What should I do before coming to recycling store? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: June 23, 2020

What should I do before coming to recycling store? | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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It's about branded handbags, which is luxury fashion and it is not just money; it is also about the fame and power that comes along with it.


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Finally, I turned my favorite handbags and wallets into cash. When you want to sell off your favorite things at a high price, what should you do to increase the price before coming to the recycling store?

If you don’t want your item decrease the price during the evaluation, what should you do before come to the store?

First of all, you must understand the second hand market liquidity of the purchased brand. Most of the recycling stores will focus on the value of the brand in the second hand market. At the same time, they will carefully identify the status of the goods and determine the recycling price. If you want to sell at a high price, you should reduce the breakage and stains.

Preservation of designer handbags

When daily handbags are not in use, most people think that the debris in the handbag is cleaned out and re-used, but there is no support in the handbag that is easily deformed, so some air-filled glue or white paper should be used to fill the handbag to prevent deformed handbag.

In addition, leather handbags are most afraid of encountering wet weather, especially when it exposed to water, it will easily cause discoloration of leather, so try to avoid leather handbags on rainy days. There are also some leather-specific waterproof sprays on the market which can carry out waterproof care for handbags.

Purchasing handbags are usually come together with dust bags, and handbags must be put into the dust bag for better protection. If the handbag is not in use, is better to put it into dust bag, then add moisture-proof products and put moisture-proof beads in the place where you are prepared.

Wallets and handbags are stored in similar ways, except the wallets are mostly made of leather. If they are not used for a long time, they may peel off because the leather sticks to each other, and even emit a moldy smell. In this case, it will have a big impact on the selling price if it seems obviously.

Preservation of luxury watches

Dirt and scratches on the watch are the focus of the evaluation, but these are difficult to avoid, so all we can do is to keep it clean and wipe off the dirt as much as possible.

For the glass part of the watch, you can use a soft cotton to wipe off the dirt and dust, and the dirt and dust will also easily accumulate on the seam of the strap, so it is recommended to use an ultra-thin cotton swab for cleaning.

The different material of the strap, the care is also different. Precious metal straps can be purchased with precious metal rags, commonly known as K gold cloths, and dirt can easily accumulate at the joints of the straps. At the same time, it’s best to use an ultra-thin cotton swab for cleaning, but it’s time consuming, then you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush the strap and the seam, then rinse with water and wipe with a flannel cloth to dry. On the contrary, the leather strap can be wiped off with a cotton swab.

During the appraisal of the watch, recycling shops will judge the appearance of the watch depends on whether you have a daily care watch, which will also affect the price of the evaluation.

Daily care is also important whether selling watches or not.

If you want your high-end watch to be sold at a high price, you must keep the watch clean and use it carefully and keep it well. Everyone can try out these methods!


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