Value Added of “accessories” when selling second hand branded items | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: June 24, 2020

Value Added of “accessories” when selling second hand branded items | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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It's about branded handbags, which is luxury fashion and it is not just money; it is also about the fame and power that comes along with it.


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Do you have any impression when you purchase a branded item it always come together with some accessories? Many people have the experience of throwing away the guarantee cards and other accessories because they are so happy after buying the branded items. Let’s see what related with these accessories and the recycling price.

In the branded item auction, there is such a big difference between accessories and no accessories!

There are many second hand branded auctions in Tokyo. If you have been there, it is not difficult to find the second hand branded items are usually accompanied by relevant information such as “in good condition, with a box”. These are often mentioned in the sale of second hand store.

Accessories are from the ribbon on the packaging box, there are a variety of boxes, dust bags, warranty cards, maintenance cards and so on.

There are a lot of accessories in branded auctions. It is conceivable that with accessories is totally different from that of none, and most of the auction prices are higher.

Take the dust bag as an example. For example, LV handbags are usually attached with a thin non-premium dust bag, but because of the price of this dust bag, there can be a difference of one to two percent. This is the same for auctions, and it is the same for branded item recycling stores. If you take your branded item to a second hand recycling store, if you take it with the dust bag/ preservation bag, it will definitely enhance the impression of the identification.

What are the accessories affected the price?

[Keep whatever when you purchased the branded item]
[Please confirm whether the accessories are complete before selling, is there is any unevenness, it’s better to search at home]
What are the accessories? The following is a brief explanation.

●Guarantee card – The guarantee card is used to prove that the product is genuine, and each brand issues the card attached with the product. Some brands may not be able to recycle without a card, so it is very important. In some cases, there is a tag or label attached to the products, so it is best to be careful not to lose it.

●Box – Handbags, wallets, watches and most products are packed with boxes. Handbags are large and the box may be unnecessary, but if it is a small object such as a wallet or a watch, that box is very important and it is better to keep it well.

●Maintenance card / Maintenance book – It is mainly for accessories such as watches and branded jewelry. In addition to being useful at the time of sale, it is also necessary needs for repaired.

●Dust Bag – Dust bags are thin bags used to protect handbags and other items. It is often overlooked, but it is actually one of the factors that can increase the price of recycling.

In addition, when buying gems or jewelry, besides than the appraisal certificate, some of the brands are also included purchase certificate. When buying a branded item, you need to be aware of what you need to keep.

Have a good habit of safekeeping?

You can keep only the smaller accessories and put them together in the same place to avoid losing them. If there is a warranty card or maintenance book, etc., you can put them in the box together. If not, collect them and put together. If it is a wallet or a handbag, it may be a way to keep it in the item or put it in a dust bag.

You will never know how long you will sell your branded item. With these above preservation awareness, you will be more convenient for yourself in the future.

Keep accessories only to look good?

Keeping all the accessories well is to avoid the price will not suppressed when selling them. But in addition to the good feeling of “there are accessories!”. These accessories from the brand itself are the proof of its authenticity.

Second hand recycling store often need to take the risks for the possibility of fake items. Even the most experienced appraisers are humans and there is no guarantee that they are 100% accurate, so some fluctuations in prices may also be possible it is evaluated considering the circumstances in which losses may occur.

However, if there are dust bags and the accessories are complete, it will make people feel reliable, and second hand recycling stores will also buy because of a sense of security, which is often reflected in the recycling price. Even if the accessory does not have much added value, it is indeed a factor that affects the recycling price. So please stick to the belief that “accessories are part of a branded item” and keep it well.


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