What are the benefits of selling unwanted branded items? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: June 24, 2020

What are the benefits of selling unwanted branded items? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


What are we discussing about today?


For today, it is about the benefits of selling unwanted branded items. Do you always buy your favorite things and favorite branded items?


I do have a lot. But I don't know what to do with it.


You should read the article below then you will know what to do.

Do you always buy your favorite things and favorite branded items? Do you always buy a lot of clothes but only wear a few? Why don’t consider to sell the branded items are no longer in use at home?

Make the home tidy and increase the sense of space

Handbags that are no longer in use occupy a lot of space. In fact, small items such as wallets or watches, in addition to requiring space to store them, will also make the environment messy. The idea will only cause the item to be consumed naturally and their value will only deteriorate.

To reduce the clutter in your home, in order to changing your better mood, you can make use of the free space to make your home more vibrant.


For products that are not branded, they are no longer in use or can only discarded as garbage, but if it is a branded product and in good condition, selling it can increase the space of the home and can be exchanged for cash. This is a win-win situation!

There is more than one way to exchange cash, such as online auction, but for inexperienced people, it is not recommended to sell online. Taking pictures, writing instructions, directly responding to buyers and time, etc. are all considerations. In many cases, if the price is slightly higher, there will be no buyer inquiry.

Bringing branded item directly to the recycling store can minimize the cost. Because there are professional appraisers in the shop, they can carefully identify and evaluate you item on the spot, and evaluate the highest price for you according to the actual condition of the item.

It is different from the precious metals. The price of the precious metals depends on its weight and material. The reason why the recycling price of branded item is different to a certain extent depends on a wide range of different factors. The price factors are directly identified in the store. You can get a detailed explanation.

You are welcome to bring the branded item you want to sell to the store any time, and the cash exchange can also be used as funds to buy new products.

The meaning of “abandoning old thins for cash”

The following may be more abstract, the popular saying of “disengagement” is the belief that reducing unneeded things will increase luck and thus increase your energy. Selling branded item that are no longer in used or unnecessary is a way to increase money by reducing old stuffs. This kind of separation can not only make your living space wider and wider, but also make your wallets have some income which is a win-win situation. It can also be said that you get better luck. A more scientific argument is that the space for discarding debris makes the mind clearer and the more is more pleasant, and the people will naturally feel full of power! So disengagement is indeed a very meaningful choice!


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