2020 Rolex Watch Purchase Price TOP 19【Latest version】 | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore

Date published: June 17, 2021

2020 Rolex Watch Purchase Price TOP 19【Latest version】 | JEWEL CAFÉ Singapore


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In recent years, the popularity of Rolex watches has explosive growth. Since 2012, the second-hand price of all Rolex classic models has increase significantly. Especially after 2016, the increase is hard to ignore and the highest acquisition price record in history has been written between 2019 and 2020. Up to May 2020, due to the general environment, the overall market for luxury watches has dropped but Rolex watches remain high.

In this article, we will compare our “Average Buying Price in 2017” and “Average Buying Price in May 2020” and introduce the top 19 Rolex watches with the highest increase in a ranking list. Which one is the hottest watch in the market with most price increase? If you are a fan of Rolex watches, or a fan of luxury watches, don’t miss the following content!

No. 19: Rolex Explorer I Series 214270

214270 is the current model for Rolex Explorer series. Based on our experience, this watch is also one of the most popular models for many years. Compared with the two main watches of Rolex such as Daytona and GMT Master-II, which will be introduced next, does it give people a feeling of “Unexpectedly the market price has barely risen?”. However, it is not. Please look back at the market price for this watch in the past 4 years. Is it “remain almost the same?” This is what this article wants to emphasize! Rolex’s second-hand market is increasing year by year. This is because the local luxury watch market is gradually expanding, and there are more and more specialty shops for buying and selling watches, which leads to an increase in demand.

All watch shops want Rolex. No one will let the Rolex in their shop be out-of-stock and let go of the opportunity to make money. Because of this, Rolex’s purchase price is proportional to the steady growth of market demand, and the market is attractive. However, after Rolex watches are on the market, with the increase in market circulation will often decline the market price. Explorer I (Explorer series) 214270 was released in 2010.

Although it has been on the market for nearly 10 years, it is still very popular and is an unbeatable long-selling model. Not only does it have a group of loyal supporters, but its current market conditions are also continuing to rise. By the way, Rolex slightly changed the dial design of Explorer I 214270 in 2016. The dial updated in 2016 not only lengthened and thickened the hands (hour and minutes hands), but also coated the three-hour markers 3, 6, and 9 with new luminous paint.

The question is, which of new and old Explorer I 214270 dials has higher resell value? Regarding this point, the answer is: at the current point, such “specification differences” have not caused too much price difference. However, due to the relatively recent manufacturing years of the new dial, all buyers who currently own the new dial 214270 should have used within a few years. As long as, the deterioration over the years is not serious and not marks of use, a higher valuation may be obtained.

No. 18: Rolex Explorer I Series 14270

Increase: 107.1 %

Explorer series 14270, is two generations before the current model 214270. In 1990s, the well-known actor Kimura Takuya once wore this watch when performing Monday 9pm drama series (Prime Time on Monday night in Japan). It was also from that time the Rolex watches have set off a wave of enthusiasm in Japan. I think many watch fans with 14270 may have bought it at that time. Because Explorer I is regarded as a must-have watch for office workers and the price is not so high, it used to be regarded as a watch with lower resale value. However, this is not the same now. Today, the market of Explorer I continues to be popular, and it has become a popular watch that can represent Rolex. However, it should be noted that this watch is the same as the 214270 just released. Although the second-hand market is rising, it is not “rapidly rising.” On the contrary, it can even be found that the current price of 14270 has fallen slightly compared with the average purchase price in 2019. But now its second-hand market has begun to slowly rise again.

The same is situation for the 214270. This is because there is a rumour in the industry that “Is the current model of the Explorer series about to be discontinued?”, and it is said to be the truth. Of course, the market’s attention to the Explorer series is indeed increasing. In this situation, the 14270 just possesses the characteristic of “the last 36mm watch of the Explorer I series”, which is enough to become a hard-to-find collection target for collectors.

If you currently own this watch, don’t miss this wave of selling opportunities!!

No. 17: Rolex Sea-Dweller Series 16600

Increase: 108.7 %

No. 17 model is manufactured in 1990~2000 Sea-Dweller series 16600! Talking about this model price increment, is it really big difference? The answer is No. The time when this watch rose the most was just 2017, when the starting point of the data was adopted in this article, and the reason for the increase is likely to come from the new sea diver watch launched by Rolex at the Baselworld Watch Fair in 2017.

※New model Sea-Dweller 126600

126600 is a brand-new watch launched by Rolex for the 50th anniversary of the Sea-Dweller series. Rolex reproduces the classic features of the first generation of Sea-Dweller on this watch “red lettering (Sea-Dweller lettering on the dial is red) “. It was once a hot topic. Prior to this, although Sea-Dweller has always been very popular, but its popularity has never been as popular as the Submariner series. When the 16600 was discontinued in 2008, this series did not even launch a new style of convergence. But because Rolex launched the 126600 and re-engraved the red lettering, so there has been a wave of collecting Sea-Dweller representative models among collectors.

Since Rolex first adopted a fish-eye magnifying glass calendar window in its new creation 126610, and the case has also been enlarged to 43mm, there are voices of “the exquisite and compact Sea-Dweller in the previous 16600 era is better!!”. If you own a Sea-Dweller 16600 watch with a serial number starting with V or M, please go to the store for an estimation.

The serial numbers that begin with these two English alphabets are produced in a small number and are rarer than the general version, and their value is currently increasing.

Of course, because the price of this watch itself is rising year by year, if you care about the price of 16600 in your hand, please come to the store for an estimation even if it is a normal version!

No. 16: Rolex Daytona Series 16520

Increase: 111.1 %

Discontinued model. Excellent sense of design. Extremely rare and valuable. 16520 is the eternal yearning of watch collecters. Among the watches of the Daytona series, it is the most popular model ever. In recent years, its market has shown explosive growth. The latest average purchase price in 2020 is so high that it almost surpasses all current Rolex watches.

But why is it only ranked 16th in this ranking list?

The reason is that the market for this watch has reached its peak in 2017. Since this article ranks the price increase from 2017 to 2020, it does not have an advantage in the list. Even so, we can still see the overwhelming asset value of Daytona 16520 and the strong market demand for it. Especially the later version with the serial number starting with P (2000) and the earlier version with the serial number starting with A (1999) are two versions that increase the overall price average. Coupled with the unique phenomenon exclusive to Rolex, that is, the rare version will drive the general version to increase as well, resulting in the continued attractiveness of this watch market.

Daytona 16520 was put on the market from 1988 to 2000. The production time was as long as 12 years, and the circulation amount was definitely not low. Therefore, for those who bought it unintentionally at that time, just selling this watch might be like getting a windfall. Of course, even if you have only bought this watch in recent years, its second-hand market is still rising gradually, and it is also ushered in a good selling opportunity.

No. 15: Rolex Submariner Series 116610LN

Increase: 115.9 %

As long as you mention Rolex, you must not ignore the popular classic Submariner series.

Submariner is Rolex’s most classic and representative diving watch. Among them, the high-value model 116610LN with black dial and black bezel is still widely loved by watch fans.

Yes, Submariner is one of Rolex’s most popular series. Its popularity is comparable to Daytona and GMT-Master II. They are all super popular series that affect Rolex’s overall market. However, because the all-black design of 116610LN is too basic in a series of watches, and the production period has been nearly 10 years since 2010, it has never soared to the point of over-priced, and the price is not out of reach. This is definitely good news for the average consumer.

Even if you are a collector who wants to sell as high as possible, 116610LN is not without advantages. The Submariner series is a high-performance diving watch with a depth of 300 meters and extremely high-water resistance. Even if it is used for many years, it is not easy to produce marks of use. The all-black design of 116610LN has created a stable market demand, and because of its sturdy and durable characteristics, its value can always be maintained above a certain level. By the way, like Explorer I, the Submariner series watches have a trend of rising prices after they stop production (revised). The market of the Submariner series continues to rise now, which may be attributed to this. Readers must continue to pay attention to its market trends!

No. 14: Rolex Daytona Series 116520

Increase: 123.2 %

The representative models of the Daytona series have maintained a high market demand for a long time. Nevertheless, the increase in this series in recent years is still amazing… Although the rumours of “it should decrease soon” are endless, its market demand continues to rise. The extent to which Daytona maintains its value is truly awe-inspiring.

The 116520 to be introduced next is also one of the reasons of high prices of the Daytona series. The previous generation Daytona 116520 was born in 2000, and the production period was quite long until 2016 that it was discontinued and changed. When the market for Rolex is not as high as it is now, the transaction price of this watch in the market is already higher than the fixed price. Although Daytona’s current style 116500LN is changed to Cerachrom ceramic ring, because of the use of stainless-steel bezel before 116520, many people specially choose 116520 steel rings for this. In addition to the steel ring, the small dial with precious metal edges is also one of the features of this watch. The masculine design has captured a group of fans who love these watches.

Although the current market price has a gradual downward trend compared with the peak of the market in 2019, its purchase price is still among the best. In the eyes of some collectors, the Daytona 116520 is a watch that “sell also earns, buy also earns”, and the market appraisal is quite high. In addition, since the production period spans 16 years, 116520 also has many variants. According to the different specifications of the version, the market will also change drastically. For example, the later production version, with a new buckle, a new guarantee card, or even a random serial number, may be purchased at a high price. As long as the quality is good enough, even the early-manufactured version is equally valuable. With the passing of time, second-hand goods of good quality have become increasingly rare on the market, causing the price of discontinued model to rise.

If you have a Daytona 116520 watch on hand, no matter which era or version it is produced, it is recommended to inquire for a quotation. It is very possible to estimate the unimaginable high price. Please make full use of the free valuation service to confirm the value of the 116520 in your hand!

No. 13: Rolex Explorer II Series 16570

Increase: 125 %

The Explorer II 16570 to be introduced next is the previous generation of Explorer II. It was produced from 1991 to 2011, and it is a generation with a fairly long life. Among Rolex’s many sports series watches, it looks a bit low-key, it does not seem to be very eye-catching. But it is a Rolex “specially designed for cave explorers” watch, with the advantage of shining in the niche market.

The 16570 is a popular watch with stable demand. From “newbies buying a Rolex for the first time” to “collectors who want a special Rolex other than the regular model”, the 16570 is widely supported by various customer range.

Its market conditions have always shown a trend of slow growth, but in recent years, the rate of price increase has been getting faster and faster. There are many reasons for this situation. One of the reasons is that the market has increased demand for “5-digit Rolex models” (meaning old watches that were produced in the 1970s and 1990s and are not antique but quite classic) is high.

When a Rolex is called an antique Rolex or an old-fashioned Rolex, there will always be some collectors like that, and these people may have collected a handful of Rolex or other high-end watches. With the expansion of the luxury watch market in recent years, the sales of some old watches have also begun to emerge in the market. Therefore, whether it is an antique Rolex, an old Rolex, or a post-old Rolex manufactured in the era after that, the sales of some old watches have begun to emerge on the market. The demand is gradually rising. Especially Explorer II 16570, not only because it is a classic as mentioned above, but also because it combines many classic elements that cannot be found in current models.

A moderately sized 40mm case, a red 24-hour hand, etc., are all features that the current model does not have. In addition, because the price of this watch is relatively reasonable among the 5-digit models, it is quite active in the trading market. “It can be sold at an excellent price” is the highest level of investment in Rolex. Depending on the timing of your purchase, this goal is not impossible. Explorer II 16570 is a watch that may achieve your goals.

No. 12: Rolex Submariner Date Series 116610LV

Increase: 126.6%

Next, we will introduce the number 12th watch, which are the current models of the Submariner series! This watch is built in Rolex’s brand colours, with a green bezel and a green dial, and an eye-catching and unique appearance. It is Submariner 116610LV The Hulk nicknamed by watch fans. The market of many Rolex watches has set a high record in 2019. In the presence of high-priced watches, the average purchase price of 116610LV can still maintain an ultra-high level, which is a very rare watch.

And this is mainly due to the price of The Hulk 116610LV, which suddenly soared during this year. On the one hand, because there is rumour that in the industry that the Submariner series is about to be changed, and 116610LV in the series is a special watch that has been given the brand’s green colour, making it a “special version”, so some people think that such a design will disappear from the Rolex catalogue one day. In addition, with the timing of the coming summer, it can be predicted that the demand for diving watches in the market will gradually increase. Especially at the in May and June each year, the turnover rate of diving watches is always very high, which may be affected by the overall market trends.

You may try to find a suitable selling opportunity to sell this watch; or look forward to its price soaring in the future. 116610LV is almost perfect among Rolex diving watches, basically there are no imperfect point at all.

No. 11: Rolex Yacht-Master Series 116622

Increase: 129.6%

As long as it is a Rolex sports watch, it will definitely be made of precious metals such as pure gold or platinum, and the Yacht-Master series is a highly luxurious watch made of platinum and Oystersteel. The 116622 to be introduced next has a platinum bezel and dial (if it is a blue dial, the bezel will be only platinum).

However, it may be because the design is too “luxury” presentation, it has not attracted much attention in the market in the past. Generally, among Rolex watches, the main models whose prices have soared are pure steel models.

Yacht-Master has its own supporters for each style due to its rich variety of dials, and its popularity tends to be scattered. This may be the main reason why the price of the series is difficult to rise.

However, Yacht-Master not only has an elegant and noble appearance, but also has a sense of sporty. Features such as rotating bezel, Oyster case and Oyster strap are all warmly supported by fashionistas. Especially the version with the “dark rhodium dial” (dark rhodium), although it was only released in 2016, it is now the most popular version of the Yacht-Master 116622. Rolex’s original platinum material, with an elegant dark dial, plus light blue pointer embellishment, has its specialty. Whether it is a blue dial or a silver dial, of course, each has extremely high popularity, and the market conditions are also rising simultaneously.

In addition, all models of Yacht-Master, including 116622, have been completely replaced with new movements in 2019, and the changes have been completed. Because of this, 116622 has now ceased production, regardless of popularity or price is increasing over time, so it can be said that it is ushered in an excellent selling opportunity.

No. 10: Rolex Explorer II Series 216570

Increase: 130.0%

Finally, it’s time to announce the top ten watches with the highest growth! Firstly, the 10th place is Explorer II 216570!

Explorer II is an upgraded version of Explorer I. Just now we have introduced the 16570, which is ranked 13th. It is the previous generation of the 216570 model. The current model 216570 was born in 2011. The case size has increased to 42mm, the largest in the series. In addition, the 24-hour hand in the center of the 216570 dial is painted in the same orange color as the original model; it is also equipped with Rolex’s newly developed Cal.3187 automatic movement. The movement ensures the anti-vibration and anti-magnetic effect of this watch, which greatly improves the overall performance of this series.

Around 2019, the market demand for Explorer II 216570 has also begun to soar. It is obviously a potential stock with attractive market prices, as can be seen from its popularity. It’s just that 216570 is clearly the lower-priced watch among the Rolex sports watches. “Why can the market price rise to this point?” For some people, this phenomenon may be quite difficult to understand.

The two phenomena of “stop production” and “series change” should be emphasized again here. The Cal.3187 automatic movement mentioned just now is not only used in the current models of Explorer II, but also used in 116710 of the GMT-Master II series. In addition, Rolex has replaced a new movement for the GMT-Master II, leading to rumours of Explorer II change as well. In addition, the metal bezel used in the Explorer II is one of the few rare designs among Rolex’s sports watches, which may also be one of the main reasons for the soaring price.

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the release date of Rolex’s 2020 new watch has been postponed indefinitely. Perhaps it is because of the idea of “first come first serve”. Many people are optimistic about the potential of Explorer II 216570 to follow up, which has deepened the market’s attention to it and purchase demand. For those who want to sell this watch, it can be said that it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Finally, whether white or black, the popularity is similar, but in terms of the purchase price, the value of the white is still slightly higher than that of the black. This point is also for your reference.

No. 9: Rolex Submariner Series 114060

Increase: 130.8%

Speaking of “Rolex watch second-hand ranking”, this watch is also a super popular watch in the Submariner series that will never be absent. It is the 114060 model without a day and without a magnifying glass with a date window! Although the 116610LN and 116610LV models with date windows are currently the main focus of the market, the history of the models without date is longer because the Submariner series was originally designed without a date window. Because there is no additional date window, 114060 always gives people a more refined design and a more balanced overall vision, making it more widely used in various occasions.

Until 2020, 114060 is not high priced like Explorer II 216570, and it is by no means a representative model of the soaring market. But conversely, this “affordable price” can create more demand. Today, Daytona, GMT-Master II and date-type Submariner are rising in unison, and more and more people are turning to cheaper watches that are relatively affordable. Of course, the classic design of 114060 still deeply attracts watch fans who think “the model without a calendar is the best!” This makes its own super popularity also play a big role in the market. In this situation, the purchase price of 114060 has continued to grow upwards.

Furthermore, as mentioned in 116610LN, because the Submariner series of watches are quite durable and will not easily deteriorate after years of use, the entire series of watches can maintain a good buying and selling in the second-hand market. In view of the various reasons mentioned above, even if the market conditions are not discussed, there is no doubt that 114060 is definitely a classic watch that “always sells well”.

No. 8: Rolex Daytona Series 116500LN

Increase: 132.2%

116500LN is the current model of the Daytona series, which has been loved by the market. The degree of popularity of this watch need not be repeated. Under the condition of very high market demand, it has caused serious shortages, which has also affected the overall market for Rolex. Of course, if we only look at the price increase, its data of 132.2% (of course already very high) ranks only 8th.

But if we look back at 116500LN when it was first publicized at the Baselworld in 2016, it was really launched, and the information of inquiry flew like snowflakes, we can imagine how popular it was at that time. Popular brands like Rolex will definitely attract the market’s attention when they release new products every year. Therefore, no matter what series of watches it is, it can maintain a relatively high price range within a year after its debut. But the great thing about this Daytona 116500LN is that no matter how many years have passed since its listing, the market has not only not declined, but even continued to rise.

The Daytona series adopts the Cerachrom ceramic bezel from 116500LN. The appearance is quite handsome. Whether it is the value of the series itself or from the perspective of appearance characteristics, the market of Daytona shows no sign of stopping. By the way, you may have noticed that for many Rolex watches introduced in this ranking, the market in 2020 has a slight decline compared with 2019. This Daytona 116500LN is no exception.

This is mainly because the changes in the environment caused by the new coronavirus have caused the increase of the Japanese currency and the overall economic recession, leading to an overall decline in the overall market for high-end luxury watches. But it is precisely this situation that can show the king value of Daytona. It is believed that Daytona can lead the luxury watch market in the future and return to the previous high level again.

Even so, market conditions have been constantly flowing. With the global situation still unclear, extremely high uncertainty makes the future even more unpredictable. Therefore, if you currently have Daytona 116500LN on hand, it is recommended that you do not hesitate and act immediately when you want to sell it! Finally, the price increase in this article is calculated based on the data on the white dial. Although this watch is particularly popular in the market with its white dial style, the market for the black dial has not fallen far behind. Of course, the prices for both are still rising.

No. 7: Rolex: Submariner Series 14060M

Increase: 133.9%

The 7th model to be introduced is the 14060M, the 6th generation model of the Submariner series without date! 14060M is the previous model of the current 114060 watch. Starting in 2018, Submariner series has been able to stand out every year in this ranking list, which is enough to prove the level of popularity of this series, and it also shows that it is a best-selling series. 14060M is the first non-date model equipped with Cal.3130 automatic movement, which is still used in other current styles. In addition, although the 14060M is the same as the current model, it uses a 40mm case, but because the crown shoulder and lugs are relatively small and the aluminium bezel is used, the 14060M is filled with classic feel. The charming atmosphere of the watch is a desire product with a high topic.

As mentioned earlier, whether it is an “old Rolex” or a “classic Rolex”, the market demand for watches with some years of age is currently increasing. Such demand mainly comes from people’s “yearning for classical and old objects” and “hope to enjoy not latest designs.” The 14060M without a calendar just meets these needs. It inherits the long-standing design model of the Submariner series and has many special details that are different from the current styles. This feature has captured the hearts of many watch fans, making it one of the most beloved Rolex models.

In addition, all versions produced after 2007 have passed the test of the Chronometer and have the English words certified by the Chronometer. Also in the same year, Rolex added the inner ring lettering to the inner ring of this watch, which gave the version produced after 2007 a higher market. Similarly, the sturdy and durable feature of Submariner is the biggest advantage in the second-hand market. Through careful maintenance and care, most series watches can be used normally. Therefore, if you want to pick out a Rolex watch that is good to buy and sell, the Submariner series should be the top choice.

No. 6: Rolex Submariner Date Series 16610

Increase: 136.3%

It is another 5-digit Submariner series watch! 16610 is the 4th generation of the date type Submariner. It was released in 1989 and discontinued in 2010. The production period spanned a considerable period of time. It is a watch that has transitioned to the current style and has many traces of the changes in this series of watches. Today, when the market pays more attention to Rolex 5-digit models, 16610 has also become quite popular among watch fans. In fact, even we did not expect that the market for this watch would be so high.

Although the 16610 is very popular, it is not a particularly rare watch due to its relatively long production time. At least in the past, the market tended to treat it that way. But like many 5-digit models, once production is discontinued, the market value will tend to rise as the years go by. Because under the years of passing by, second-hand watch in good condition will definitely become lesser.

In addition, this Submariner 16610 has a variety of special versions. For example, the version produced after 2003 is engraved with Rolex’s transparent small crown watermark on the windproof (mirror glass); in addition, there is also the same inner ring version as the 14060M. The characteristics really make watch fans treat this watch more differently. The 16610 has always been a representative of the “reasonably priced Rolex”. If you bought it many years ago, you may now be able to sell it at an unexpected and fantastic price.

No. 5: Rolex GMT-Master II 116710LN

Increase: 138.8%

This article has repeatedly mentioned the terms “stop production” and “series change”. As you already know, after the production of Rolex watches stopped, the market will be optimistic about its potential to become a rare watch, which will drive the purchase price to rise sharply. This article believes that anyone who currently owns a GMT-Master II watch will benefit from the special effects of this Rolex. Especially, 116710LN, which is no longer in the Rolex sales catalogue, has changed its market price.

The GMT-Master series watches are Rolex watches specially designed for pilots. After several changes, this GMT-Master II series, which can simultaneously display “second time” and “third time” in addition to local time, was finally born in 1983. The 116710LN model came out in 2007 and is the 2nd generation of the series. Later, Rolex released the 3rd generation 126710 equipped with a new movement in 2018 and released on the market in 2019. The series change is equivalent to announcing that the 116710L watch of the previous generation will be retired in 2019 at the same time, becoming a discontinued past model.

The GMT-Master II has a very rare color combination among Rolex sports watches. At present, in the stainless-steel models, there is no trace of the black dial with the black bezel. Although the production and sales period of 116710LN is as long as 12 years, the number in the market does not seem to increase significantly, which also makes its market continue to rise. Therefore, it is definitely the best time to sell 116710LN. Readers who wish to sell it at a high price should not miss this opportunity.

No. 4: Rolex GMT-Master 16700

Increase: 140.3%

The 4th place to introduce is the 16700 of the GMT-Master series! It is the last watch of GMT-Master. Rolex launched the new GMT-Master II series in 1983, but before that, the GMT-Master, which can display two time zones at the same time, was the mainstream of the Rolex GMT function. Although these two new and old series were sold on the market simultaneously for a while, the GMT-Master series has no new models after the 16700 model (listed between 1989 and 1999), which also represents GMT-Master series itself and also drew an end with the discontinuation of this watch.

GMT-Master II can set the time zone and time you need (such as home time, etc.) by operating the GMT pointer alone. However, in the earlier GMT-Master, because the GMT pointer (24-hour pointer) and the hour pointer are linked with each other, they can only be adjusted by rotate the bezel to display the time in the second time zone.

However, the 16700 can quickly adjust the date function, which makes it quite convenient to use. The GMT-Master series occupies multiple seats in this ranking, which is enough to prove that the overall style of the series has shown an upward trend in recent years. Especially after 2018, it has become a hot topic. In addition, because the 5-digit model has been manufactured for a long time, the number of good-quality individuals has decreased year by year, which has become one of the main reasons for the rising market of this watch.

Next, I will introduce you to the special specifications that are used in the 16700 but are not available in the current model. That is the “single-side folding buckle” and “caramel time scale.” The single-sided folding buckle is a type of buckle, which was a design often used in Rolex watches before 1995. The caramel time scale refers to Tritium luminous paint.

The luminous paint currently used by Rolex is the brand’s original Chromalight luminous paint. However, watches manufactured around 1997 used Tritium as a luminous element. Over the years, the paint will show a beautiful burnt yellow colour. The combination of the single-sided folding buckle and the burnt yellow hour hand is quite flavourful, creating a feeling of antique style of the 16700.

The 16700 originally had only the last batch of A serial version by the market, but under this situation, now even the older manufactured version in the market demand has begun to rise.

In particular, the serial numbers of R, L, E, X, and N have begun to increase in value in recent years due to the use of Tritium luminous paint.

In addition, although the black bezel model of GMT-Master 16700 also has a good market range, however the red and blue Pepsi bezel is the most popular in the market, and its price will be higher than the black bezel.

No. 3: Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNR

As mentioned before, Rolex completed the upgraded for the GMT-Master II in 2019 and fully replaced it with a new automatic movement. In addition, Rolex traditionally paired the stainless-steel sports watch with an Oyster strap, but the new 126710BLNR is different from the past, using a Jubilee five-bead bracelet, which completely strengthens the concept of the “luxury sports watch” series. At present, Rolex’s technological innovation in the Cerachrom ceramic bezel has been able to introduce ceramic bezels in various colors. However, looking back at history, in 2007, when Rolex launched the 6th generation GMT-Master II series 116710LN watch, Rolex had not been in the same ceramic bezel which the technology of burning two colour combinations on the bezel. So, the blue-black bezel 116710BLNR, which was born in 2013, is actually a style that was added later. Increase: 143.7%

The top three watches are finally about to be announced! The third place is GMT-Master II 116710BLNR, nicknamed “Batman” by watch fans! Rolex released the latest GMT-Master II 126710BLNR at the 2019 Baselworld Watch Fair. Since it is not much different from the old 116710BLNR in appearance, it seems to have slightly dispersed the super high popularity that was originally gathered at 116710BLNR. However, the “stop production” still had a big impact, making the market for 116710BLNR remain high.

Even so, the cool, calm and individual blue and black two-color combination has been strongly sought after by the market as soon as it was launched and has become a super-hot selling item that has exploded in popularity. GMT-Master II can become such a popular series, it can be said that it is entirely the success of 116710BLNR. The 116710BLNR, which has a strong buying impulse, of course also has a very high market. Moreover, the purchase price has also risen year by year, and set a record high in 2019, fully demonstrating the market strength of this watch. However, it is important to note that the market price of the new 126710BLNR is also increasing year by year, please do not misjudge the selling timing of 116710BLNR!

No. 2: Rolex Milgauss 116400

Increase: 147.8%

Milgauss 116400 ranks No. 2 in the Rolex this price increase list!

Seeing this, you cannot help but mumble: “What, the price increase of Milgauss is better than that of Daytona and GMT-Master II!?” Please don’t think like this. Today, the market demand for the Milgauss series is significantly increasing. In fact, if you compare the average purchase price in 2017 and 2019, you can find that its market has grown by as much as 1.5 times.

In addition, I want to let all readers know that the No. 3 GMT-Master II 116710BLNR just introduced was actually higher than Milgauss 116400 last year, but this year, the price of Milgauss “increased” has surpassed the popular 116710BLNR.

The Milgauss series is a classic watch designed by Rolex for workers who work in a magnetic environment. Mille means 1000 in French, which means it can withstand a magnetic field of 1000 Gauss. The current model 116400 of the Milgauss series was born in 2007, but currently only 116400GV with a green crystal glass is still left in the Rolex lineup. Milgauss 116400, which has ceased production in 2015, is available in black and white, and the market price is currently rising. Among them, the market price of white dial is obviously higher than that of black dial. It is important to pay attention to this point.

The reason why the market of Milgauss has risen may come from the rumours of production suspension that suddenly emerged in 2019. But in fact, Rolex did not specifically make changes to the Milgauss series, so the reason for the increased attention of this watch comes from the attractiveness of the watch itself. In other words, Milgauss can be said to be a watch with slower market response. However, today, the extent of its attention by the market is rapidly increasing. If you are considering selling this watch, don’t miss this wave of selling.

No. 1: Rolex GMT-Master II 16710

Increse: 157.1%

The No. 1 watch in the latest “Rolex watch purchase price increase list” in 2020…

It is 16710 of the GMT-Master II series!

Since 2018, the GMT-Master II series has been the topic center of Rolex watches. This picture is the red and blue bezel unique to GMT-Master II. It is more widely known as the “Pepsi Bezel”, which is very popular among watch fans. In 2018, the red and blue Pepsi bezel returned to the market with a brand-new look, 126710BLRO, and at the same time drove the market price of the same series of watches in the past.

In addition to the red and blue bezel, the 16710 bezels also has a red and black colour scheme called the Coke bezel, as well as a standard all-black bezel, no matter which one has a fairly high market price.

There are also some variants of this GMT-Master II 16710. Depending on the specifications and details, the evaluation quotation may vary greatly. readers must pay attention. For example, the extremely rare version of Stick Dial produced between 2005 and 2007 (the “II” of GMT-Master II changed from the original Roman numerals to two chopsticks without flat feet), in market assessment, the price is more than twice of the regular version.

In addition, there is a version with a manufacturing year earlier than 2005 and a bezel with a “serif font (decorative details at the beginning and end of the bezel digital strokes)”, which are also quite rare items. In addition, the later version of 16710 manufactured in 2007 seems to be about to transition to the new 116710 version and is equipped with the Cal.3186 movement (instead of the 3185 movement). Performance improvements have also made it a very popular version. The GMT-Master II 16710 in your hand may be the very rare version mentioned above. Be sure to find a watch shop that knows the old Rolex well, and confirm the value of the watch in your hand through an appraisal!


The three watches of the GMT-Master series have written a record increase of more than 140%, and the price increase rate is overwhelmingly high. It is a veritable price increase king. Other watches on the list also have roughly a 110% increase. The price increase of Rolex watches can be said to be very shocking. Although prices have declined slightly compared with last year due to the price bubble, there are still many watches that have written the highest price records in history this year, reflecting that the market demand for Rolex has not declined. Therefore, for all the watches on the list, it is now a golden selling opportunity. If you own any watch on the list, you may wish to evaluate whether you want to sell it at this time.


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