another wave of rapid growth in 2020. While some brands are welcoming sales opportunities, there must be other brands that need continuous attention.

For example, Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre, which are also affiliated to the Richemont Group, have plans to increase their prices. Therefore, “I want to know the quotation of the watch in hand!” “Is it possible to estimate if it is not in good condition?” ──If you have thoughts like this, please come to consult!





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