Anniversary Promotion | JEWEL CAFE Singapore

Jewel Cafe anniversary promotion

Jewel Cafe has prepared various benefits for the limited term as our 8th Anniversary.
You can be entitled to some CASHBACK with your sales, so do not miss out this special chance!

Special Chance 01
Lucky Wheel Chance
Lucky Wheel

Stand a chance to spin our Lucky Wheel worth $100 maximum if you sell more than $150 and above for limited time only.

*For customers who sell more than $150 only.
*Subject to availability.

Special Chance 02
ROLEX $100 Cash Back

Now you will be entitled to $100 CASHBACK by selling your ROLEX watches! So you can get EXTRA $100 BONUS!

Please show this page to our staff upon your visit.

Special Chance 03
Strengthening on
purchasement of Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

Don’t lose the chance of a higher price return for Louis Vuitton. Available only for now!

Special Chance 04
Rising price of gold! promotion
purchasing campaign
Gold Price

Since gold price is rising, we are also offering high cash value on your gold! Don’t miss the chance to sell your gold at high price!

Even a single earring! Please feel free to come visit us.

Special Chance 05
Exclusive Privileges
exclusive privilledge
Member’s Card

Get $300 in total by getting each point, $50/$100/$150. This membership will be valid for the lifetime, so once you have any jewelry which you do not use anymore, just bring them to Jewel Cafe and enjoy a variety of our benefits upon your transaction.

exclusive privilledge

1.RM30 Even you have only small items, such as one piece of earrings etc, don’t worry!
You still can get Extra RM30 Cashback by selling your items at least 1 gram.

2.$100 If you still have some jewelry you don’t use anymore, bring them to Jewel Cafe and get Extra $100 Cashback with your transaction above RM1,000.

exclusive privilledge
Invitation Card

Introduce your family members or friends so that you can enjoy $100 Cashback and your family/friends also can get 10% Extra with their transaction. Even you do not have anything to sell to Jewel Cafe, if you introduce 10 people of your family or friends, you can get RM1,000 Bonus and enjoy traveling with them!

Special Chance 06
Jewelry Cleaning
Jewellery Cleaning

Do you have any jewelry which look rusty but cannot be washed out even you still like to wear? Especially Silver items are very difficult to make them clean by yourself without any machine or solution. Bring them to Jewel Cafe for enjoying an immediate jewelry cleaning for free.

During your shopping or lunch/dinner etc in Aeon Shopping Mall, your jewelry will be shiny and brilliant back as last time!