How to differentiate the fake branded items? (Handbags and wallets) | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: June 24, 2020

How to differentiate the fake branded items? (Handbags and wallets) | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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It's about branded handbags, which is luxury fashion and it is not just money; it is also about the fame and power that comes along with it.


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Branded item such as handbags and wallets often have fakes, especially the famous brand name popular products (higher circulation), which are generally easier to produce in large quantities by fake groups. How do you tell the authenticity of goods such as handbags, wallets or gadgets that are not as valuable as watches?

Handbags or wallets made from leather or canvas are easy to distinguish the authenticity

In fact, wallet and handbags made of leather or canvas are easier to distinguisher compare with genuine watches. For products that are not made of metal, but made of organic material (leather, cloth) as a material, the quality of the material itself is obviously poor, and the many sewing processes are easier to see the differences. The biggest differences between the authentic and fake are found in the touch, the stitching and the logo. In addition, there are some parts for various fakes to identify the authenticity.

What are the parts that look like a fake?

●The differences in material quality For leather products, fake leather is used in whole or in part. In these cases, smell can be used to identify the taste of chemical substances or check the texture on the leather carefully. People who are familiar with leather can easily distinguish it by touching it. For canvas material, poor stitching is a characteristic of counterfeit and the touch will also be rough.

●Differences in sewing The sewing / stitching part of the cloth or leather goods are the easiest way to tell the authenticity and it is generally easy to judge immediately at the second hand recycling store. The replica has the poor thread quality and the gap between the thread will be larger.

●Differences in logo imprint Each brand’s logo needs to be noticed when it needs to be checked, such as the reduction of letters, the difference between height and width , the distance between letters, etc, there are all unique and have their own standards.

Each brand has its own unique distinction between authentic and fake!

If it’s fake, it can be distinguished by poor quality materials. But if you want to judge what is genuine, you need to have a familiar knowledge of genuine. In general, the touch of most authentic products must be good, but how exactly does this good touch actually depend on the experience of being used to contacting various famous brand on a daily basis. Different brands have different points to distinguish between authentic and fake, and they need to be used as a reference to judge.

For example, the manufacturing number of LV can be found in the inconspicuous part of the product, if the number is correct, it can effectively determine that the product is genuine. For example, Coach Goods made of canvas can be judged buy the number of stitches and the gap distance between letters.

There are several brands of handbags and wallets that use the hardware of the designated manufacturer. You can genuine. In addition, brands such as Chanel and Gucci will have guarantee cards and instruction cards, etc., which can be used to proof that the product is genuine.

These are just some examples. In short, different brands need to make different correspondences. The appraiser will check the parts carefully. Finally, we will use our professional knowledge to make the final judgment.

It’s very important to touch and understand the authentic products

The differences between the fake and the authentic are probably how much to invested and effort to put in to making it. It’s often said, “People who know the authenticity will know it if they look carefully.” This is correct.

The authentic products are sold in boutique, but how can people avoid buying fakes when buying branded products?

Of course you must have the knowledge of the authentic products of your favorite branded products. If you have touched all kinds of the authentic products with your own feeling and sense of touch, even if you don’t have professional knowledge, you can easily detect “Huh, why is it so weird?” If you don’t have the opportunity to contact branded items, you can try to read branded items magazines and observe your favorite brands every day. The knowledge will gradually change. You will observe it because you like it! This is not only to avoid buying fakes, but it may also be a way for us to enjoy our favorite brands.


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